7 Oct 2017


1. Starts with N
2. silhouette
3. sky

Arthur's 23 h nap


My grandson


Metal boxes

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6 Oct 2017


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We played scrabble this week at Ilona's. To our surprise her so far invisible visitor, was laying on the kitchen floor and watched us with interest. We had never seen him, because he was a stray cat and over weeks or even months has moved into Ilona's home slowly slowly each day a little more. And as she fed him he decided to stay. And that's what happens. Now his name is Leo !

Leo didn't bring me luck, I lost !

2. I had to do a big check up of my car, because it's already four years old and after four years you have to go through the "Controle technique" (Technical Control) otherwise you are not allowed to drive anymore. My Garage checked my car from top to bottom, found nothing but presented me a very blown up bill. I think the next time I will have it checked elsewhere ! For that money I could have done a City trip !

3. To comfort myself I went with Nicole in the new restaurant for lunch and was shocked when I saw that another field near the Lion was occupied by huge moles which were busy to dig tunnels and holes in the ground

This will become the underground parking of a shopping mall !

If they continue like that it nothing will be left from Napoleon and Wellington's battle field. Not even a skeleton was found so far or a couple of bones.

4. The Controle Technique is not next door, it's somewhere in the countryside in a mini village. Equipped with two GPS, one my own in the car, the other life sitting on the seat besides me ... Mr.G. He had to watch over his wife that she didn't drive in the hole or run over the technician.

My car was OK (at that price it should be) and now I am free for two years !

5. Our exposition will take place this weekend and we nearly forgot to make some publicity, so I did this photo and it will be distributed a little everywhere.

We have to hang up our paintings tomorrow afternoon.

This is exactly how I feel after this week !

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4 Oct 2017


The guarded Royal guards at Buckingham Palace

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Arthur surrounded by monsters !

Rosie doesn't like this mouse, but she loves to check the mail

Kim is mulling over ... to eat or not to eat ?


1. Have you ever spent time on a farm? Tell us a little bit about it. Have you ever grown your own pumpkin? Been on a hayride? Driven a tractor? Milked a cow?

When I was a child I lived with my grandparents on the countryside. Of course I have spent a lot of time on farms because my friends were all farmer's children. I sat on a what's called a tractor today but was pulled by horses, hayrides didn't exist at that time, but I tried to milk a cow forgot to fix her tail and got the tail with full swing in my face. Ever since I prefer to buy milk !

2. What's something younger you would like about you now?
More hair, as I had before

3. What are three things you'd like to do more often? Three things you'd like to do less often?
As I can do what and when I want, I do things more often when I want. Things I don't like to do often I leave and wait until somebody else has done it for me.

4. What's on your nachos?
First I thought it was an Indian tribe and wondered about the question, then I googled and found out that it is something to eat. I only know Tachos and no Nachos so I have no idea what to put on them.

5. What's the most random thing in your purse or wallet? Does it need to stay there?
I have nothing "random" in my purse or wallet, it's already full enough.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
Looking out of the window I think I have to call the gardner to cut the hedge.

3 Oct 2017


Another stop which impressed me very much was the Giant's Causeway ! I had seen quite a lot of nature's strange creations a little bit all over the world, but I had never seen something like that !

The whole area looked as if somebody had cut huge columns shorter or even very short

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2 Oct 2017


Mice instead lice ... I am running out of Micro photos !

The original

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I had the second surgery done on my right eye, this time I didn't get a bracelet but a band around my ankle with which I looked like a prisoner. My shoes were of exceptional elegance.

A nurse wheeled me in the operating room and then it was as a week before, except this time my doctor probably thinking that I had strong nerves explained everything he did to a student who watched my eye on a screen. So I heard "Now I will cut it into four pieces, and then vacuum otherwise the pieces would be too big. (I imagined a tiny little vacuum cleaner in my eye) then he said he will take a tweezer and take out the rest. I was waiting for a brush, but there was none. When it was finished I asked the student if at least he had learned something, because now I can do my cataracte surgeries myself, but he only gave me a half asleep smile, I think he slept during the whole procedure.

Now I have troubles with my glasses, they are too strong, but I have to wait 2 weeks until he can prescribe me new once. Meanwhile the old once will do. At least I can drive and watch TV.

I rested the whole afternoon the next day and then Monique picked me up for our theatre play which I didn't want to miss.

It's offered by our city for the seniors (after 65) and only costs 4 € (4,73 $) and always full. The plays are excellent and always very funny, here we had to deal with a noble family, a cardinal brother and an illegal child ! Nice mixture !

After the play we discovered a bar which exists since ages in Waterloo, but none of us three had ever noticed it, apparently there are mostly vintage ladies there and even a Chippendale show on weekends !

Sunday we had the visit of Mr. G's friend and we had a nice afternoon.

Of course Arthur and Rosie participated in the conversation, they love company. As our garden needs a cut especially the ivy, our friend proposed to cut it for us. He has the same age as our son. Otherwise I had to look for a new gardener, because the one we had since years retired now, and the new one I had found, thought I was Lady Chatterly and was not only interested in cutting our ivy.

That's at least another worry less. I have to keep a bit calm with my freshly operated eyes, am not allowed to carry heavy things to bent or to dust ! The latter certainly won't happen !

1 Oct 2017


My neighbor's dog "Fripouille"

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Shadow shots

Kim sunbathing

Arthur the computer specialist

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