20 Feb 2015


1. A rather quiet week ! It was foggy and cold, so on Monday I recovered from the weekend and after my blogging duties, I spent the afternoon watching TV, "Escaped to the country" and some German crime stories, which are always nice, as they are more psychological and without violence scenes and a lot of running blood.

2. There was a nice movie and Nicole and I decided to go the the cinema. It was the story of an old lady who disappeared from her retirement home, where her sons had put her, was found by the grandson and all in all it was a movie plenty of humour and tenderness. After that we had supper in an Italian restaurant, and I had Spaghetti for once,  we eat a lot of pasta at home but Mr. G. doesn't like Spaghetti !

3. I suddenly had an attack of spring cleaning and before it disappeared, I took off all my little cat figurines from the shelves over my bed.

I cleaned them all, and the shelves too of course and now they are clean again for a while.


My son is an "extremist" ! Or I don't get a single pictures of Toby for months or he suddenly sends me a big file which took about 2 h to download !


I spent the afternoon with Ilona and admired the table runner one of her friends had offered her from her trip to India. Of course her cat had to sit on the new thing !

We were discussing an eventual coach tour through England, Ireland and Scotland in June. This would certainly be a wonderful trip. I have to get some more information.

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19 Feb 2015


Letter : N

When I was a little girl, I always was the first one to participate to play tricks on adults.

One of my favorite was to attach a string to an empty wallet, covered the string with sand hid behind a little wall and waited until somebody came to pick it up and then I would pull the wallet away. Of course I was not alone. The people got mostly very angry and rant, while we were running away laughing !

We had an old lady living in the building where we lived, she hated kids and therefore was the ideal victim for us. One little boy had heard that cats are attracted by Valerian so we emptied a whole bottle under her window and all cats of the neighborhood came and meowed and fought making a terrible noise. Don't ask me from whom he had got the bottle.

We also loved to ring on all doorbells usually there were 6 or 8 and ran away.

At school it was not better. I didn't like my English teacher and had the good idea to put the school skeleton in her closet where she used to hang up her coat. What fun we had when she opened the door and the skeleton fell in her arms and she screamed !

I have to say that in the 50th adults were not very children friendly and we took our revenge !

The innocent girl

Jenny Matlock
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17 Feb 2015


I visited this museum which I had never seen when my son and grandson were on visit. 

Between 1889 and 1891, the museum moved into a former convent. The building quickly became too narrow, and the director at the time asked the architect Charles-Émile Janlet the construction of a new south wing. The works began in 1898 and ended in October 1905.

In 1950, several modern buildings were added to accommodate new exhibition halls and reserves, as well as premises for the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences. Today it is the biggest museum of this kind after London and Paris.

Read and see dinosaur skeletons here

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16 Feb 2015


Over the weekend we had the visit of our son and grandson Toby now 4 years old.

When they arrived Toby was so tired that he was asleep and didn't even wake up. His dad put him to bed right away. But the next morning he was in full shape again and rediscovered his toys which I keep for him at home. Cat Arthur of course had to play too !

His Nonno (grandpa) had bought him a Playmobile and the 3 generations tried to put the motor cycles together.

In the afternoon we went to the Museum of Science in Brussels. What a great place and so very well adapted for little children too. Toby was not so much impressed by the huge dinosaurs skeletons, but more in the virtual version.

He wrote his name and played with a dinosaur which imitated his movements. That was really funny, because once he stood up he roared, Toby found this very funny and we had some difficulties to draw him away !

But then he discovered other educative games and a sandbox where you could dig to find bones !
I enjoyed this museum very much and have to go back there to see everything more in details and not just the part interesting for little kids.

In the evening the men nibbled at least 40 Grisinis watching Tom and Jerry !

On Sunday morning we made a little walk through the Waterloo market, the sun was shining, we were lucky.

After lunch they returned home to Amsterdam, and we fell on our sofas recuperating, to find our way back into our little "still life" as retirees !