7 Apr 2017


1. Again a week flew by so quickly that I have the impression that yesterday was Monday. Over our Scrabble this time lay the shadow of Charlie's death. Although Mireille has also a big dog called Tosca, she didn't have this cute round face and the big brown eyes like Charlie. But she is a very friendly dog and loved our company.

I couldn't take a picture of her face, because each time I tried, she ran towards me and the only picture I got was her nose !

2. I still suffer from a terrible lack of energy and am tired. I thought maybe another head would do me good, and went to the hairdresser. I asked to just cut what had grown half a cm, but when I saw my head at the end I thought her cm must be bigger than mine.

Each time I look in the mirror I think it is another person, but hairs grow.

3. My friend and neighbor  since 42 years, was in a terrible state she had lost her little dog because he was very old and just couldn't make it anymore. I hope there will be no other animals dying around me !

4. The house just besides ours where Dominique lived before her marriage is now for rent. I saw it on a poster. For 15 years we had shared our lives, went on travels spent New Years together and she was part of the family, since her marriage in September I saw her once, where she excused herself that she had never called and then she invited me for lunch the following week. This had been just after New Year and ever since I haven't heard of her. The last week she was here with her new husband to paint some rooms, but she didn't even come over to say hello. We didn't move either. Nobody understands her behaviour, not even her children.

We had no painting class because of school holidays, and as the weather was cool and grey, 3 of our group of 5 decided to play Scrabble.

This time my Pookie and Arthur stayed with us, as Charlie wasn't there anymore. They were no problems between them, but maybe the cats didn't like his dog perfume. As usual Mireille who is half blind won and I for once had a good score, had never had so many points ! We had a chatty afternoon with a good apple cake. Mr. G. came later and tried to put his nose in our game, but we chased him away ! Poor man.

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5 Apr 2017


Hot pants

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1. April is Lawn and Garden Month. On a scale of 1-10 what's the current state of your lawn and/or garden. (10=a showpiece, 1=send in the professionals). Tell us about any lawn or garden plans you have for this month.

As we have a lawn mower robot, the lawn is nearly perfect. The only plan I have for the garden is, that it becomes warm enough to sit in !

2. "Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there."~Thomas Fuller What does this quote mean to you?

I only think about the weeds in our garden and that somebody has to take them out. If possible not me !

3. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about God?

Unfortunately, attacks, terror, wars, all in the name of God

4. If we were chatting in person, how would I know if you were nervous?
I won't be nervous so it is normal that you can't see anything !

5. Do you like the color yellow? Would I find any in your home or wardrobe? Daffodils, tulips, roses, sunflowers, day lily, black eyed susan...which yellow bloom on this list is your favorite?

I like yellow, but only warm yellows, not lemon yellow. My favourite bloom in this list is the sunflower, I love it ! 

6. Flip flops or bare feet?

Mostly flip flops because of the gravel, I would prefer bare feet

7. Tell us about any Easter plans, celebrations, or traditions you'll carry out this month.

We will go to Amsterdam to celebrate with our Grandson and watch him searching for eggs and little gifts. There will be Easter bunnies and eggs and a whole Easter decoration. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I think about my shopping list and that I have to go to the hairdresser ! 

4 Apr 2017


Around the Hougoumont farm where Napoleon lost the Waterloo battle against Napoleon, during this weekend an old village was built. Of course not in stone but in white tents ! Over a hundred fans of the battle, wore the historical civil clothes of 1815 to share with the public their passion. For the first time, I haven't seen a single soldier but all kind of civil costumes of the battle time ! 

There were many craftsmen : basket maker, tailors, stonecutters, blacksmith, knife maker etc and also corset makers, lace maker, and cooks

I missed the storyteller, singers, dancers and musicians because it was just lunch time, but I saw bowling and cricket games.

They were all sitting around and enjoyed the meal from this time. As I didn't want to look to close into their plates, I saw that it was mostly roasted chicken, sausages and ham and potatoes.

The "restroom" was just behind the tables

The first tourists arrived, Dutch and English and a few Germans

The ladies in their costumes. Here you can see that it is only a reconstitution because the man had cleared the table and carried the plates to be washed. At that time a man would never had done this !

It was a very cheerful atmosphere

There were also 3 horses and from time to time somebody rode them around

the blacksmith at work

from a few cords by turning a thick rope was made

Inside the courtyard of the Hougoumont farm, your can see the chapel which had burnt during the battle.

hot pants

All you can eat


and the memorial for the British soldiers who fought here under Wellington. The memorial was inaugurated by Prince Charles during the bicentenary of the battle in 2015.

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3 Apr 2017


On Saturday it rained and this reflected exactly my mood ! I just did some shopping and then met Nicole to have a coffee together before returning home. It's very hard for her to stay home because she sees Charlie in every corner. The whole week I had a terrible lack of energy.

Sunday was a tourist attraction at the Hougomont farm a whole village of 1815 was built around the farm.

There were many tourists from all countries who walked around and as it was just lunch time they could see what was eaten at that time ! For drinking there was no problem it had always been beer apparently !

Then I went to Nicole who had her daughter and granddaughter there to keep her company. It was the first time that I was in her flat after Charlie's dead. It was so strange, not to hear him barking when I rang the bell, the apartment looked empty ! We sat on the terrace, it was beautiful sunshine.

One of the last pictures of Charlie.