8 Dec 2018


Fortunately I don't belong to women who climb on the balance every day to see if they have put on a few grams and then for a week go on diet to get rid of them. I am lucky, I eat what I want but it can happen that sometimes my jeans have "shrinked" ! Then I too check my weight and usually it's not grams but kilos ! Not a real drama, I make an apple cure, that means I eat only apples during the day, usually 6, for a few days and my jeans fit again.

Here on the beach you can watch women who I am sure if they step on a balance will break it. They would need to sit on two chairs because one thigh is as big as my two together. I wouldn't say anything, it could also be a disease but what is not nice at all to see is, that especially these women wear the most narrow bathing suits or even bikinis (I didn't even know that bikinis exist in this size) instead of wearing something large.

Some of them don't know their size either because usually they are too small so that you are afraid that the huge bosom would fall out of the bra in the next seconds. Not to talk about the rear view which shows more than you want to see. Sometimes I pity them, but when I see what quantities they eat only for breakfast, I think it would be enough for a normal person for the whole day !

A balance is dangereous for some people and a comfort for others, but finally at the end as long as everybody is happy and healthy the balance doesn't matter ! 

Temptations !

I also take the opportunity to update my holidays in Egypt.

I don't know what happened, but when I got up and went to the bathroom, I saw blood on the tiles. I looked at myself couldn't find anything, hadn't killed anybody, and finally realized that I had a cut  under my feet in the heel. I called my friend who came with disinfectant and a plaster. It hurts a bit when I walk and I have to tip toe on one leg. Finish to go to the beach because of the sand so I moved to the swimming pool.

That's very nice there too, I could observe what was going on, water checking and general checking by the manager, people laying in the sunshine or swimming.

When I got back to my room I saw some men from the personal busy with decorating the entrance hall of the hotel !

I greeted a Father Christmas in his slide and a man was busy with a huge light wreath, which later hang down from the ceiling.I am sure tomorrow they will work on a Christmas tree. Muslim or not, they had a lot of fun with doing it together with the guests. It was a real Christmas ambiance.

For supper we had international food, Chantal and Nicole look not so convinced, but it was very good a lot of choice and a nice supper.

Later in the evening for the first time I went with Nicole to see a show ! For once we were not so tired.

We waited for a South American dancing group

they were great ! and here I can talk  about another kind of balance ! Unbelievable !

The girls also performed dances which involved a lot of balance. We really had a nice evening.

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6 Dec 2018


Now we are more then a week here in Hurghada and are really chilling out. Every day we are at the beach at 9 am, after a nice breakfast, and around 11 I always go for a swim, Chantal and Nicole prefer to snorkel. I swim like a girafe with my head far out of the water because I hate water in my face.

The water is also so salty that it carries you without swimming ! You just lay on the water ! It's great.
Each day the animation team tries to entertain us with more or less success, but one day we had a fruit festival, which was very colorful !

An "orchestra" arrived and played local music

A buffet was dressed beautifully with fruit juices and fruits ! It really looked beautiful.

We ate and drank and it tasted delicious. The main cook of the hotel is the man below right, and as he is so handsome, he has a lot of success with the female guests ! They are whirling around him like mosquitos ! It's funny to observe them, he only has to choose !

I prefer another kind of holiday love ! So kind and cute ! It's Oscar the camel and I think he loves me too !

I bring him apples, oranges and bread and he thanks me blowing in my neck or just nibbling on my fingers with his soft lips. When his owner saw that we went so nicely together, he allowed me to sit on Oscar !

and Oscar sat still and I swang myself in the saddle without help ! Was I proud ! My old bones didn't let me down. I think that's thanks to my daily yoga exercises, that keeps me flexible. People were gathering around us and applauded !

It had cooled down a bit so we took the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping in the Cleopatra Shopping mall.

It is about 15 km far from our hotel and we had to take a taxi. But taxis are so cheap because the fuel price compared to what it costs at home is unbelievable.

The nice thing in this mall is for those who don't like to haggle, all prices are fix. I don't bother, but it takes more time.The girls bought jewelry and spices etc. After two hours or more, we all were exhausted, hired a taxi and returned to the hotel.

The taxi driver drove us as if the devil was behind him, horning all the time and passed right and left or in the middle so we thought the rearview mirrors would break off. He zigzagged through the traffic and the girls were screeming sometimes. I found it funny, the others not!

Each evening when I return to my room I find another masterpiece made out of towels on my bed. !

It's nice to be so spoiled !

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5 Dec 2018


Beach creations :

Two feet, a hat and a mask and the "dress" of course

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4 Dec 2018


My world in our world is in Egypt for the moment. I am on holidays in Hurghada at the Red Sea.
As we are so lazy we haven't been in the city yet, instead we spent the whole day on the beach in the warm sunshine.

Therefore the pictures below show my world this week

The view of the city from the hotel

part of the beach

and the bridge

separating the other part of the sea, which looks like a pond and is ideal for people who can't swim or who are afraid to swim in the big ocean.

Well equipped for barbecues

a very nice swimming pool, for those who don't like the very salty sea waterf

the restaurant with a view on the swimming pool

You can also eat outside the restaurant

The choice is absolutely great !

And from my room I can watch the sunset

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2 Dec 2018


By the time the weekend arrived we had got used to our holiday "schedule" and almost every day is now the same. Surprising is that we are all very tired and go very early to bed between 9 and 10 pm. So far we haven't attended the evening shows. I have to say that they are always the same the last 3 years only the animation team changes and gets from bad to worse. The young people do their best but I think the clients are just too old for them.

This is our "winter home" already since 8 to 10 years. And still we get lost in the uncountable corridors. We would have needed a GPS the first days. This time Nicole and I are on the 2nd floor and Chantal on the 4th.

The view from the beach on Hurghada

The morning starts at 8 am, our French friend whom we had met a couple of years ago here in the hotel gets up at 6 to put beach towels on the beach beds otherwise we would get the worst places. Some people are even up at 5 !! and go to bed again. We have complained since years but it doesn't change. Then we have breakfast it is delicious such an enormous choice for all tastes and all countries. The fruits and vegetables have a real good taste, normal, but what we call today organic, or bio !

Then we start our work on the beach ! Swimming of course, chatting with the people in all languages or with hand and feet. A lot of people we know from previous years.

The newcomers are invaded by salesmen, selling cruises, diving courses, massages, etc etc. We know them and anyway we ask for a little red flag which is fixed on the the umbrella and which means "do not disturb".

There are also a lot of activities during the day, like here "Belly dancing" and "Zumba" but we vintage ladies declined the offer to participate. Poor old bones ! But it was nice to watch !

Nicole discovered her creativity on the beach and made with her feet these two "ladies", one with her sunglasses and one with her diving googgles.  I took a photo of the swimming pool and forgot my feet ! Looks like a still life.

There is also a man on the beach who does wonderful necklaces and bracelets. And they are so cheap for us. Nicole bought two and he gave me three for the same price, if I don't use them it can always be a Christmas gift.

After supper we visited twice Oscar the camel which is standing not far from the hotel. It stood first just besides the hotel but somebody had chased the poor man away. We bring apples, bread, bananas and other left overs to Oscar, who is very happy about our visits.

Oscar my holiday love !