22 Oct 2021


I have the impression that when I start the week with a Monday as everybody, it's suddenly Friday and if I try to remember what I have done, I really have to rake my brain. I think I will note my "exciting" events in a calender !

After some shopping I went to Mr. G. and found them in their "living room" doing a "Quizz" ! That was really funny and we stayed and I tried to participate but it was about French "chansons" from the 60th and at that time I only listened to English music and Mr.G even to nothing except to one Italian singer ! But it was fun and everybody enjoyed it except three who slept peacefully. 

We were three this time to scrabble and Nicole despite her brain cancer won, I was second, a miracle, probably because Myriam wasn't there, she is always lucky to pick out of the little bag,  the best pawns. 

  Nicole's cat Isis watched cross eyed

We had a nice afternoon and were talking about our little day trips, but besides a Christmas market in Aachen (Germany) there was nothing interesting. 

One misfortune comes seldom alone, the thermostat of the central heating showed a sign that something was wrong ! I called the company and I became a heating specialist ! Through the phone the guy told me what to do and fortunately I didn't make a mistake (because I am a woman, that would be normal) and finally we managed to "repair" the heating, anyway the radiators worked ! 

Switching on the TV I got a message that there was something wrong with the hard disk ! First I tried to fix it myself, reboot, switch on and off, take the hard disk out and put it in, with the result that nothing happened. Finally I called the customer service and then again with the help of the technician by phone we did it together exactly the same thing I had done before and suddenly the TV worked again ! However he was a little surprised that I knew already what he would say.


The trees only start slowly to loose their leaves, although we are approaching November.

The week ended with a terrible storm up to 90km/h and of course the rain was not missing. I absolutely had to go out to the Health insurance, because they had messed up the documents again, of course it was the fault of the Corona Virus lockdowns because it was an invoice from April and June ! Although the building is 3 min far by car, I have to call for an appointment, go through the whole menu and of course for fixing an appointment it was the last number .... 9. After having settled that, I had to go to the Bank, again with apointment and spending hours on the phone until you get a date and hour !

More and more we have to do things ourselves via telephone or computer, I wonder why they still have employes !  It's a miracle that my ear is not yet permanently red !

With my new neighbor we often get together in the morning dressed in our bathrobes and update each other on what happened and if we will visit Mr.G. because she really likes to got there. 

If these long waiting time last, before I get the right button I will look like that !

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21 Oct 2021


1. Do you (or did you used to) watch talk shows? Which are or were your favorite? 

Maybe  in the past, but I really can't remember !

2. Would you describe yourself as resilient? If so what do you think makes you that way? If you answered no explain why? 

Yes I certainly am ! I faced some difficult situations since my childhood which gave me the strength to be resilient. I am also a fighter when I see that I am right and if I did something  accidentally  wrong, I will stand by it and explain why and do not hide to avoid discussions. I am not resentful either. This is for weak people who have little self-esteem.

3. What parts of life have surprised you the most? Explain. 

When I look back on my past today, I have to think that I lived a rather adventurous life. I've done things that I would never dare to do today. For example, to take a plane in 1964, which was something very unusual at the time, and to fly to Sicily without the address of my hosts in my pocket. That's only an example.

4. Why do you live where you live? 

Without any doubt because it was a little country town or a big village. We both were city people and wanted to have the peace of the country with farmers and cows and sheep after a stressful day. We discovered Waterloo and fell in love. Today the farmers are gone, the cows too Waterloo has become a city with supermarkets and we don't have to go to Brussels anymore for shopping !  But we had our best years here and even a cow in the living room ! There was no fence in the beginning.

5. A memory from this week that made you smile? 

That's a difficult question, for the moment I don't have a lot to make me smile, besides my cat maybe or a visit to Mr. G and talking with the residents. 

 6. Insert your own random thought here.

I have read a quote which summerize my random thougthts

There are no bad people, there are only suffering people who have no other means than to hurt others to deal with their own suffering.



20 Oct 2021



This is a whirling Dervish  performing a show for the tourists in Egypt in the hotel where I stayed. I had seen them also in Tunesia and Turkey. The dance is of religious origin where monks whirled around dressed all in white.

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19 Oct 2021


I think I repeat myself but I really don't like fall ! Look at the pictures below, that's how I see and feel fall with dead leaves covered ground,  naked trunks and branches, it looks really sad !

Looks just as a scene out of a Hitchcock movie or a Barnaby bewitched wood !

These flowers are not destinated for your garden or house, no, they are for the cemetaries. November 1 approaches and people suddenly  remember that there is somebody laying there. At least it is like that where I live

Dead leaves still hanging on the trees

Must be an eerror of the nature ! 

The streets are dirty

Probably a Harry Potter house

Fortunately the little goat lives in a barn and is not for hunters !

For these once it's a dangerous time, the hunting season is open ! 

The only thing which doesn't change is the sky and the sunrise and sunsets ! And fortunately I have the chance to see beautiful once from my living room. 
But life will continue at least I hope and the seasons will change ! Maybe I am born in the wrong place I should have lived in a place without seasons !!

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18 Oct 2021



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I didn't like myself and didn't know what to do with me, finally I decided to bring the laundry to Mr. G and stay a bit with him. His head was quite good and I could explain him the mobile phone for Seniors. This time it worked and he could call me twice. I hope he won't touch all buttons and then is surprised that it doesn't work anymore ! Wait and see. 

At the entrance of the residence was an enormous pumpkin and the a nice fall decoration was everywhere. I chatted a bit with the others, there is one Italian lady there who lives since 40 years in Belgium but each time she speaks the first words are in Italian before she realizes that she has to switch over to French. She was surprised that she got an answer in Italian from both of us and started to tell us her life. I admire these women, they had a hard life. Their husbands came to Belgium to work in the coal mines in exchange for coal from Italy ! And now she sees that it was worthwhile because their children could all go to school and even to University and her son was a doctor who worked for this home ! And they could hardly read or write when they arrived, or not at all

On Sunday I decided to do nothing ! Not even a phonecall and not looking on my watch ! My peace was interrupted by my neighbor Adeline who had to call the emergency doctor and her keyboard disappeared  when she called with her mobile ! I showed her how it worked  and she could talk to a doctor who came in the afternoon. and now I keep an eye on her but so far everything is OK 

After a short movie my TV told me that there is something wrong with the hard disk ! Of course that has to happen today. I thought I look something on YouTube and what was recommended to me was Charles and Camillas love life, the funerals of Prince Philip and all the sins of Prince Andrew. I updated myself and then went back to my computer.

That was my wonderful weekend.

That's what I will do !



17 Oct 2021


A few years ago I visited the South of Morocco, and we drove through the Atlas montains It was very beautiful to see, but I learned that it was the poorest part of Morroco at that time without electricity. Meanwhile they have. The time seems to stand still in this area.

The Atlas Mountains extend some 2,500km across northwestern Africa, spanning Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, separating the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline from the Sahara Desert. Actually a series of ranges with diverse terrain, climates and wildlife, the Atlas are dotted with Berber villages and riven with canyons and ravines. The highest peak is 4,167m Toubkal, which lies within Morocco's Toubkal National Park.