24 Jul 2011


On Friday evening I took the Eurostar to the UK. At the entrance of the area reserved for the Eurostar, you already have the feeling that you crossed the border when you see these typical red telphone booth.

Until the departure of the train at 6 pm, I had a coffee and a muffin. There were quiet a lot of people and the train was nearly full.

Unfortunately I had neighbors who ignored each other. Usually I always met people to chat with, but my neighbor was a young man who read his book with a Kindle. I knew what it was but had never seen one in real only on photos.

They are not yet very popular in Belgium yet. I asked the boy to show it to me, and his eyes almost popped out of his head that such an old women was interested in such a modern thing.

But he was friendly enough to explain it to me. Then he disappeared again behind is little screen. The others were busy with their computers and played games, one was watching a film.

On my other side sat a girl studying a book with the title " The morphology of the pork" and made notes on a paper. I was very intrigued because I wondered what must be so interesting for a young girl to know the pork's morphology ! I could have understood "The morphology of a man" or eventually a cat, but a pork ?? She was so absorbed by her porky litterature that I didn't want to interrupt her and ask in order to enlarge my general knowledge about a pork's morphology.

And suddenly I arrived at destination and got out in Ashford to catch my train to Eastbourne.

When I took the elevator to the national rail station, a Lady dropped her suitcase on my feet that's how we met.

Apparently I met English ladies who become my friends when they drop something on me. Anne slipped on the floor besides the swimming pool in Tenerife 12 years ago and fell on my lap and so our friendship started. This lady preferred dropping her suitcase on my feet and we both wanted to know each other better after having chatted and laughed for almost 2 h so that I nearly missed to get off the train ! Fortunately she had asked me to give her my email address and the link to this blog. It would be nice to see each other again.


Linens and Royals said...

Doesn't anyone look out of the window anymore and just admire the view? Good to see the Eurostar station at Brussels again and think-I was there-I was there.
Your train journey was very eventful.

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh sweet Gattina,
I'm envious here, I need a "trip" urgently!
I hope you enjoy there and don't forget to tell us your adventures and take lots of pictures!
By the way, I'm really curious about that "stuff Kindle"to read books, it's so modern, I confess I have never seen one! I'm a "dinosaur"! hehehe

Maribeth said...

I suppose many people have already seen the view. I love to watch, but must be careful not to get motion sick. So you have arrived safely! I am so glad!

claudie said...

Nice you met a friendly lady! I'm sure she will like your blog if she read it! And I stay tuned on your english's adventures!