11 Sept 2020


This week it cooled down and it was difficult to get dressed, because it was cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon !

We had a nice Scrabble game where we could forget our strange Corona life, not wearing masks and being together normally. We miss Theatre, festivities, Festivals everything which gives some fun, yes we can go now in a museum but there too you have to book first and not just walk in buy the entrance and look around. We are treated like puppets on a string ! 



Although Brussels is declared a red zone, we went to a district which probably was the worst in whole Brussels, but we just had enough to always be too careful. Nicole is loosing her hairs now, result of the chemeo therapy and wanted to buy some scarfs. In this street of Brussels are mostly Moroccan shops and therefore a lot of choise of very beautiful and very cheap scarfs which are already folded and look like a hat. She found 4 for the price of one in Waterloo !! We enjoyed our excursion very much, because there too, besides that everybody was wearing a mask, there were people of all colors and very international. Unfortunately we didn't find anything else to buy, because there were still summer clothes and we wanted autumn and winter once.

We also had the final meeting to sign for our house sale ! It took so long because a lot of documents are needed and then we also had the 3 month lasting lockdown. 

It was nice to sit together with the new owners and the two notaries, for the first time they could sit with their clients at a table and not go through video conference ! When we were finished we congratulated each other and promised to visit our "old" house once the works are done ! They already live in there with our special permission. So they could start painting and other transformations. 

Ever since all events and festivities are cancelled there was a proposition of the Tourist Office to amuse the population or tourists, to take us to organized visits of four graveyards, which are especially beautiful ! I think that's exactly what we all need ! I suppose that the organizer is a very pessimistic person !

We went as usual to our Italian "Dolce Vita" restaurant, at least even the name is already cheerful and had a nice meal and stayed there chatting for 2 1/2 hours in the sunshine under the palmtrees ! They even offered us again a drink.



The restaurant with the three of us two are missing ! I spent a bit of time in the sunshine on our terrace together with cat Rosie who loves to look over her Kingdom I love to do that too especially when the gardeners work and I sigh with a big relief ! Not for me anymore  ! 

All my friends who had seen my doll house from 1947 told me to expose the little furniture in our vitrine. So I took all my cats out and put the kitchen, bedroom and living on two shelves. It looks very cute. 

Now I need another vitrine for my cats, for the moment I have put them in my room in a carton. Have the whole winter to do unnecassary work ! 




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Blogger has offered us a new "easy" version ! It's not easy at all, it's far more difficult and the text and pictures are going not where you want but where they want !!

9 Sept 2020


Lockdown Scrabble

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8 Sept 2020


Already 10 years ago I made a trip around Morocco and we also stopped in Casablanca to visit the city !

More about Casablanca you find here in my TRAVEL BLOG

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7 Sept 2020


Rosie shows the proportions ....the kitchen chair

Kettle and milk can

coal scuttle and tiny coal briquets

This is my doll house, bedroom, drawing room,  and kitchen, which I found in the attic when we moved, it is from 1947 and made by a carpenter who had 5 children and my mother in change knitted them a pullover each ! There was no money at that time in Germany and people swapped.



Now that we are not locked into our homes anymore and allowed to go out with or without mask, it depends on the country or continent, nothing happens. Yes you can discover nature or visit museums, but nothing else. All festivities had been cancelled !
To have  at least a bit fun we we visited Nicole who was happy to see us and we had a nice afternoon. I had also unpacked the last box from our move, with nothing special in it exept cats. Now at least I am almost done !

On Sunday I asked Myriam to unpack my dollhouse which I hadn't seen since I was 10 or 11 years old when I had seen it for the last time. I only was allowed to play with it on Christmas which meant the whole December and then it was put away for the next year.

I was a bit reluctant to open the suitcase because I thought I would be disappointed, it often happens that things you loved as a child seem much smaller then you thought ! But here I found exactly my dollhouse as I had it in mind !

First we put the kitchen up

then the bedroom, and drawing room

We had a lot of fun when we unpacked the suitcase and put the little furniture together !
There were also a stove and kitchen ustensils, cuttlery and even a sewing machine !
Myriam was delighted ! She never had seen such a doll house which on top was older then she was !

Now I have to find an exhibition place, because it's worthwhile to see, looks as if it belongs into a museum !