5 Feb 2008


On Saturday Feb 2, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has married his girlfriend, former model-turned-singer Carla Bruni, in Paris.

I have to whistle if only I could ! He is the first president who gets married (and divorced) while he is president ! This has never happened. And he was very quick ! He divorced in October last year from his wife Cecilia after having insisted to"keep" her because he loved her so much. Apparently it didn't take him very long to fall in love again. And for the third time ! Lucky France has its top titles now and doesn't have to write anymore about other "People"!
I just imagine how America would react with such a president with all their hypocrite moralists ? They already went beserk with poor Clinton.

Princess Masako criticized over ritzy dining
First, Princess Masako feasted on classy Mexican fare from a 13-dish special menu in her honor. Then it was roast duck and shark fin soup at a top Chinese eatery. A month later, she enjoyed a sumptuous repast at a French restaurant where the US$ 300 course featured exquisite black truffles.
That's terrible, Japan will be ruined !

The duchess of York Sarah Ferguson has teamed up with illustrator Robin Preiss to create a children's picture book on manners. Some parents would need that too !

Britain's Prince Charles will travel by public train for only the fourth time ever on Valentine's Day.The prince will take a Eurostar train to Brussels, in Belgium, where he will give a speech to the European Parliament on February 14, but has insisted on returning to London in time for a romantic evening with wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. He will be here !! I have to go to the station and welcome him ! I only need an appropriate hat

Which one should I take ??

300-year-old shopping list found
A Chinese shopping list thought to have been written 300 years ago has been found stuffed inside an 18th Century vase in a York stately home. Strange that it was a chinese shopping list, because it could have been one of my ancestors. I also misplace my shopping lists all the time.

A survey in the UK has revealed that a 58 % of the Brits think that Sherlock Holmes (who was an invention of the writer Arthur Conan Doyle) has really existed and 23 % think that Winston Churchill was a fictif person ! That's general knowledge ! But there is an excuse ! You can visit Sherlock Holmes office, but not Churchills.

Israelin soldiers have been suspended because they had shown their bare bottoms to palestinians near Hebron and making the V sign. The Palestinians were not armed. That's a pity, a stick would have been enough !


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