16 Feb 2015


Over the weekend we had the visit of our son and grandson Toby now 4 years old.

When they arrived Toby was so tired that he was asleep and didn't even wake up. His dad put him to bed right away. But the next morning he was in full shape again and rediscovered his toys which I keep for him at home. Cat Arthur of course had to play too !

His Nonno (grandpa) had bought him a Playmobile and the 3 generations tried to put the motor cycles together.

In the afternoon we went to the Museum of Science in Brussels. What a great place and so very well adapted for little children too. Toby was not so much impressed by the huge dinosaurs skeletons, but more in the virtual version.

He wrote his name and played with a dinosaur which imitated his movements. That was really funny, because once he stood up he roared, Toby found this very funny and we had some difficulties to draw him away !

But then he discovered other educative games and a sandbox where you could dig to find bones !
I enjoyed this museum very much and have to go back there to see everything more in details and not just the part interesting for little kids.

In the evening the men nibbled at least 40 Grisinis watching Tom and Jerry !

On Sunday morning we made a little walk through the Waterloo market, the sun was shining, we were lucky.

After lunch they returned home to Amsterdam, and we fell on our sofas recuperating, to find our way back into our little "still life" as retirees !


  1. Your son looks like his father. Aren't museums so good now for children. Yes, children make you tired but it so good to see how energetic they can be when they are fresh.

  2. These times are precious and your grandson is beautiful.

    Have a lovely week!

  3. Nice to see three generations of men liking to do the same things lol
    My one son liked trans formers and ended up with computers as a career and the other one just liked balls and books.
    He was the cheapest to buy for but he compensated for that with soccer bills. Today he still plays soccer and studies business.

  4. There is a dinosaur show coming up in our arena. They came for a advert in my school, very smart, get the kids interested, and parents have to fork out the money.

  5. The men / boys are having such a good time. That's about the right length for a visit isn't it!

  6. Why do all little boys love dinosaurs so much? Mine went from dinosaurs to trucks to planes and now it's war tanks.

  7. With Arthur's help I'm sure that toy was put together in no time at all.


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