4 May 2019


Usually all what is falling from the sky in Belgium is rain ! Or maybe hail and snow, but that's it ! Never a star fell on my head or a flying saucer. No lightening touched my head or a meteorite knocked me out ! No E.T. visited me from the sky and kept me company. Therefore I never thought wearing a helmet when I go out.

The only thing which I believed was falling on my head from the sky was an apple, which caused me a bump, and not even that fell from the sky but from an apple tree !

Other people have more luck, like my father for example. He was sleeping in the garden on a deckchair, his mouth wide open. The sound he made disturbed me while reading a book ! Suddenly he pushed a scream and smeared something over his face ! A friendly pigeon had flown over father4s head and had dropped something which should bring luck. I laughed my head off (hiding inside the house) while he was furious and swearing at the poor bird. Mother came running outside because her Darling had screamed and washed his face ! Malicious joy is the best joy !

3 May 2019


We returned to winter temperatures and the heatings are running full speed, especially in the mornings and evenings.

We were five for our Scrabble, a new member has joined us. Unfortunately she is so good that she made TWO Scrabbles and won of course. Nicole and I were the last onces ! As usual we had a lot of fun and the fruit cake was also very good. The fifth member is just going through a very ugly divorce battle after 39 years of marriage, which I personally find stupid, an official separation would be enough. The trouble was, she still loved him and was crying each time somebody mentioned a man. Now it's the opposite ! Thanks to a beard ! She had seen him again with a beard and the love disappeared all of a sudden, she found him so ugly ! I thought what teenage worries even the over 70 have !!

I had my shopping day, not very much to buy for food, but household products and some decoration stones for the garden. Just when I wanted to put my flowers in the 4 pots I had bought, it started to rain so I had a good excuse to sit down and watch a bit TV

With Mr. G being hospitalized I have a lot of paper work for the insurance company ! When I get all the useless papers which anyway land in the waste paper basket, I think what a waste ! It's anyway in the computer ! So finally I get all in double ! Makes me crazy.

I went with my friend Monique to visit him, and he looks a bit better. Apparently the flu and infections are gone and he could even walk with a walker of course. He also starts to notice the people around and even took the tablet in his hands I had brought him to play his beloved cards  ! So far he always had refused and spent the days looking at the ceiling ! Maybe he thought that it is a landscape in the snow. Everything I brought him to distract him a bit he refused. It seems to become better. The only thing he wants is coming home, but that is impossible according to the doctor he has to stay at least 2 to 3 weeks more. Difficult ! He is not a very patient man !

Before I went to my painting class I had again a few papers for the Health Insurance. They know me know ! Fortunately they are all young women and very friendly. I felt completely empty and had no inspiration for a painting. So I put all my stuff on the table in the hope that inspiration would drop from heaven, but nothing dropped, and I gave up. Fortunately there was another one in the same state and we chatted.

For Nicole's birthday I had her cat Isis printed on a cup ! It had finally arrived and I brought it to her. She was really happy with the gift and I was happy that I had found something what she liked, it was her 80th birthday and that's an important date !

Doesn't she look great ? And all natural, no Botox or surgery !

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1 May 2019


Poor Arthur, no whipped cream anymore !

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This "meme", I still don't know why in Blog language it's called meme and not "theme" as it is a theme, and I had difficulties at the beginning when somebody asked me if I didn't want to participate in a meme ! Even the most sophisticated dictionary couldn't find an explanation, only Mrs. Wikipedia knew ! Anyway as memes are played all over the world I have a problem.

Some people think that we all have the same time. When somebody from Bali calls me at 3 am to say good morning I am not so happy as I should. Now I switch off the bell of my mobile.

The same is with the Bloggers who invent the "meme" some of them publish "our time" which is especially difficult if you don't know where they live. The Australians go to bed when we just get up and have our first coffee, while the Americans get up when I have lunch and even it depends the State.

In my case I often can't see what the meme is and I write something else in the hope I can smuggle the word in. When I want to write my text for this meme, I only get it in the evening, when my brain is empty and I only want to go to bed, while the Americans just got up and had their first coffee ! Poor Australians they are even  a day ahead ! They are lucky ! They live already in the future !

So I just comment the pictures above concerning my cat Arthur who is mad about whipped cream. I had the bad idea to put some whipped cream on my apple pieces, with the result that Arthur wanted to jump in my plate ! I gave him a bit, but as he eats like a Formula 1 driver, I hadn't finished when he tried again. I pushed him down, I insulted him, there was nothing to do. Finally I managed to eat my apple while he fixed me with killer eyes and I put the tray on the table.

He then was busy to check each apple peel if there was any cream left and then attacked the spray bottle and tried to get it open. A part from the cover it only rolled over the tiles ! He didn't give up so easily and it took a while until very much disappointed he left ! 

30 Apr 2019


I have visited together with two friends the Keukenhof Flower Park in the Netherlands

I am sitting between the Jeans flower pots, Hare Krishna also admire the flowers, Nicole poses and Myriam takes pictures !

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29 Apr 2019


Washing day




Winter has returned ! After some warm days the heating is on again, and the cats lay on the warm tiles. The rain doesn't raise my mood either !

Fortunately my friend Myriam had a good idea she asked me to come over and another friend so we could get bored  together instead each one in her house ! Which didn't happen because as man do when they are together, complaining about their wives, we complained about our husbands. But all in all the rate was not too bad. Myriam had just thrown out her boyfriend for 8 years, because he cheated on her and we congratulated her because we hadn't liked him at all ! We spent a nice afternoon and then returned home.

I spent another hour on the phone with my neighbor nurse who is very much involved in Belgian politics, but as all politicians are the same there was not one who pleased her or me and election are in front of the door ! Ridiculous is that elections are obligatory in Belgium and if you don't vote you get a fine ! And that is the reason why after nearly 60 years of life in Belgium I still have my German passport ! I don't like to be forced !

On Sunday Waterloo celebrated the 60th anniversary of the "Friterie Joli Bois". There you get your chips with mayonnaise ! The Joli Bois Fryer has been open for sixty years at the same location and has been operated by the same family for three generations. If amenities have been added over time, the structure is still the original one and even the wheels of the "fry house" are still there.

For this celebration the King's brother Prince Laurent came with his son to eat some chips and drink a beer. Nobody had to pay !

The Prince ate his "frites" with gusto !

It was a very cheerful celebration and the pink jeans of the prince had a lot of success ! Besides him stands his son and the blond lady is our mayor. Above under the 60 are friends from my painting course.

After this event, I drove to the clinic to bring fresh laundry to Mr. G and Nicole came with me. He was rather tired so we didn't stay long.

We ended the afternoon saying hello to Myriam who wanted to show us her last painting.