28 Jul 2017


1. The week started with an exhibition of Dinosaurs ! My grandson is staying with his little friend and so we went all together to see these enormous animals ! Today we still have some of them but they shrank to little lizards or crocodiles etc.

Toby was in admiration in front of the dinosaurs and was not afraid at all, despite the fact that they were roaring very loud and made a lot of different sounds. He had got a plan with the explanation of each dinosaur and thoroughly put a stamp on each one he had seen. (I think he was the only kid who did that) He really was very interested. I too was impressed, when I saw the size of the trees and the size of the monster !

After having seen all species they watched a film showing the beginning and the end of the dinosaur period.

2. Of course that made us thirsty and we went to the Atomium Brussels' symbol and the boys admired the huge balls. In the last ball of the top is a restaurant.

After a drink we rested a bit before the boys wanted and ice cream.

which they got and ate it on "be. welcome" !

Then they watched two "dinos" who performed for a publicity.

And of course my friend made a picture of us with the Atomium in the background !

3. The next day there was nothing special to do for me, because Toby went with his friend, to the Belgian seafront where they wanted to visit a huge playground. I sorted out my photos and cleaned the house a bit, as my dear cleaning lady is on holidays !

4. It was scrabble day again and for once I was second ! Usually I am always at the end !

During our coffee break, we chatted of course !

5. It was Toby's last morning in Waterloo. When I wanted to pick him up at 10 am, they were all sleeping they had been so tired from the day at the sea. Finally we left at two. The highway was nearly free only trucks and a lot ! But we arrived without any problem. Toby slept most of the time he was sad and tired. Now I will stay in Amsterdam until Sunday and I hope the weather will be kind with me ! 

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26 Jul 2017


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1. We've reached edition number 315 here in the Wednesday Hodgepodge. So tell us, what were you doing at 3:15 yesterday? Is that typical? On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being low and 10 being high) what's your energy level usually like at 3:15 PM?

That's an easy question for an alibi ! At 3.15 I was in a Dinosaur Exhibition with my nearly 7 year old grandson Toby. We had a lot of fun there, it was very interesting it was for adults too. Normally at this time of the day my energy level is good I would say 8.5 !

2. A frisbee, a tantrum, a towel, a party, a punch, or a curveball...which have you most recently thrown or had thrown at/for you? Elaborate.

Nothing of the listed. I am a vintage lady and the only things I throw is garbage in the bin or weeds in the neighbor's garden a  bag. Nobody has thrown anything at me not even Mr. G.

3. What are three things that would help you right now. Tell us how or why.

cup of coffee, a cup of coffee and a cup of coffee. I just woke up and noticed that this post which I had prepared yesterday evening had disappeared this morning. I had to write the whole thing again !

4. Do you think you're strong? Why or why not? What makes you strong?

I can be strong when I have to, and it's my will which makes me strong. But that's very exhausting sometimes. Of course not physically, I couldn't carry a tree trunk around.

5. Do you enjoy reading historical fiction? What's your favorite book set sometime in the past?

I don't like historical fiction or fiction in general. I prefer biographies, or real history books. 

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I am still raking my brain how my post got lost ! I had it scheduled on my travel computer. I remember to have clicked on "publish" ! I even checked my other blogs in case I had published the post in a wrong blog but no, the post remained missing. Maybe my two computers were bewitched. 

25 Jul 2017


If you do a 7 day tour around a country of course you can't see everything in details. It just gives you an overview of things to see or to do if you want to come back later.

Our tour started in Belfast, and I really liked the city. We had a local guide who walked with us through the city center and explained Belfast read more here.....

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24 Jul 2017


Belgium had its National Day, the King helt a speech on TV, in Brussels was the annual parade with military stuff and police and of course Waterloo celebrated too. A few Belgian flags were hanging on the buildings, and in our street was none, because nobody knew where to buy one me included. But that didn't disturb the festivities and people had a lot of fun.

After the official side of the festivities there was also a flea market going on, an orchestra playing and a lot food stands too. The weather was nice and the park was full of people. I just wandered a little around and visited Nicole whose granddaughter was selling plates, decorations etc. which were laying around in her basement.

The next day my son came with Toby my grandson, who will stay for the first time without parents here with his little friend. My son's best friend has a little boy of the same age and we agreed that he will have more fun with his friend than with us vintage people !

And fun they had ! Benji is 7 and Toby 6 1/2 but they are already specialists with Dad's smartphone.
Unfortunately it rained and they couldn't play outside.

I thought in order to be all together I should propose to bring the lunch. They have more space than we have to put 8 people around a table. My grandson is allergic to nuts so I have to read the ingredients of each package of food.  I had never thought in my life that in all kind of Pizzas from the classical one to fantasy once there were traces of nuts !! I could only buy two large and added 3 quiches and two fruit cakes. We woman thought it would be for a whole army !

The 3 children had a very good appetite so had their fathers and at the end everything was gone except one little piece probably to be polite. Then they ate 2 fruit cakes with ice cream and were finally filled up. Benji's sister 11, had decorated the table and the two boys were teasing each other.

Benji had given Toby a wig and he posed here with dark and long hairs.

The beautiful garden remained empty, it continued to rain. No luck for the boys. After lunch we stayed a bit and then went home. Toby was so occupied that he didn't even say good bye to his dad or us ! Good sign for a boy who stayed for the first time without parents in another country !


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