2 Jan 2010


The last 3 years we had celebrated New Year's Eve only the two of us sitting or laying like a roman emperior (Mr. G.) in front of the TV with all kind of special food you won't eat every day. The 5 cats where distributed on all available beds or chairs in the house and from time to time one checked what we were doing. But we did nothing but watching TV. At midnight we went outside, looking at fireworks of the neighbours, raised a glass of champagne and with the best New Year wishes went to bed. After 37 years of all kind of New Year's celebrations, I was quite happy with that.

But not this year (2009) I couldn't cope with the idea of sitting in front of a screen the whole evening like a one century old lady. I needed something special. Fortunately I have my friend Ilona who is always ready to share some adventures with me as Mr. G. became a couch potatoe in the last years.

My plan was, sharing a nice supper with Mr. G (motto : love goes through the stomac) watch a movie with him, then kiss him good night with the promise I won't call at midnight and wake him up, and then go with Ilona to the Casino of Brussels before watching the firework at midnigtht. And that I have done ! and had a great New Year's Eve.

After turning around in Brussels to find a parking place I finally found one where it was not allowed to park, but I didn't care I thought I would win the amount of the fine when I play ! Ilona was a little doubtful about that, but at the end, my car was still sitting there without fine.

I had seen the Casino from outside but had never been in there.
We entered and discovered a new world. I had already been in casinos (also in Las Vegas) but some rules were new in Belgium, now you have to register and you get a member card. Before you only had to prove that you were over 21. This prove was very easy, even the doorman believed us.

A friendly young woman took our identity card, scanned it and then took a picture of me on which I had 3 double chins and looked like a caricature. Ilona too. We laughed and laughed about the result and found it better then any photoshopped picture of us. The young lady was slightly surprised that two joyful oldies knew apparently something about computers. And then we entered the huge gambling hall. It looked beautiful in its New Year's decoration and the slot machines were shining. There also were poker tables, baccarat, black Jack and of course roulette ! that's what I like. Unfortunately it was English roulette and not the one I was used too, but as usual without thinking I played before knowing the slightly different rules and lost the 20 € I intended to spend. What a pity, I had hoped to win as always and come out with a little benefit. That will be for next time.

The croupier was a young woman who looked like a 16 years old teen and obviously had just left school. I had such a fun by observing her "dancing" at the table, rubbing her hands each time before she took the chips, checking with a scanner the money we had to throw on the table. Then she put the little ball in the roulette, turned, spread her arms and like a priest and consecrated the table telling us "rien ne va plus".

There were lots of people, and to my surprise a lot of women in their 3rd youth. Some of them were here obviously for fun like us, but some others sat at the slot machines with bitter faces and looked fearful at the rolling pictures. A man sat there too with a bundle of 100 € bills in his hand and fed the machine. Above us was a balcony all around the room, and in the restaurant was a New Year celebration with a show and a singer and couples who danced. They had a very nice overview on all the gamblers.

We bought a drink and walked around enjoying this special athmosphere. Looking at some men and women who obviously were real gamblers I thought it must be awful if you are game addicted and there was no fun anymore. Just the need to win.

10 minutes before midnight we went out on the streets, joining the crowd and waited for the firework to come.

Of course it is not allowed to take pictures or film in the casino because of the risk of blackmailing, (you could blackmail the man or woman who plays here secretely) but I found this little video, just to show you the athmosphere.

Proud owner of a new "gold" card

Casino de Bruxelles

Maurice Less | MySpace Vidéo

1 Jan 2010


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My first post this year ! It's strange to write 2010 for 9 years we had to write two zeros and now only one !

I will show you some of the Christmas presents I have got

This was the living room before the gift battle started ! We celebrated in Malmedy (Belgian Ardennes) in an old farmhouse.

and then the unwrapping

Of course I got cats ! The little black one bends in all directions. The beautiful handpainted vase was originally a toilet water sprayer, but I took of the top and put a rose in as I don't use any eau de toilet. It looks very pretty in my room.

The cat face is to put on your luggage with your home adress ! that really came on purpose. I also got this beautiful plate with the two cats sleeping in a ying yang position.

