21 May 2021


In fact I could continue the post from last week, because there are not many differences. 

On Monday I did my shopping and returned quickly home as there was a strong wind and rain ! Since May began, it's a lousy weather ! 

We were four for our scrabble and I drove the girls to Nivelles where Chantal lives it's about 16 km away. It was a very nice afternoon. 

It did me real good because Mr. G's condition was even worse than the day before. The next day I called the doctor and asked her what was going on. Of course she also had  noticed that his state had worsened and that she had changed the dosage and now he has to get used to it. 

I had noticed that my view became worse and worse and had an appointment with the ophthalmologist right around the corner. To check my eyes it took her 2 h ! Just put drops in, wait, put me in front of her machine and looked deeply into my eyes, put again drops in and again I had to wait, but in between she did the same with two other patients.

She jumped like a flea from one to the other and then called me in again to take pictures of the inside of my eyes. When that was finished she started to give me an university course, but I stopped her immediately I didn't want to become an ophtamologue I only wanted to know if I needed glasses and that my eyes are healthy and no macula in view ! I think she was a bit disappointed that I didn't wanted to know more, but for me it was greek with all the latin words although I had had some latin at school !

I hurried home just in time for the two guys to open the door for the yearly check up of our heating. When they were gone I went to my optician to choose glasses. Gosh ! the glasses were so expensive  apparently I have complicated eyes, but still I never thought I had to pay 700 € ! But I was lucky there was a promotion and I got two pairs, one sunglasses and a normal one !

My cat Rosie had an infection at the end of her tail and had lost the hairs around. I had to buy a new carrier because I couldn't find the old one, which had probably disappeared during the move.

I found a real nice one like a travel bag, not heavy at all. I put it on the floor so that Rosie could check it, and to my surprise she approved and after having sniffed around all corners she went inside and settled down !


So the next day I left the bag on the floor and when it was time to go to the vet, she was already sleeping inside ! I just had to close the zippers ! She said nothing in the lift but started meowing softly the whole way long, fortunately it was now closer to our apartment then to our house.

I was relieved that she had nothing special just a little irritation and she gave me a cream to put it on Rosie's botty ! If she lets me !! The way back went smooth and without problems, and now the carrier stands still there because from time to time she does her lockdown nap in there.

And another week went by, although the hairdressers and all shops are open and even the terraces of the restaurants, the streets seem empty and unfortunately with this awful weather it's really impossible to sit outside ! Not good for restaurants and bars ! 

Rosie just woke up for a minute !



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20 May 2021


1. Realist, idealist, optimist, pessimist...which one are you? Elaborate. 


Except pessimist I think I am an optimist, with me the glass is always half full and not half empty ! But at the same time I am very realistic too it's not easy to tell me fairy tales I don't believe anything.

When it comes to beautiful landscapes, sunrises or sunsets, animals and nature in general I can also be very romantic. 

2. What's something currently on your wish list?

There is something very important to me and the only thing on my wishlist. i hope that Mr. G. improves his health and that his Parkinson gets better, so  that he can come out of hospital and be home. 

3. Three things on this week's shopping list? 

If it comes to food I always have the same shopping list that is amongst ready to warm  up plates, cheese, appels and for the moment blueberries. Fruits change. I love to eat blueberries with a bit of whipped cream as desert in front of the television. 

4. According to Trip Advisor here's a list of the top ten things to do in the US this summer- Chicago Architecture River Cruise, Skip the Line Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour, New York In A Day guided sightseeing tour, Charleston's Old South Historic Horse and Carriage tour, Grand Canyon helicopter tour, Full day iconic sights of LA, Beverly Hills, Beaches and more, D.C. at Dusk guided night tour, Beneath the Streets Underground History tour (Seattle), New Orleans Swamp and Bayou Boat tour, Gangsters and Ghosts tour in Chicago...read more about each excursion in the link here. Of the ten attractions listed which do you find most appealing? Have you already experienced anything on this list? 

I have to admit that I have done already most of the above listed tours ! We have done the Architecture River Cruise and also the "Al Capone"bus tour (I don't know if this still exist) I am talking here from the mid 80 til mid 90 when my aunt still lived. 

Of course we have seen the Grand Canyon but not in a helicopter tour, that didn't exist at that time. Charleston we missed. In Los Angeles we have seen what has to be seen. Unfortunately the mansions of the famous people we couldn't see, they were hidden by high walls and trees but the bus driver told us  who lived there. When we had seen enough, also the walk of fame, we were hungry and stepped into the first restaurant we found. People starred at us as if we were three ETs ! I found that a little strange.

