30 Aug 2019


No luck with Scrabble on Monday, it was hot and we were all a little lazy to think hard, I was not the last one but just before ! As we are all in our painting group, we made plans how to start the new school year. Our administrator, meanwhile 86 finally agreed to let her job done by somebody younger and we had chosen Myriam. She is good in organizing, accounting and all that stuff you need to lead a group. I was designed for the artistic side, publicity, photos and Facebook page. (Btw the Facebook page is called "GIBLOUX COULEURS" (in case you want to have a look)

It was very hot again according to the News the 3rd heat wave in Belgium, which apparently had never happened. Temperatures over 30°C. I adjusted to this weather thanks to Blogfriends living in hot countries.I take my cool car with air conditioning and go shopping ! The shops all have air condition. In the house I have a ventilator, so I don't melt. Before I didn't go out because it was too hot, never thought about air conditioned shopping ! I had to buy colors for my pouring paintings and other things I needed for that.

The next day I went to Myriam to prepare the texts for the advertising in the local Newspaper and also invitation cards for our exhibition. I had prepared some drafts and we added the text. She gave it all to the responsible person in the city hall, and now I have to contact the President for cultural events. I need money for printing the posters and the invitation cards !
I had met him once last year and he had told me that if ever I needed something to contact him, and that of course I haven't forgotten.

As you can see below, we had a lot of fun with our pouring ! 

In the first row the canvas are still white and everybody is tossing and tossing each color together with glue in a separate cup and when it is well mixed we pour it on the canvas. The results are amazing ! I had an accident I wanted to spread the colors with aerosol spray and the spray came out so strong that my master piece became dark grey and on top of it drops went all over to my classmates and their paintings ! Fortunately it didn't do major damages, and in the second row you can see my modern artwork, which looks like a cow pat. In the middle is the started of the next painting I swear it is no blood, nobody was murdered.

After having cleaned the mess, we went to our "All you can eat" Chinese restaurant, we were all hungry !

Here is the amazing result of my painting from last week ! It had also looked more then strange.

We got a letter from the mayor inviting us for a celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary in the city hall's wedding room ! We have to arrive with family (very reduced in our case) and there will be drinks and snacks and gifts ! It will be on November 16 ! Toby (grandson) has his birthday the 17th so we can celebrate together !

Arthur demonstrates how we feel in the heat, except that I don't lay on the tiles but on the sofa !

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


Andrew said...

The town hall celebration of your wedding anniversary is rather nice. What is your home ventilator?

Tamago said...

I'm glad the spray accident didn't cause a major damage. And that nobody was murdered :-D
It's wonderful you are invited by mayor for your 50th wedding anniversary! It will be very special for sure!

DUTA said...

'pouring painting' - that's the kind of art I can be good at:)
I'm impressed by the invitation to celebrate your wedding anniversary at the Townhall! Go ahead and enjoy!

William Kendall said...

Arthur has the right idea!

Barbara Harper said...

I'm glad you've found some ways to beat the heat. What a nice thing, to celebrate your anniversary at the city hall!

diane b said...

Thats so nice of the mayor to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary. Nothing like that happened for us. I like your abstract painting. It must be fun all going for lunch after painting class. Yes visiting shopping centres and going to the movies is a good idea when it is hot if you don't have air conditioning.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

How fun that your town does that celebration for Goldens. It’s hard to get excited about anything requiring brain power when it is so hot! .... painting class and doing all you’re doing for publicity is going to keep you a busy lady!

Willow said...

What a pleasant thing to be invited by the city mayor. Fifty years of marriage is a milestone, for sure!
It's obvious that you have fun with your painting group! And your Scrabble group.

Wendy said...

I can't imagine our mayor inviting people to celebrate their wedding anniversaries so lucky you. It's definitely a milestone to celebrate. Yes going somewhere that is air conditioned in the heat is a good idea. The cinema is another option.