29 Dec 2007


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This year we went to Amsterdam (Netherlands) to celebrate Christmas there together with my son. I had seen Amsterdam in spring, summer and automn but never during Christmas time and I was quite disappointed.

The city had very poor or rather no Christmas decoration compared to other European cities. Only the shops had done a little effort. There was no Christmas market and only a few light garlands on the streets in the center. I heard that they only start to do some Christmas decoration and that it hadn't been the use at all so far.

The official Christmas tree in the Center was very poorly decorated and there was nothing else around. Finally I saw a little bit in the western area of Amsterdam. We made a walk through this area and I took some pictures.

The private houses had no decoration at all not even in the windows. I saw maybe two. The so decorative house boats were not decorated either I only saw one. I also was told that not all families do a Christmas tree and this too only starts. Christmas trees apparently were only put up by catholic families in the past.

My conclusion was, it is really not a city to visit around Christmas and get into Christmas mood !

There is almost no decoration at these houses. The place in front was covered with little metal sculptures of reptiles

The Hard Rock Café had some decoration !

and around the Vondel park which is the biggest park in Amsterdam there was again nothing.

On a little place we finally found something christmaslike and I bought a portion of Poffertjes.These are mini pancakes which are baked on this special griddle. It is served with powder sugar and tastes delicious.

This time I didn't want to see more of Amsterdam, it was too depressing ! Fortunately at our son's appartment it was really Christmas !

We use to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and start with an apertitif while unwrapping our Christmas gifts. Then we have a nice meal.

A beautiful Christmas tree

A nicely decorated table, our son even ironed the Christmas table cloth and I found it funny because I never iron anything and my table cloth is iron free ! Here we are with a couple of their friends and our son's girl friend sitting in front of Mr. Gattino.

An open fire in the Television

Jersey the dog who belongs to a collegue, is spending Christmas holidays with our son.

and even the big Buddah he bought in Vietnam was in a christmassy dress.

28 Dec 2007


Name 2 things you would like to accomplish in 2008.

I don't want to accomplish anything not even two things, I am far to lazy for that and maybe I accomplish far more, who knows ?

With which cartoon character do you share personality traits?

With none ! I am an unique ! (my middle name is Modesty)

What time of day (or night) were you born?

I don't remember

Main Course
Tell us something special about your hometown.

That would take pages and pages ! I live on the famous battle field of Waterloo where Napoleon lost his battle and therefore changed the face of whole Europe. You can read about it here. I precise I looked for some bones in my garden but didn't find any.

If you could receive a letter from anyone in the world, who would you want to get one from?

From Bush, explaining me why he doesn't stop this stupid war in Irak. And to check if he can write correctly.

27 Dec 2007


13 remarks about Christmas and Christmas gifts

1. This year I spent Christmas in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2. It was a very nice feast

3. Of course lots to eat and gifts !

4. This is a DVD imitating an open fire to hide a screen if it is in your living room for example. It also makes the noises of burning wood.

5. Photoshop !!!

6. An USB connector, 2 G

7. Lovely little wooden cats

8. A cat made out of a lemon

9. A cat in glass with a flower in

10. a book about cats

11. Cat post cards

12. a scarf, Rosie had to check all the gifts !

13. and these beautiful earrings from my son he had made especially for me by a jewel designer. They are made out of turquoise and mother of perl with silver.

As you can see Santa spoiled me very much this year !

26 Dec 2007



Note : These are NOT my cats !

24 Dec 2007


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To all Bloggers of the World and to everybody who comes here today !

I am going to Amsterdam for Christmas eve this afternoon and will be back on Christmas day late evening.

I put here the most famous Christmas song for the children in Belgium and France. It is called "Petit Papa Noël", which means "little daddy Christmas". It is the first song they learn in school for Christmas.

The first lines mean :

Before you close your eyes do a last prayer : Little daddy Christmas when you come down from heaven with thousand presents please don't forget my little shoe. But before you go, cover yourself because outside it is very cold.

MANIC MONDAY is just beneath

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Having no more strength to write about "joy" because of the joy of wrapping gifts, please enjoy my definitions for the word "joy" in pictures !

23 Dec 2007


As on tuesday it is Christmas I thought I better update you on very important news today !

It took four days for the Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward to name their son before eventually settling on James Alexander Philip Theo. It might have felt like a long time, but there's a lot to consider when naming a royal baby. What only four days ?? Then mine must be an imperial baby because it took us 9 months !

Prince Charles gets his hands on a tattooed lady
THE Duchess of Cornwall was quick to get to the bottom of what was going on between her husband and a tattooed lady. Poor lady ! I hope she pressed charges for sexual harrassement !

Monaco royals delight kids with gift-giving treat
A group of lucky children in Monaco had an unforgettable holiday experience when Santa Claus dropped into the royal palace to make his deliveries. I wonder if one of the children was from the Prince himself ?? He already has some little princes and princesses walking around of cours not officially.

Princess Margriet (Netherlands) the sister of Queen Beatrix wishes to be buried in nature
Princess Margriet and her husband Pieter van Vollenhoven will not be interred in the royal family crypt in Delft when they die but buried 'in nature' close to their home in Apeldoorn, Van Vollenhoven tells the KRO magazine. I can understand that, watching daisies from above your coffin is much more amusing then looking at stones !

Baby love: Britney Spears buys gifts for her pregnant teen sister
Britney Spears may have been the last in her family to know about her sister Jamie Lynn's pregnancy, but she appears to be embracing her impending role as an aunt.The troubled pop star, rugged up in tracksuit pants and a fur hooded jacket, spent the afternoon buying baby clothes in LA. That doesn't help her either and the sister with 16 becomes mother ! Now I really wonder about their mother having raised two crazy daughters. Must be a strange specimen.

Girlfriend of Man United 'rape claim' star: 'I'm standing by my man'
The girlfriend of the Manchester United player at the centre of rape allegations was standing by him. Student Kate Wathall, 20, said she did not believe that Jonny Evans attacked a woman at the club's sleazy Christmas party. When I look at this angel face I can hardly believe it either ! But in many angels is a hidden devil.

Boy, 9, banned from school Christmas party - 'because he didn't believe in Jesus'
Teachers banned a nine-year-old boy from his class Christmas party because his parents had barred him from RE lessons.Douglas Stewart was forced to stay at home while his friends received presents from Santa and tucked into ice cream and jelly. What ?? they are more religious then Jesus himself ! These frustrated church fanatics ! I would have done the same as these parents ! Such teachers are certainly not able to teach about christianity.

British holidaymaker plunges to his death after sleepwalking off Majorca hotel balcony
A holidaymaker fell to his death from a hotel sixth-floor balcony as he was sleepwalking. That's why I never fall asleep on a balcony !

Families urged to eat ice cream rather than Christmas pudding to save the planet
Families should give up Christmas pudding to help save the planet, Government advisers said yesterday.They suggested that rather than serving up a dessert that often goes to waste, cooks should reheat whatever leftover mincemeat they have to hand and serve it with ice cream. It could be returned to the freezer, again cutting waste. I think I refrain from saving the planet !