12 May 2021


When I was in Budapest just in front of my hotel was a "Cat Cafe". I had never been in one ! Of course I went and it was so nice to have all these cats around ! One found that I looked lonely and sat on the chair besides me !


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11 May 2021


Last Sunday when I came back from the Reha clinic I stopped at the Waterloo Lion, where I hadn't been since at least 2 years. Before the renovation for the bicentury celebration it was a nice place to go, there were restaurants and cafes, a wax museum a souvenir shop and many many tourists from all over the world. 

When I arrived there were quite a lot of people but due to the Corona Virus and closed borders there were only Belgians who discovered their own country ! Usually compared to before there are less and less tourists..

I was very surprised when I arrived and it looked even worse then in normal times

This had been the Lion site before the renovation and now it looks like this. The restaurants were replaced by one building and fortunately it was the first day  where the terraces were opened during the lockdown.

A few canons were exposed for the tourists


The terrace was filled with happy people to be able to sit outside and enjoy their beer or a glass of wine, after nearly one year of lockdown. A few guardians were standing there to watch over the people that nobody broke the rules. But as you can see they took it easy.

I had seen enough because there was nothing to see and returned to my car on the parking which looks like a horror place.


Te old oak trees had been trimmed, which was certainly necessary to keep them healthy, but it will probably take a few years until they look like they did before! 


You can see how it was before the renovation HERE


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10 May 2021










On Saturday I wanted to make our balcony ready for summertime ! In the morning my good Maria cleaned the floor and the furniture ! When it was done it started to rain which was very good, because we are only allowed to clean the floor when it rains, so that the neighbors on the first floor don't get a shower !

We had a quite a strong wind and the cherry trees lost their petals and it looked like pink snow from far !

In the evening we had a beautiful sunset.

In the afternoon Myriam came, the floor had dried and looked clean. We carried the grass carpet rolls on the balcony and unfolded and cut it. We both were very satisfied with the result. 

Then when it was all done we put the table and two chairs, so it's at least ready for two people. The other chairs I'll clean and take out later.

On Sunday my son should come in the morning to visit his father in the afternoon. But late afternoon I got a message that he won't come because he is sick ! I don't know what he has and as I didn't hear anything from him although it was Motherday, I thought I leave him in peace and wait until he explains what he has.


I think it's all a bit much for us, the lockdown, Mr.. G's Parkinson and the worries we have. I feel so tired as if I hadn't slept for a year ! So I went alone to visit Mr. G but I didn't stay long because he is very quickly tired and on top there was the Formular  1 ! It made me happy that at least he is still interested in the Formular 1 ! 



On my return I stopped at the Waterloo Lion, usually packed with tourists from the whole world.  The terraces of restaurants and cafes were open and to my surprise there were quite some people but I didn't see any car from another country and people didn't speak Chinese or Greek, but only French and Flemish. The borders are closed so everybody stays and discover his own country !

I was shocked when I saw that they had cut the beautiful huge trees and now they look creepy ! made for a battle field ! 




9 May 2021


I had started last Sunday to show you the Brussels' City Hall from inside here when in August the Flower Show takes place. I thought I will show you some more of this beautiful decoration.

The city hall on the Grand' Place



Flower displays

and even vegetables

The inside

The room where civil marriages take place ! Nice place to get married when you live in the community Brussels.

Ready for a little lunch ??




7 May 2021


The FFF started or rather ended in a catastrophe ! I had just finished the whole post and must have touched a misterious key, in short, my whole text had disappeared except the title and the link to FFF !

I really don't know what happened so I just do a little resume of the already little post ! Can't invent an exciting life in a still lasting half lockdown. Everything which is distracting and amusing is still closed. 

Myriam had asked me to switch scrabble turn with me and I was glad that I had bought a Bresilienne cake at Carrefour supermarket, they have the best and I had put it in the freeze, so I had always something to offer and didn't have to go out. 

I had my pedicure coming, as my footnails started to look like Rosie's claws, she is a nice young woman and comes to people's house. The poor girl has a 12 year old boy who has Asperger a sort of Autisme, like the famous Greta who wanted to change the world but didn't succeed, and has now disappeared. Hopefully not with the Coronavirus. 

The poor young woman has a son of 12 who was diagnosed (already !!) with the Asperger syndrom, which is a little similar to the more known Autists. 

And while the pedicure worked on my feet I listened to her story and the difficulties she has everywhere when she askes for some help. 

There is no special school for these children here at least not public once and the poor boy was bullied in his school because he was different then the others. It came to a point that he refused to go to school ! He is very intelligent as these people are often and now she will try another school. Can only wish her luck ! 

As Mr. G. is well taken care of in his Reha clinic I had finally time for my appointments. I also had to go to the dermatologist for a check up, ever since one of my painting class had skin cancer I am watchful ! Everything was OK. Next doctor is for the eyes ! Hanging so often in front of PC and TV must have changed a little my view. 

Besides that we had a water tube broken in the garage, 3 floors under my flat and I only noticed it when I read the paper somebody had put under my door that from 8 to 3 pm we had no water. Apparently they were late because at 8 am I had water and when I took my car at 2.30 pm and they were already gone.

My son will come on Sunday to see his Dad, he has to do a test just for being here not even 24 h because he will return to Amsterdam the same day.

Before collapsing in her lockdown sleep, Rosie meditates about what she could do during one hour when she doesn't sleep ! Fortunately I have her, since Mr. G. is away, I talk to her and she has always the same opinion as me. It's less ridiculous to have a conversation with my cat who even responds,  then talking against a wall. 

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6 May 2021


1. What's something you 'may' do this month? 

Good question for a vintage lady still in a larger lockdown ! I could travel, but where ? I even can go to the hairdresser. I have no idea ! Wait and see ! 

2. Last time you literally or figuratively shouted mayday!? 

Never ! We offer a bouquet of lillis of the Valley to friends and family would kiss them in normal times without masks but not shout ! I could shout "My day" for exemple if it's worthwhile.

3. Let the chips fall where they may, come what may, maybe, Cape May, mayflies, devil may care, you may now kiss the bride, much to our dismay, mayhem, mayonnaise...choose a 'may' word or phrase from the list and tell us how it relates to your life in some way right now. 

Come what may, can't change anything anyway ! 

4. If someone were serving you breakfast in bed this weekend, what would you like to see on the menu? 

Easy ! Just a cup of strong black coffee with sugar ! I am not hungry in the morning we do a brunch around noon. 

5. Tell me one true thing you believe about motherhood. 

When our kids are little they are very cute and we laugh when they drop a bottle or throw a shoe out of the window. When the kid is 16 we wouldn't laugh and find it funny and later it is even worse.

Son and grandson, there is no age to be silly !

There is a proverb which says  "small children small worries, big children big worries". In any case you remain their mother for the whole life and  you are happy if he or she is successful and happy in their adult life.  

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I wonder how long Mr. G. has to stay in Hospital. On Sunday our son is coming from Amsterdam but apparently he has to make the Corona test and can only stay for a day, that's what he told me. Of course he comes to visit his Dad but I had hoped he could stay at least for the weekend to help me to sort out all things I can't do anymore and of course to have a bit of company we haven't seen each other since last June on top it's mother day in Belgium !