More strange was even the fact that I thought to recognize a few people, but I didn't know anybody in Los Angeles. And then suddenly I understoos we had landed in a Restaurant where actors of TV series spent their time ! Don't ask me their names 


I only remember one, Don Johnson from Miami Vice with his friends or collegues ! Suddenly we felt like chicken amongst swans, I tried to recognize somebody else but couldn't put a name on them.. We definitively were not in the right place ! It was really a funny coincidence

5. Besides home and work where do you spend the most time? 

As I am retired I don't spend any time at work of course and have to spend it at home unless I sit in the rain on a bench in a park and play homeless. Most of my time I spent on my computer where I always have work to do for my photos, or I watch TV or I watch the gardeners working next door in a huge garden and am happy that I have no garden anymore !

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I often think that I have lost already one year of my life and at my age each year is precious ! So I want my life back before I become an old bitter naughty old woman ! It is great time that our lockdown ends, people are getting crazy, slowly but certainly !


Crowds without masks !!!

And open restaurants ! That would be enough for the beginning !



19 May 2021


little statues in a luxurious shopping Gallery in Brussels



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18 May 2021


The year 2021 will be an historical year because the first vaccinations against the Coronavirus started ! This year will be mentioned in all history books, encyclopedias, and without any doubt in Wikipedia !

Our great grandkids will be proud to have had their great grandparents in their schoolbooks !

I got my convocation and had to go to the next little town which is almost part of Waterloo, because you don't know where Braine l'Alleud (abreviation BLA) starts and Waterloo ends.

The vaccination center was in the huge sport center of BLA

The entrance where normally many people should line up for their vaccin, there were only three or four  !
when I arrived there was nody

More then enough parking space

a very big hall with seats always at 1.50 m distance

Nobody there

approaching when I heard my name, I saw two girls
after the vaccin I got a card to prove that I had the first Pfizer vaccin the second will be in a month

and when I came out I even had a nice view on the Waterloo Lion.

A lot of people are still reluctant to get the vaccin because it is so new and in their mind hasn't been tested long enough.

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17 May 2021


Under cover


I don't know if Rosie agrees to dog pictures on my post, but sometimes we need a change. 

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As usual it rained on Saturday and it was cold. Nobody was really keen to sit on a terrace and catch a cold only because now it was allowed. I finally gave me a kick somwhere and cleaned Mr. G.'s computer. 

All the emails, mostly from Facebook and publicity which he never reads I blocked which saves as lot of space. Fortunately I didn't find anything important I had asked all important institutions to send the mails to my address. 

Maria meanwhile cleaned the apartment from top to bottom or rather the whole length and width. Then I went shopping my fridge was empty and had to be filled in. When I called Mr. G I was shocked, he could hardly speak and didn't feel good. He also couldn't do his gymnastic. 

Of course on a Saturday there was no Doctor but I called the nurses to know if they had changed anything in his medication. She told me they had only done a blood test and not changed anything. She said that it could happen with Parkinson disease and I should wait until they have the results and be patient. Unfortunately, patience is not one of my qualities. Then I was exhausted and spent the rest of the day on the phone and TV. 

Sometimes I have the impression that I have to fight for everything when it comes to administration. But I think that's in the whole world the same. 

On Sunday it was cold again. I packed clean laundry and wafels for Mr. G. and after lunch I drove to the clinic. I didn't have a good feeling, normally he always stands at the window and waves when he can see me. This time there was nobody standing in the window. 

He also was not greeting me outside his room walking, he lay on his bed and when he saw me he tried to get up. I feared he would fall and told him to stay. I tidied up his room a bit because he had knocked over a bottle of water and all things on the table were wet. 

We didn't have a great conversation because he couldn't find the words and despite all efforts I made it was impossible to understand him. He got angry each time he couldn't find a word. I think he was aware of his problem. I had hoped he could come home this week but in this state it is impossible. 

But life continues and I am thankful that I have such nice friends. My new neighbor will certainly help me too. There I things which are to heavy to carry for me or to assemble, and little things like a parasol with foot.

Somebody once told me that you choose your friends but you inherit you family ! That's really true. 

For the moment at least I have company of  Rosie, who comforts me.

16 May 2021


We have an Indian shop here in Waterloo and  they have beautiful things for sale. The benefice goes to orphanage in India.