6 Apr 2019


Since I put my feet for the first time on England's soil, I fell in love with London,  I didn't know anything else yet, that came later. My son worked for an American Publicity Company in London and had bought a house, and as I was just an early retiree, I went quite often there, started to learn their way of life and just loved everything. London end the 1900 beginning 2000 was so nice and I tried to discover every corner.

My personal negative opinion about London started with the Olympics ! London was a town loved by moles, everywhere holes were digged, houses demolished and whole areas erased ! Skyscrapers grew, ugly glass boxes replaced the old docks. London had changed.

Fortunately I discovered the countryside and the beautiful fabulous landscape. I went for 9 years each summer to Eastbourne and loved the South East coast, the sea and the beaches. And then one day I heard the word Brexit and I thought that's impossible, they can't be so stupid and remain all alone in the middle of Europe ?? The Commonwealth times were long over, but in the spirit of the elder or tradition concious generation, they wanted to copy Trump and make the United Kingdom great again.

The result was a big mess which everybody knows. What I loved was the "black" humour in this absolutely fabulous compilation of different very famous songs, only the lyric had changed !

Although the country is in a terrible situation they have kept the so famous English humour !

I only hope for the younger generation who wants to travel or work abroad that this Brexit story will have a happy end. Of course not for all.

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5 Apr 2019


Another week went by, meanwhile I recovered a bit from my flu but I am still not running at 100 %. Mr. G. stayed in hospital until Wednesday, as he was not yet ready to be transferred to the rehablitation center. He was confused which worried me a lot, he thought he was at home or somewhere outside and asked me what I am doing here etc. Fortunately that was only one and a half day, but the doctors reassured me that he will get to normal again. And he did !

The next day he was transferred by ambulance to the outskirts of the city Wavre 20 km far,  where  he had to start his reeducation.

I followed later with Isabelle to bring him clothes and what he needs to also go outside.

It is a very modern and beautiful new building, and behind is a wood. Besides his room which is big with a bathroom, table armchairs and everything he needs I haven't seen anything. I have to say that the public health care in Belgium is real good. There are only 2 bed bedrooms no more or single rooms. Not like 50 years ago rooms with 6 beds or so. The personnel was so friendly and the responsible for the kitchen came and showed him the menus for the whole week and asked him what he likes and what he doesn't eat. Then the social assistant came to wish him all the best and if he has something to complain about to ask her. I don't think that there is something to complain !

When I came home I was exhausted but relieved and thought the worst is behind me.

Looking out of the window this morning I was surprised that Isabelle had changed her car ! It belonged to the gardeners who had to cut 4 trees !

Poor Arthur misses Mr. G. very much and keeps an eye on his computer. Especially at supper time he is so disappointed not to get "junk" food !

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PS I am sorry not to be able to answer your comments, because of the actual situation

3 Apr 2019


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One liner Wednesday

Surfing the net (that sounds so sporty) I stumbled over a Quiz for Bloggers, which shows your real personality ! To the question if I have some imagination, I got the following answer.

You Have an Active Imagination

Your mind is churning and producing new thoughts all the time. You are definitely good at imagining.
You can visualize events pretty easily, and you're not bad at thinking up new ideas.

Believe it or not, you could be a bit more imaginative. All you have to do is give yourself permission.
Spend a few minutes each day daydreaming. It's good for you, and who knows what might come of it ?

That's not so untrue, especially when I look at the dog above, he has the same wrinkles as me after Mr. G's hip surgery !!

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2 Apr 2019


As I am still suffering from the aftermath of the flu, I haven't seen a lot of our world this week.
Therefore I take you through my neighborhood and show you the front yard's garden decorations

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1 Apr 2019




Saturday morning I spent with packing things for Mr. G which he needed in hospital and my friend Monique came and picked up the bag. I still can't go and visit him I am feeling too weak and I don't want to bring my microbes to the hospital. We called each other several times, he had a lot of visitors  and the physiotherapist had started to work with him just one day after his hip surgery and he had to sit in a chair. Isabelle my neighbor had done my shopping so that I had something to eat and I just rested the whole day. I thought I wouldn't be tired, but at 9 pm I fell asleep.

I had to change a few clocks and my watch, because we have switched to Summer time this night. I hope it will be the last time.

My son came again this weekend this time with wife and Toby. They didn't stay with me, I am still not running at 100 % and I am not a good company. They stayed with friends and came visiting me at home and I got a beautiful tulip bouquet which was so huge that three vases were needed to put them all in.

They didn't stay that long and then went back to the hospital to say good bye to Mr. G.

The rest of Sunday I watched TV and surfed a bit on Internet, I think I start to feel better. Tomorrow I will try to go out and finally visit my better half.