3 Dec 2016


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Water with a view on Hurghada (Egypt)

My favorite, I first wanted to run away because I thought it was a huge spider, then I thought it's only an algae, but it was really a water spider with a very complicated scientific name !

Unfortunately I can't show any tool, because I am on holidays and I don't work or see tools ! !

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This night I woke up because the wind was howling around the hotel and it was cool in my room. I got up and closed the window. In the morning, no sun and only 23° What a difference to the day before ! Chantal felt much better and could even eat a little breakfast.

We decided to take a taxi and do some shopping. The girl at the reception had told us that we should go to "Cleopatra" which is a big store with fixed prices, otherwise you always have to haggle. I like
haggling, Nicole and Chantal not at all.

The hotel taxi was very cheap we could hardly believe the price ! For 6 € he drove us to the shop
quite far away and back ! That's less that our bus fees home !

The shop was very nice 4 floors with everything, food, souvenirs, jewelry, leather things, clothes, we could buy all what we needed ! After 1 1/2 h the driver picked us up and drove us to the hotel. Nicole had bought mugs and spices, Chantal a silver ring, tea and also spices and we all bought little things for Christmas. After lunch we tried to stay a bit on the beach but it was so windy and cool that we only stayed for an hour and then we had enough.

Yesterday evening was a show with a Dervish and belly dancers, but as we had seen that so often we preferred to stay a bit and have a night cap in the hotel "living" and chatted with another French girl. This year there are many French speaking people here, that has never happened since I come here for the eights time.

The dancing Dervish

Nicole and I working ....

There are also a mother with 4 Teenage daughters who spoke such a strange language I couldn't find out what it was. Finally the curiosity won and they told me that they were coming from Lapland !! I asked why Father Christmas was not with them, and they said that he prefers staying in the room !

2 Dec 2016


Sky over the beach in Hurghada/Egypt

For the week's resume you have to scroll down if you wish. I am actually at the Red Sea in Egypt and have written every day.

Poor Nicole got what lots of tourists get when they eat raw vegetables the disease called in French"La Tourista" which means "The Tourist" and sends you all 5 min to where even the King walks. So she went to bed at 8 pm and this morning was a little weak but OK again.

When I wanted to go into the sea to swim, I saw this monster, I first thought it was an algae, but a man told me that it was a sea spider (it had a complicated name) I preferred to swim a little later when this monster was gone !

Late afternoon Chantal appeared white like a bedsheet, now she had also got the "Tourista". As I was the only one who so far has escaped, I suppose it is because they both ate dates and I don't like them. They were probably washed with local water and we, with our fragile stomachs support nothing !
Now she is in bed and we hope it's better tomorrow. Fortunately the hotel and also the guests are well equipped with medicine for this special case.

When we lay at the beach suddenly somebody shouted "A turtle" so we all hurried to the wall and looked in the water to see the turtle !

I saw the movements from far, sometimes a paw sometimes the head. I shoot and shoot and hoped it would be on the picture as I also had zoomed, but no, there was nothing, so I just took a  picture of a poster !

Later the wind started to blow more and more and a few wind screens fell in the sand.

I nearly got one on my head. So we packed our things and returned into our rooms.

Yesterday evening for the first time I ate a red fish ! Not the once who keep you company in an aquarium and are called gold fishes, but fish fillets and the spice was red. I have no idea what it was apparently Indian food, because it was an Indian evening ! It was very very good !

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30 Nov 2016


I had started reading a new book but it was a horror book and didn't fit at all in my sunny holidays, so I brought it back and took something else. Anyway I have books in my Kindle.

I also bought this necklace at the beach. A man sits there and makes the whole day bracelets and necklaces. Nicole bought two bracelets with the names of a little girl and boy of a friend.

We met a French girl she comes here every year twice in February and November, in fact we had seen her already last year. This time she was alone for 2 weeks, but that didn't bother her at all. There is such a nice community.

The men play this boccia game together and it is funny to hear them, the English try to speak German and the Germans English and otherwise they use hands and feet.

From our beach beds we can see the divers arriving after a whole day of diving ! They must be quite tired !

Working hard !

My room mate is a man. They are all men for cleaning the rooms. Women are at the reception or for customer service. His name is Achmed and he is very kind. Each day he decorates my bed ! Yesterday I forgot to take a picture.

Usually I leave the beach at 4 because it's already getting dark and work on my computer. at this time Internet is working or at least a bit, because most of the people are under their showers and make themselves a beauty for the evening.


Before the storm ...


Nothing special happened, we still haven't left the hotel yet, it is still hot, still sunshine, still good food and still very tired in the evening. We don't understand ! Yesterday evening was a singer performing, and people were listening some even danced, but we were yawning more and more and finally were in bed at 9 pm. Maybe swimming makes us so tired ?

28 Nov 2016


We had a very smooth check in at the Brussels airport, because we needed assistance for Chantal who needs wheelchair. So we checked in before all the others and then were driven with a little electric car to the gate where we waited for the departure.

Waiting for the flight.

I had a nice flight besides me was a very sympathetic couple with whom I chatted during the 4 h flight. Chantal and Nicole were less lucky, they were surrounded by for litt kids who behaved awfully, kicked in the seats and screemed during the flight, poor Nicole who already had troubles with her back felt like a great great grandma when she got out of the plane. One of the kids had also pooped in his diapers and poor Nicole nearly fainted, she told the mother to change the baby but this one faked not to understand until finally the father stood up and took the little one away.

When we got out of the plane a hot air greeted us and everybody took off the thick coats and anoraks. It was 5 pm dark likd like the devil's hole but also warm ! We were hungry and tired, received our room keys, threw the suitcases in the rooms and went for supper. We asked each other how the room was, but nobody had noticed anything !

The next morning I saw out of the window saw the see and during the night when I woke up I had heard the waves. What a nice noise.

I don't know if I will be able to write a lot, because the Internet is a catastrophe and I have to wait for ages to up or download a picture, or even publish my post !! And patience is not one of my qualities !

We had a wonderful breakfast and met some people who also were here last year and then we went to the beach and started our work ! Buttering the whole body, taking in some warmth and then swimming with the little fishes in the sea ! The paradise !

We had up to 30°, but with a little breeze you didn't feel the heat at all. Waiters brought us sticks with melons, very refreshing !

View from my balcony

and on the sea

Our hotel from the beach side

The swimming pool

View from the swimming pool over the sea

playing games, I don't know its name

Chantal in the swimming pool