30 Jul 2011


Today I saw so many things that I first have to do some filing in my brain to sort all out and put it into virtual folders.

I did a lot of pictures and found these once quiet amusing !

I deplore that I only have four cats and not a dog ! My postman has probably an other opinion

I thought I should buy these two friendly statues and put them by our front door for a heartily welcome. They look like Mr. G. and me.

This came out when I took a picture of a truggery (which comes from trug, a shallow basket for carrying flowers, vegetables, etc., made from strips of wood) that's what my dictionary said.

Somebody wrote me in the comments that last time she had been in the UK was when James' aunt died. Does anybody know ??

29 Jul 2011


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1. I arrived on Friday evening in Eastbourne where my friends live. On Saturday I spent the whole day in Worthing with their friends. The weather was nice and we could sit in the garden. We had a nice lunch in a Pub nearby where we could walk to and I enjoyed the architecture of the houses which is so different from Belgium.

2. On Sunday we drove to Hastings and did some sightseeing in the area around, and along the sea. I saw the Pier which two stupid boys had burnt down. It's a shame. We also stopped at a farm to buy some plants and eggs. I fell in love with these two piggies, they had such a funny face ! The farmer's house too was beautiful with it's pond and a lot of ducks.

My new love

3. I also took the bus down to the seafront sat there in the sunshine and hoped to get some colors. I love to watch the people old and young, there were a lot of tourists and also lots of students who spent some time here, to learn English. They live in families and go to school in the mornings. My bus back was packed with young German students from Hamburg and French once from Bordeau. They actually were very surprised that I talked with them in both languages !

4. We also drove up to Brighton's Marina along the sea and through the wonderful country side some part of it is now a national park and is called the Downs. The landscape is so peaceful with its hills and so green as nowhere else. We had lunch in a Cavery, which is a sort of Pub, you pay a fix price and for that you get 3 different sorts of meat, gammon (pork), turkey, beef and as many vegetables as you want.

The Cavery

5. I spent another day at the Seafront because Anne had to go her daughter and I preferred staying at the sea. I took the little train at the Eastbourne Pier, which took me all the way along the seafront from one end to the other, which meant from the Harbour til the cliffs. I could "hop" on and off if I wanted and then take the next train. I "hopped" off at the habour had a sandwich and hopped on again to go to the cliffs. It really was funny and I enjoyed the beauty of the seaside very much.

In the evening I dropped half dead into my bed, sea air makes tired !

my little train

and the sightseeing

28 Jul 2011


Jenny Matlock
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According to the free online Dictionary, an OLDIE is "an old person or thing ".

Things when they get old become rubbish or precious antiques, they are thrown away or taken to auction or sold on Ebay. It depends.

With persons it's another story. Of course you can't throw them away or you shouldn't even when they get on the nerves of the younger generation.

I entered the club of the Oldies, I don't know when, due to my birth date.

Yesterday my friend Anne had her monthly lunch meeting with her friends. We were 4 taking the bus to Eastbourne but I am convinced that the bus driver thought we were a bunch of 40 school kids, so noisy we were. We laughed so much and made jokes of everything. The bus driver said when we left : For once I had a nice drive ! come back whenever you want ! At least you know how to enjoy life !

In the restaurant the other 4 were already waiting for us and after having confused the poor waiter with our orders, we were such a funny bunch of noisy oldies that the younger guests were looking with shocked faces in our direction, and the waiter shouted after us when we left : Wait for me, I finish at 6 !

From the left : me Yvonne (the neighbor) Carol (ex neighbor from London) and Anne. All these Ladies moved from London to Eastbourne since their retirement.

I noticed that wherever I am in whatever country with different friends of different nationalities, we always have the same fun as "Oldies". Maybe we can enjoy life more now that we have less responsibility, no work stress anymore and our kids are grown up.

Now I am off for some more sightseeing of the beautiful English South East coast !

27 Jul 2011


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Cause of birth raise ??

Seen in Eastbourne, UK, where I am on holidays.

25 Jul 2011


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On my first day in Eastbourne we were invited by friends of my hosts, which they hadn't seen since about 20 years. So we drove to Worthing about 60 km from Eastbourne. It's also located at the sea and they live in a cute typical English house.

After a very expansive and heartly welcome after all those years I was presented as the friend from Belgium. Motto, my friends are your friends and we had a drink in the garden before we went off to a pub for lunch.

Anne (left) is chatting with her friend and the dog was very happy to have such a lot of visitors, because we were six all together. There was another couple too.

Maureen the friend collects egg cups and has about 3000 some of them of great value and very old. I felt like an orphan with my only 450 pieces containing cat collection.

here are some of them displayed on a shelf even in the bathroom.

Then we walked down the street to Pub

as usual very cosy

quiet a nice choice of food

and very big portions for my "European" eyes. The haddock was delicious and very fresh and the broccoli puree also. I asked for chips, the typical English once which are sliced much bigger than the one we have in Belgium. Useless to say that when we got home, we weren't hungry at all and just had a cup of tea !

We also walked down to the sea, but the weather changed and it got quiet cool.

So we returned home and spend the rest of the afternoon around the open fire place. It was a very nice day in good company.

Sunday morning we made it cool, drank coffee and chatted and then drove to Hastings for some lunch and "sightseeing". I have been there several times before but I always enjoy this beautiful little town.

Doug and Anne looking for Asian food

but then decided to eat where we had always eaten the years before because Doug pretends they have the best Hamburger at the coast. I had a chicken Tikka pita which also was delicious

after some shopping

and walking in the city, we took the car and went to Battle (named after the battle of Hastings)

There were funny scarecrows exposed a little over the town

which has beautiful old houses with a lot of history

and the old castle

Before returning home we stopped at at farm which also sold organic food

Just so romantic with ducks and rapids running around

the shop with fresh vegetables self made jam and cakes

Fruits and flowers

a charity shop with all kind of things

and the cutest pigs ever ! They made noises like Mr. G. when he sleeps.

24 Jul 2011


On Friday evening I took the Eurostar to the UK. At the entrance of the area reserved for the Eurostar, you already have the feeling that you crossed the border when you see these typical red telphone booth.

Until the departure of the train at 6 pm, I had a coffee and a muffin. There were quiet a lot of people and the train was nearly full.

Unfortunately I had neighbors who ignored each other. Usually I always met people to chat with, but my neighbor was a young man who read his book with a Kindle. I knew what it was but had never seen one in real only on photos.

They are not yet very popular in Belgium yet. I asked the boy to show it to me, and his eyes almost popped out of his head that such an old women was interested in such a modern thing.

But he was friendly enough to explain it to me. Then he disappeared again behind is little screen. The others were busy with their computers and played games, one was watching a film.

On my other side sat a girl studying a book with the title " The morphology of the pork" and made notes on a paper. I was very intrigued because I wondered what must be so interesting for a young girl to know the pork's morphology ! I could have understood "The morphology of a man" or eventually a cat, but a pork ?? She was so absorbed by her porky litterature that I didn't want to interrupt her and ask in order to enlarge my general knowledge about a pork's morphology.

And suddenly I arrived at destination and got out in Ashford to catch my train to Eastbourne.

When I took the elevator to the national rail station, a Lady dropped her suitcase on my feet that's how we met.

Apparently I met English ladies who become my friends when they drop something on me. Anne slipped on the floor besides the swimming pool in Tenerife 12 years ago and fell on my lap and so our friendship started. This lady preferred dropping her suitcase on my feet and we both wanted to know each other better after having chatted and laughed for almost 2 h so that I nearly missed to get off the train ! Fortunately she had asked me to give her my email address and the link to this blog. It would be nice to see each other again.