28 Nov 2016


We had a very smooth check in at the Brussels airport, because we needed assistance for Chantal who needs wheelchair. So we checked in before all the others and then were driven with a little electric car to the gate where we waited for the departure.

Waiting for the flight.

I had a nice flight besides me was a very sympathetic couple with whom I chatted during the 4 h flight. Chantal and Nicole were less lucky, they were surrounded by for litt kids who behaved awfully, kicked in the seats and screemed during the flight, poor Nicole who already had troubles with her back felt like a great great grandma when she got out of the plane. One of the kids had also pooped in his diapers and poor Nicole nearly fainted, she told the mother to change the baby but this one faked not to understand until finally the father stood up and took the little one away.

When we got out of the plane a hot air greeted us and everybody took off the thick coats and anoraks. It was 5 pm dark likd like the devil's hole but also warm ! We were hungry and tired, received our room keys, threw the suitcases in the rooms and went for supper. We asked each other how the room was, but nobody had noticed anything !

The next morning I saw out of the window saw the see and during the night when I woke up I had heard the waves. What a nice noise.

I don't know if I will be able to write a lot, because the Internet is a catastrophe and I have to wait for ages to up or download a picture, or even publish my post !! And patience is not one of my qualities !

We had a wonderful breakfast and met some people who also were here last year and then we went to the beach and started our work ! Buttering the whole body, taking in some warmth and then swimming with the little fishes in the sea ! The paradise !

We had up to 30°, but with a little breeze you didn't feel the heat at all. Waiters brought us sticks with melons, very refreshing !

View from my balcony

and on the sea

Our hotel from the beach side

The swimming pool

View from the swimming pool over the sea

playing games, I don't know its name

Chantal in the swimming pool


Fun60 said...

It looks and souns wonderful. Oh to fall asleep to the sound of the sea, bliss.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Yay , you made it.... one time when we flew, Bill was suffering a temporary medical problem with his legs and he needed a wheel chair .. I tell you it was the best connections we ever had, early boarding, and we got seats with good leg room on each leg of the flight. I have asked him each time since if he couldn't fake the problem so we could get that service again ))) ( we are too honest though, and I'm glad he got well of course really).

You got a lot of pictures uploaded for having poor internet connections! Thanks for being patient enough to do that. Keep on having fun (as if I need to tell you that).

Lilly's Mom said...

Wow! It looks like you are having a fabulous start to your trip. I'm sure you are enjoying the weather, too. My Egyptian relatives recently took a trip to Hurghada and had a great time. Enjoy! Pat xx

Wendy said...

Well it all looks lovely so I hope you continue to have a good time

Tamago said...

Sorry Chantal and Nicole didn't have a pleasant flight, but glad you all made it! Swimming with little fishes sounds lots of fun :-) The hotel looks really lovely. The view is amazing! Have fun and enjoy your stay!

diane b said...

You are lucky to have friends to travel with. I can see you are going to have a relaxing time except when trying to blog.

Jo said...

Oh poor Chantal and Nicole having the kids from hell in their row. I'm glad you had a good flight. It looks so beautiful there. Enjoy every minute!