14 Jan 2017


Today's prompt : Hospital

One morning years ago the phone was ringing. On the other end of the line I heard somebody whisper with a very weak voice, and I heard "Can you come, help me please", suddenly I recognized the voice of my best friend Jeanine. I didn't ask anything, because we knew each other so well, no words were needed. I quickly dressed with whatever I just found, jumped in my car, opened the front door of her house with my spare key and found her laying half on the sofa and half on the floor, the telephone besides her.

I knew that she had chronically asthma and sometimes terrible attacks where her spray was not sufficient.I don't remember how I managed to carry her to my car and put her on the seat. In emergency situations you develop special strength. I drove as quickly as I could to the emergency service of our hospital. I managed to get a stretcher and she was pushed into a little room with a curtain and one seat for me and a nurse told me the doctor would come immediately.

My friend's face looked worse and worse and I could see her efforts to breath, I kept my eyes on my watch and realized that "immediately" was apparently a word you could stretch for hours. After 10 min I had enough. I went outside looking for a doctor or at least somebody who would take care of her. Nobody was visible. Suddenly I heard laughter and followed the noise and there they were all, the doctors and nurses, drinking their coffee, while my friend fought for her life. I saw red like a bull, stormed in the room and asked if somebody could come after all this was not a café but an emergency service. An angry nurse throw me out and said the doctor would come "immediately" yes I said, I know this word. The nurse went away and I sat down and suddenly I had an idea. I saw the sign "non smoking" looked in my purse and took out a cigarette which I lightened and blow the smoke out the little cabin as far as I could. Not one min later they all came in a hurry shouting and screaming that smoking was not allowed. Now I had them all the doctors and the nurses and other personal. Yes I said, I know but this is the only mean I found to get your attention, and as you can see my friend really needs help.

And then I got what I wanted thanks to a cigarette. One nurse threw the cigarette away and the doctor came and ordered to bring my friend for medical examination.

I waited outside for the results and then the doctor finally arrived and told me that it had been about time to bring her to the hospital I That was the summit ! I told him to watch the ER series on TV where he could see that everybody was running around and safe lives, while here they make coffee breaks and let people die and I had to lit a cigarette to get some attention ! In fact I told him smoking doesn't kill, but saves lives. The doctor had humour, he laughed and told me that now I shouldn't worry anymore about my friend and that he would watch the ER series, with a twinkle in his eyes. 

Conclusion, if you need attention in a hospital just light a cigarette, even if you are not smoking !

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13 Jan 2017


1. School holidays are finally over, and we got back to normal life ! It started with the decision that I would swap my Monday's aqua gym classes to Wednesday's because I had realized that sometimes I want to have a long weekend. I had missed 3 courses, which I had to catch up and I started with a recuperation on Monday. It was nice to see all the girls again and they regretted that I wouldn't come anymore on Mondays, but with two of them I will keep in touch anyway.


The weather is so awful that lots of people have a cold. It's very humid and I don't know anymore how a blue sky looks like. For once I really have no feel like going out, even my weekly shopping at Picard* which is 5 min by car away was too much. Anyway I have quite a lot to do with my blogs and pictures because a new year has started.

3. I had to go to the groomer with cat Kim, she was again full of knots and she doesn't allow us to brush her.

She meowed just a bit in the car, but then was behaving like an angel and didn't even move when her groomer answered the phone and took an appointment. Now she weighs certainly half a kilo less, with all the hairs which had come out. We returned quickly home out of the humid grey weather.

4.  Nicole had invited our painting teacher and another girl from our painting course for coffee and cake.Of course we had a lot to talk and the afternoon went by very quickly !

I just had put on my coat when the phone rang, it was Mr. G and he asked if I had forgotten to come home, we laughed because everybody knew that he is hungry at 7 pm sharp ! Just like dog Charlie and our cats. At 7 pm I was home and we had supper together, as usual !

After supper we watched the News and an Inspector Barnaby and then I went to bed. The last picture I saw before I switched off the light, was Arthur already sleeping deeply !

5. My painting class has also started again, we were not very many because some were still on holidays and others were ill. We couldn't paint very long, because the room was needed for an official meeting. At 11 we went home;

My 18 year old Pookie doesn't go out anymore so her claws became too long, I don't dare to cut them myself therefore I go to Kim's groomer who does it in 5 min. Now as Pookie is deaf, she loves to sit in the car and look out of the window.

She really enjoys the ride, and I wonder if I don't have to drive her around a bit, so that she can see a little more then our street and garden. There were two small dogs in the room,  when Pookie got her claws cut, the dogs barked and pulled at the leashes, but Pookie looked at them, I could bet she smiled, and didn't even move !

The rest of the day we spend inside, the weatherman has announced a storm and snow, for the moment it's only windy ! I hope he will be wrong as usual. On top, all 4 cats haven't washed behind their ears, which is a sign for forthcoming rain ! 

*Picard Surgelés is a French food company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of frozen products. These products are sold exclusively with the Picard brand.

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11 Jan 2017

10 Jan 2017


Since 1993 Brussels has decided to paint walls in homage to cartoon heroes. A comic strip runs from one wall fresco to another in the city. An opportunity to discover these cartoonists and their characters.

You can get a map with the streets and the names of the artists.  I didn't make the whole tour, I just took pictures when I saw a wall painting.

and this is the map where the paintings are

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9 Jan 2017


This has been a lazy weekend in terms of moving, because it was so cold, wet and slippery outside that nobody went out when it wasn't absolutely necessary. I

After my morning Yoga exercises,  I looked out of the window and thought I don't have to get dressed, I'll stay in my jogging which is soft and warm.

what I saw was this, mist, a bit of snow and a grey sky. Very stimulating for going out !

So I decided to catch up on my computer work, which I had neglected, I was so busy to install my new little computer. With our language problems in Europe it took quite some time ! The computer was sold with a French keyboard, but I am used to the Belgian French keyboard, I didn't even know that there was a difference. The language is the same and the signs too, so why put them on different places ?  It is very annoying but why make it simple if you can do it the complicated way. The letters are on the same place but when it comes to signs there is a difference ! @ - _ & " are on different keys and it took me some time to find the @ for a email address !

Arthur listens patiently to my &#"@§% ladylike complaints

When I had filed my photos and  written my posts, I moved to the living room to work on my new little computer and to get used to the signs.

The view was not better ! Depressing !

the plants my son had offered to me when he came last week, started to bloom and they look beautiful.

On Sunday it was the same and I tried to change everything in my little computer into English because I don't know the special computer language in French ! A lot of words are kept in English but there are others which are translated in such a funny way that I shook my head in disbelief and had to laugh !

After supper we usually watch a movie together and I mostly have Rosie on my lap, but sometimes also Arthur, who is rather heavy !

They don't go out either they do a 24 h nap marathon, I wished I could do that too, but laundry and cooking has to be done !

I still found some Christmas ornaments which I put away, and the few Christmas cards we got, wandered in the bin, except this one, 

I took a picture, maybe it could be an idea for a painting;