5 Aug 2023


 Now that I don't paint anymore I like to play around with photos ! and here is the result


4 Aug 2023


On Monday with the help of Isabel we made a draft notice to my landlord. 

Later I had an appointment with an antique buyer. Everything I thought it would be rubbish, he gave me a price that my eyes popped out ! there were bits and pieces of broken jewelry in gold and silver, which probably I would have thrown away. 

I wrote down each price he gave me and when I calculated the total, I inside jumped to the ceiling ! I think we both had made a good deal, of course he had calculated his benefit, but that is normal and it didn't seam exaggerated to me, because before I had googled gold and silver prices and the Swarowski cats, so that at least I had an idea. 

The next day I went to the Retirement Home to give the dates and to look at the room. I will move end November and by the first of December I will be in ! The room is beautiful very spacious, I think I can even take my two sofas and table with me. It will be completely refreshed, repainted, repaired, the former occupants were a couple. Each time somebody leaves the room is overdone completely. 

This is the view out of 3 windows !


I don't have to buy a fridge it's there. All TV's screens I had seen in the different homes were very small, and there was one on the wall just one size under my TV which has a huge screen. 

The bathroom is very spacious too with an Italian shower. It couldn't be better. For once since a long time I was happy. I found a home, I wouldn't be alone anymore. They have lots of activities, and in the park is even a mini Golf. 

My supermarket looked like it had been ransacked by hungry people. It reminded me of the rush on toilet paper during the Corona Virus period. The shelves were all empty, only some still had some cheese and luckily some fruits. I had to look where they had put everything. Instead of closing it completely, it is being renovated ! 

Then I went to Tom & Co, a pet store. Since it opened almost 30 years ago I've bought my cat food etc  there and shortly after came Cookie the Parrot. He still looks so beautiful, but he is no longer allowed to leave his cage for "hygienic reasons". He probably has the corona virus now. Poor bird, he always sat on his cage and whistled at women, that was so funny. Of course I complained that he hadn't infected anyone for 30 years and now he's suddenly dangerous. The world is going crazy with its fear of microbes. 

I don't remember how the sun looks like ! But the weatherman said this morning, with a bit of luck it will be better in the second half of August. The UK and Belgium became twins weatherwise !

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3 Aug 2023


1. Hello August. What's one thing you're looking forward to this month?

Sunshine ! It's a lousy weather here, always rain ! According to the weather report the coldest July and 21 days of rain ! The weather is really badly distributed, in one part of the world you're sweating from the heat and here we're freezing.

2. What are you doing to beat the heat right now? If you live in the southern hemisphere are you enjoying cooler temps or counting the days until summer? 

Are  you kidding ? I sit here with a long sleeve pullover and socks and am thinking if I should turn the heating on, and you ask me what I do against the heat ! And I am not even living in southern hemisphere ! 

3. How do you see the world? 



4. What's food product do you think is better store bought than home made? How about something you refuse to buy because it is so much better homemade? 

I would say it depends on the cook. Some people just can't cook then it is much better to buy it already cooked. 

5. Are you easy to get along with? 

That's a very difficult question, it depends how people see you I am sure that Putin thinks that he is easy to get along with.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

After I made my decision to move to my castle (retirement home) and looked at room nr 13 (!!) I'm in the process of arranging my furniture in the room, since it's so big I might even be able to take my sofas and small table with me. So I keep thinking about it. A big nightmare is to empty the rest !

1 Aug 2023


Today I have an appointment with the Manager of the Chateau (castle) du Chenois, to choose a room in which I will spent the rest of my life. I would move in end November, when the 3 month notice for my apartment has expired. My only worry is will he except Rosie ? I think I have to dig out all the charm I once had to convince him. I can't cry, because of my make up ! 

As soon as I come back, I will post my letter to the landlord. As I am still "normal" I had already made plans for example painting stones which is very easy, or other activities to help the entertainer.


I continue to live as I lived before, now, if I go on a travel, I know that I am not coming back in an empty apartment, that I can tell my travel experiences. Now that I have a target, I feel better, I will be protected and will have no worries. No repairs to be done, no bills to pay no laundry to do, except my personal, but there is already somebody who will do it for me. It will be a life like in a hotel, as long as I am in good health. I keep my car and go where I want. 

Here is a collage of photos I found on Internet. Unfortunately there is no photo of the kind of room I will get. This is the smallest. It was probably the utility room from the castle owner's cook.


The palace seen from inside 

It was not allowed to take pictures inside the palace, but as a paparazzi I managed, unfortunately not more pictures, There were guards everywhere.

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31 Jul 2023




Rosie and her brother Arthur they were always together ! Now Rosie doesn't love cats anymore !

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Saturday I waited for an interruption of the rain, which didn't come. I was still worried about how to organize my move into the retirement home, which I call "MY CASTLE" because it had been one years ago. And then everything was solved from alone ! My landlord had sent me an email to announce that after 3years he has the right to increase the rent. Not much because there is an index. I thought that is a sign to make my decision and give my notice. Then I have 3 months to empty my apartment. I had hoped that my son would at least come and see me because  I needed a bit of support, finally it's a big change in my life to go into a retirement home. But men never understand (only one exception and that was Rick) Oh well, he is good in practical things and I am sure he will help me with the move,  but he doesn't even get the idea to comfort his old mother. 

It's not just him, most of the sons, if I listen to  the widows around me are like him.  Daughters are different. I have to take him as he is, he probably hasn't changed at all, but I have ! He forgets that I don't live 10 years anymore and that time is pretty short. Except that a miracle happens and I turn 100! Poor guy, I think he still thinks I'm 40 or even 20! Mothers have no right to get old, they have to stay forever young. And men hate difficulties and problems.

Luckily I have Isabel who comforts me and always find a solution! So from November on, if everything goes well, I'll move. A room is already ready, even if it's not what I want, it's only temporarily.

Nearly the whole afternoon I spent with looking for an example to give my notice, I had never done that. But as always Google finds the answers !

 I had placed an ad for Rick's office. I also promptly got an offer that was so stupid that I immediately noticed that it was a scam. He wanted to have the money brought to me by the postman who would also take the furniture! I replied that he might be able to take a bedside table and that the post office doesn't have trucks, please contact another victim! That didn't stop him from asking again and I suggested he use a Toyota Aygo as the truck!

The rest of the day I spent on the phone !!

Sunday was dedicated to my beauty, or what it's left of it, I washed my hair read some posts and then it was already noon. In the afternoon a certain Janine came, I didn't know her at all, but apparently she did, because she reads my blog ! It turned out that she lives just on the other side of the street, what a coincidence. It was very nice to meet her, finally it was a vintage girl who also spoke English, and we didn't run out of subjects to discuss. She was also interested in Expositions, theater and photography. Just as I. Now in August she goes to London and I don't know yet what I do, if I go to Eastbourne or not; it all depends what the lung doctors says. 

The weather there is just like here maybe in the second half of August it will change. Hopefully !