9 Feb 2008


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I have a bronchitis and am really out today. I don't even feel like blogging and that's a very bad sign. I suppose later it will be better and tomorrow anyway.

As it hurts to smoke I took the opportunity to stop. Since two and a half day I haven't smoked one cigarette. Now I am convinced that I don't need smoking anymore and that it is just a bad habit but you never know a lot of people have said this before me. I slipped into this only 19 years ago because I just wanted to, don't ask me why, so it is very possible that I just quit the same way.

8 Feb 2008


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For our wedding anniversary Mr. Gattino offered me

this funny cat. It shakes when you touch it and inside I have put some fashion jewlery.

I love these wooden cats because they have such an elegant shape. It was of course also a gift from Mr. Gattino. Writing this suddenly I get suspicious, does he buy all these cats for himself and I am only a good excuse ? No matter what, they are nice !

These little cats look almost real but they are sitting in a treasure chest.

A friend of mine brought it from Poland.

For Christmas I got this cat from my son, it was a lemon transformed into a cat.

and this tall cat has the size of a four or five year old and watches over the living entry.

7 Feb 2008


Sometimes I eat supper while watching CSI, no matter which one it's always quite bloody ! Here are 13 items I saw last night while eating

1. Bleeding bullet holes, in a chest

2. One bloddy eye laying on the table and watching me suspiciously

3. an open stomac with undigested Hot Dogs

4. an open heart

5. A bullet going through a throat and coming out on the other side through the neck

6 A stick from the backhead through the nose to show the way of a bullet

7. A cut off black finger

8. A corpse with open chest, bloody pieces hanging out

9. A cut off leg besides a torso

10. A face without nose and starring eyes

11. Bloody bowel content

12. A slick mass of yellow brain

13. Corpses in various states of decomposition

And now I wish you a nice meal !

5 Feb 2008


On Saturday Feb 2, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has married his girlfriend, former model-turned-singer Carla Bruni, in Paris.

I have to whistle if only I could ! He is the first president who gets married (and divorced) while he is president ! This has never happened. And he was very quick ! He divorced in October last year from his wife Cecilia after having insisted to"keep" her because he loved her so much. Apparently it didn't take him very long to fall in love again. And for the third time ! Lucky France has its top titles now and doesn't have to write anymore about other "People"!
I just imagine how America would react with such a president with all their hypocrite moralists ? They already went beserk with poor Clinton.

Princess Masako criticized over ritzy dining
First, Princess Masako feasted on classy Mexican fare from a 13-dish special menu in her honor. Then it was roast duck and shark fin soup at a top Chinese eatery. A month later, she enjoyed a sumptuous repast at a French restaurant where the US$ 300 course featured exquisite black truffles.
That's terrible, Japan will be ruined !

The duchess of York Sarah Ferguson has teamed up with illustrator Robin Preiss to create a children's picture book on manners. Some parents would need that too !

Britain's Prince Charles will travel by public train for only the fourth time ever on Valentine's Day.The prince will take a Eurostar train to Brussels, in Belgium, where he will give a speech to the European Parliament on February 14, but has insisted on returning to London in time for a romantic evening with wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. He will be here !! I have to go to the station and welcome him ! I only need an appropriate hat

Which one should I take ??

300-year-old shopping list found
A Chinese shopping list thought to have been written 300 years ago has been found stuffed inside an 18th Century vase in a York stately home. Strange that it was a chinese shopping list, because it could have been one of my ancestors. I also misplace my shopping lists all the time.

A survey in the UK has revealed that a 58 % of the Brits think that Sherlock Holmes (who was an invention of the writer Arthur Conan Doyle) has really existed and 23 % think that Winston Churchill was a fictif person ! That's general knowledge ! But there is an excuse ! You can visit Sherlock Holmes office, but not Churchills.

Israelin soldiers have been suspended because they had shown their bare bottoms to palestinians near Hebron and making the V sign. The Palestinians were not armed. That's a pity, a stick would have been enough !

4 Feb 2008



My mother told me once that I have blue blood in my veines ! Of course I wanted to know why, as we didn't live in a castle but in a house and my parent's name wasn't very noble either. We didn't have a butler or a maid, only a cleaning woman who came once a week but she wasn't any Russian blue blooded girl either and her parents hadn't escaped the revolution.

The story was very simple. When my parents wanted to get married in 1942 they had to prove until 3 generations, that there was no juif in the family otherwise they couldn't get a marriage licence because of Mr. Hitler. So my mother had to dig in her ancestors past and discovered that her grandma had been an illegitimated child ! Can you imagine what that meant at that time ? Her great great grandma was born in 18 something and her grandma around 1880 and being illegitime at that time must have been just terrible. But apparently it hadn't been the case. Great Great Grandma was employed in a castle and was responsible for the laundry, counted bedsheets and underwear etc! Apparently she also was responsible to see how the underwear looked on the Count, because as a result was born a little blue blooded girl which became the mother of my grandma. Strangely the most important papers had disappeared apparently the Count didn't want people to know that he had another child besides the official once.

Of course I was very intrigued and wanted to see the castle in which I should have been born if my great great grandma hadn't married a simple teacher, my grandma a railway station employe and my mother my non blue blooded father. But still I can pretend that in my veines blue blood flows ! (although a lot deleted)

If my Great great grandma, my grandma and my mother hadn't spoiled my future by marrying these ordinary men I would live today in such a castle

and this picture would hang amongst my blue blooded ancestors !

and I could sign :

Lady Madame Gattina the Unique of St Fritz by Lustigstadt


Tiggerlane our host this week, was inspired of the movie "The bucket list" and wants me to make a list of things I want to do before I die and you too of course.

Now that is very difficult for me ! I even couldn't make a list of what I want tomorrow, or the next week and now I should think for maybe 5, 10, 20 or 30 years ? 30 maybe is a little long then I would be 95 but on the other hand why not. You see it is very difficult. And then, if I don't die at all ? Science could develop to make us all live until 200 or more ? I would have done a list for nothing. And what should I write if I decide to get deepfreezed and wake up in 120 years ? How can I know what I would like then ? Doing a cruise to the Northpole which I would have put today on my list, could be impossible then, if the globe becomes square.

And flying to South America and see what the Spanishs have left of the Incas will probably be as quick as going by bus downtown and is not worthwhile anymore to be called a wish. And if we all have to imigrate to the moon, what would I wish then ? Going on a trip to earth ?

Anyway I am a "no list" person, not before I die and not while I live. I don't even do a "to do" list or a shopping list, (I always forget it on the kitchen table) and I don't do a wish list for Christmas or a wish list for my birthday. I have not even prepared my funerals with a list of wishes I have, like Elvis and Freddy Mercury watching my coffin and singing a song, or what would be the flowers on my coffin. It also could be that there are no flowers anymore and they have to put something else...

So I am sorry for those who expected a long wish list from me apparently I don't have any, I really raked my brain, but I am perfectly happy without.