30 Aug 2019


No luck with Scrabble on Monday, it was hot and we were all a little lazy to think hard, I was not the last one but just before ! As we are all in our painting group, we made plans how to start the new school year. Our administrator, meanwhile 86 finally agreed to let her job done by somebody younger and we had chosen Myriam. She is good in organizing, accounting and all that stuff you need to lead a group. I was designed for the artistic side, publicity, photos and Facebook page. (Btw the Facebook page is called "GIBLOUX COULEURS" (in case you want to have a look)

It was very hot again according to the News the 3rd heat wave in Belgium, which apparently had never happened. Temperatures over 30°C. I adjusted to this weather thanks to Blogfriends living in hot countries.I take my cool car with air conditioning and go shopping ! The shops all have air condition. In the house I have a ventilator, so I don't melt. Before I didn't go out because it was too hot, never thought about air conditioned shopping ! I had to buy colors for my pouring paintings and other things I needed for that.

The next day I went to Myriam to prepare the texts for the advertising in the local Newspaper and also invitation cards for our exhibition. I had prepared some drafts and we added the text. She gave it all to the responsible person in the city hall, and now I have to contact the President for cultural events. I need money for printing the posters and the invitation cards !
I had met him once last year and he had told me that if ever I needed something to contact him, and that of course I haven't forgotten.

As you can see below, we had a lot of fun with our pouring ! 

In the first row the canvas are still white and everybody is tossing and tossing each color together with glue in a separate cup and when it is well mixed we pour it on the canvas. The results are amazing ! I had an accident I wanted to spread the colors with aerosol spray and the spray came out so strong that my master piece became dark grey and on top of it drops went all over to my classmates and their paintings ! Fortunately it didn't do major damages, and in the second row you can see my modern artwork, which looks like a cow pat. In the middle is the started of the next painting I swear it is no blood, nobody was murdered.

After having cleaned the mess, we went to our "All you can eat" Chinese restaurant, we were all hungry !

Here is the amazing result of my painting from last week ! It had also looked more then strange.

We got a letter from the mayor inviting us for a celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary in the city hall's wedding room ! We have to arrive with family (very reduced in our case) and there will be drinks and snacks and gifts ! It will be on November 16 ! Toby (grandson) has his birthday the 17th so we can celebrate together !

Arthur demonstrates how we feel in the heat, except that I don't lay on the tiles but on the sofa !

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29 Aug 2019


This weeks "one liner Wednesday" was very complicated for me, an European Lady, to understand.

First I had never heard of a game called "My tribe" and as always when I don't know something I googled. Goggle told me that it is a game and gave me lots of Websites with the game to play on line or to download. But I wanted to know what it was !

The one Liner Wednesday meme was called "WTF Melani". What the heck was WTF ?? Again Google helped me:

It was a song, with a very romantic text :

Are you upset
You think that you cool
But you ain't got a crown
Be watchin' and learning 'cause I show you how
Looking at me like you want my man
What the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck

I was shocked ! After all I should be a lady and a lady doesn't say these words. But according to  Wiktionary and dictionaries all said the same.

Therefore I say WTF should I write about a game I never heard of ?? And I still do not know what it is  ! I gave up to look for game descriptions ! Anyway I don't like playing games !

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28 Aug 2019


Ruin bars in Budapest !  Instead of demolishing the dilapidated pre-war buildings, Budapesters had the nice idea to transform them into very special bars !

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27 Aug 2019


When I met Blogfriend Claire in Brussels she  took me to the "Old England" building. The Old England department store was a large retailer in downtown Brussels, Belgium, partially housed in a famous, important Art Nouveau building constructed by the Belgian architect Paul Saintenoy in 1898–99.

Today the building contains the groundbreaking MIM music museum, a celebration of music in all its forms, as well as a repository for more than 2000 historic instruments.

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26 Aug 2019



Sheena waiting for some treats



This weekend started very hot, so hot that I didn't feel like going out and put up my "office" on the terrace again. It was the opposite from last weekend when it was so rainy and cold.

If last weekend I couldn't go out because of the rain, this weekend it was too hot ! We had over 30°C

I sat on the terrace and worked from there, under the survey of cat Arthur who is always happy when I sit outside. At 4 pm I was fed up to work on my computer, I had also to create posters for our painting Exhibition and made 4 projects.

I  made the posters with the pictures using "Word's" but Blogger refused to show the finished poster. Now my classmates have to choose which one they want to have printed.

Nicole was also home for the same reason then I, so I took my air conditioned car and drove over to her. I should have stayed in the car for the rest of the day, because it was so hot on her terrace,  that we had to sit inside.

Her cat Isis listened to what we were discussing.

On Sunday it was the same, and I thought to go in the morning to the market, when it was not so hot. I didn't need anything special, it was just for a little walk and look what was for sale. I came back with a dress, which looked like a nice nightgown, and I just needed one, and two leggings already for cooler times. 

There is quite a lot of choice and really nice things.

Then I did what most of the people do after their shopping on the market, I sat outside this Pub together with the others and we all chatted together.

That's nice use, they are all having a beer or a glass of wine and are then ready to go home for lunch. I did the same.