My ears will shine now with these earrings, one in coral and the other with turquoise and zircons. A brooch and a special real rose which doesn't need any water ! Strange, I will see. So far it still looks very fresh.

and here is the battle field after we all had unwrapped our gifts. Dog Jersey is exhausted !

but there are still sweets to eat and wine to drink !


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us31 morning

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us 31 night

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us1st January morning

I got this per email this morning ! I hope it's not your case today !

31 Dec 2009


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This year I make an exception and make resolutions for 2010. I never had made resolutions, because I don't keep them anyway, but these once are special

My 13 resolutions for 2010

1. I will always replace the gas nozzle before driving away from the pump. Happened twice to me and I was wondering why people waved at me like they were escaped from a madhouse

2. I will always take toilet paper with me, sometimes it's missing in public toilets. I wonder if people take the roll with them due to the actual economical crisis.

3. I will avoid to talk about global warming, because it snows now in winter and it is warm in summer. (what we didn't have before global warming)

4. I will not stop smoking my 10-12 cigarettes per day, even if the whole world is concerned about my health

5. I will always appreciate emails like "VIAGRA Best Supplier for Gattina's personal 80 % off" ! (Please jump on this opportunity)

6. I will accept with pleasure the offer to put a total of " US $ 5million through diplomatic means" in my bank account from a caring Mr Mallam Alhad 32 Rue Avenue du Independence Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (please note that it is either Rue or Av. de l'Indépendance, poor guy has money but can't write correctly) BTW do you kow Ouagadougou ?? Maybe it's a nice place to live !

7. I will make 1000 $ cash per day as proposed by Mr. Brian F. di Caprio (brother of the other ???) Founder of CB-United 206-245-2603 (Cell) (he didn't explain how, but that's just a detail)

8. I will accept to make $75 - $250 every single day just by clicking on my mouse ! (I click and click)

9. I will accept to earn $10 - $50 per movie trailer that I preview - and up to $ 50per week for driving your car! (do you have insurance ?)

10. I will accept the 3 weeks Bahama cruise all included I won, without playing

11. I will accept the 1000 $ Wallmart gift card, the only trouble is Walmart hasn't implanted itself in Europe yet. Poor Walmart has to wait until I get to the States

12. I will accept the 1 million £ I won in the British Lottery without playing, miracles happen !

13. So I decided that from all this, my only New Year resolution is: 1200 by 400 pixels!

A big THANK YOU to a certain Mr. リア友 who honors my post with doubtful dirty comments in chinese, which I unfortunately don't understand. Sorry Mr. リア友 you should choose posts in chinese and make chinese speaking girls happy !

PS. If you need money just write ! I have more then enough now !

to all of you

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

30 Dec 2009


cosy antique dental chair for your living room

to all of you !

28 Dec 2009

FUN MONDAY - Christmas tree decoration

I am your host today. As Christmas is just behind us, and New Year ahead, I thought I make it short and easy, and here is my proposition :

Take a picture of one Christmas ornament which you love the most, explain why, and if you don't have any explanations it's also OK. For those who haven't celebrated Christmas, just take a picture of something else you love as decoration.

If you are not at home, just show us the ornament or decoration you like the most at your hosts place.

We didn't spend Christmas at home and therefore had a real little Christmas tree for which I had to buy also little ornaments. The once I had were far too big.

our mini tree

and one of these little angels, which I found so cute. They are together with golden lttle balls and hearts

and the big Christmas tree our son had put up at his inlaws place where we celebrated all together

and there I loved the most the illuminated icicles.

The host for next week January 4 is Mariposa who kindly will devote herself again !

27 Dec 2009


I am your host for Monday Dec 28. As Christmas is just behind us, and New Year ahead, I thought I make it short and easy.

Just take a picture of one Christmas ornament which you love the most, explain why, and if you don't have any explanations it's also OK. For those who haven't celebrated Christmas, just take a picture of something else you love as decoration.

If you are not at home, just show us the ornament or decoration you like the most at your hosts place.


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Our Christmas tree not at home but with our son and family in the Belgian Ardennes

the dog he "babysitted" while his owner was on Christmas holidays,

In this very old farmhouse which dates from 18 hundred something, there was still this old stove besides the central heating, and it made the room warm and cosy.

the traditional turkey

and we had a delicious meal which our son prepared, during the two days we stayed there. He is a hobby cook.