12 Aug 2020














If ever you have to move one day for health reason don't wait too long. I managed to "create a "dressing room", which means that all our clothes are hanging in there, winter, summer, spring, etc everything mixed, just to get it out of the way and all things we didn't miss so far are still in boxes or suitcases. It's far too hot to move a finger we have close to 40 °, so I decided before  I die of a heat stroke, I prefer to hang out in front of our TV or my Compute and don't move,  after all, I stell have fall and winte ahead and nobody is forcing me to do anything, Mr. G. is just as lazy as I am. And cat Rosie anyway !!

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10 Aug 2020


Rosie in her new home 

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This weekend was a very hot one with temperatures up to 40° in some places ! It was just awful, you couldn't do anything or you would melt and only a few bones  and some hairs would lay on the sofa ! 

I did simply nothing except watching TV with curtains and windows closed in the middle of the summer sitting in the dark as if it would be freezing cold and raining ! 

Fortunately our new home is very well isolated with triple glass windows and I also have curtains to darken the room and keep cold and heat outside. So it wasn't too bad without airconditioning. At 3 pm I escaped to Myriam for a little chat, we didn't even go into her swimming pool it was simply too hot so we stayed inside and chatted !

In the evening I sat on the terrace where it was a bit cooler and listened to new sounds around me, the screems of joy of people in their swimming pools, laughter and barbecue smell. All what I didn't have in our house. From the 4th floor you see quite a lot !

On Sunday it was not better but this time I thought of my friends in countries where it is always or often very hot and that they had written on their posts that they had spent most of the day in a shopping center !  This gave me an idea ! 

With two other friends we met in the "Lunch Garden" the restaurant working with the Carrefour shop which is like all shops and shopping centers closed on Sundays. But the restaurant was open !  We stayed there for 3 hours sitting in the nice and cool coffee corner and had also an ice cream ! This saved our day !

Apparently the heat will last nearly the whole week and emptying cartons and suitcases and put the stuff in place after our move, can wait !!

With secretary Rosie on the terrace in the a bit cooler evening

and the staff of the Lunch Garden were also sitting and having a break. Besides them and we four there were nobody in the restaurant !!

7 Aug 2020


We started the week with our Scrabble, that's the only thing I never gave up during the whole moving procedure !

And as usual I lost ! But I have to say two were not there and I had to play against the best once but still we had our laughing session which I needed badly because I started to get more and more tired. That way I didn't organize furniture and cuttlery in my head but only letters.

The next day three men came to empty the house from top to bottom ! There was a lot !! When you have lived 45 years in the same house you find a lot of surprises !

Besides my doll house and 8 (!!) old suitcases I also found my school stuff old toys and clothes and other surprises. That had always been in the attic and as the only access was with a ladder I had never been up there !

They came with this mini bus and started to work on Tuesday The garage started to get empty when I came back on noon to see how far they were.

Unfortunately a heat wave started, and besides early in the morning and late evening it was impossible to work. I should have arranged my dressing room and had a lot to do to put everything in place but it was too hot to move and I thought I can do that whenever I want to, when it's raining or when really I have the courage to start !

When my cleaning lady came I ask her to help me to tidy up a little bit the mess in my "junk" room, in the future to be the dressing room, and when an hour later she called me to have a look on what she had done I was really happy ! She had done it all by herself. Moved the sofa from the right to left wall and all the rods with our clothes to the right wall. Now it looked like a room !!

Poor Mr. G. didn't know where to put himself with all the cleaning around him and finally found in the ex junk room a peaceful place to rest on the sofa until the cleaning hurrican was over ! It was over 30°C and he doesn't very well support the heat, he became dizzy. So it was better to lay down.

Now that the "end" is near our scrabble girls went together to the "Dolce Vita" an Italian restaurant which is really very good ! Although now we have always to book a table in all restaurants and even caf├ęs and leave our names, we could take off our masks of course for eating ! As Belgium had to get a step back we now have to wear masks all the time and it becomes really more and more difficult to travel. If the place you go to was Ok when you left, it could get red while you were there and then you had to do a test and stay 2 weeks in quarantine !

I sincerely get fed up with all this ! People complain that they are not free anymore ! Especially young people ! I mean I don't care not to go out dancing on weekends or in clubs or cinema and theatre, but young people need that and it is not good for them to live like old people do ! I had done a lot in my teenage years and also later as a married couple, we liked dancing and travelling and all that is impossible for the poor youngsters now !

Rosie is a happy cat ! She now tidies up her mice during the night and put one in the water bowl and one in the food bowl.
In the apartment besides ours also lives a cat and she alway looks under the door for Rosie

That's really funny
and Princess Rosie sits on her tower and overlooks the garden from the 4th floor !

Meanwhile Mr. G. met a few neighbors, one was even in his Whist club !

If everything goes well we will be able to hand the keys over and this adventure is finally over !!

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Since 2006 I am with Blogger I think they "improved" posting 3 times and each time it's getting worse ! Now I can't put my text where I want anymore, when I look in the htlms and type my text there it appears besides a picture or above, it's really not easy at all ! And to add labels is hard work !

3 Aug 2020


Little Rosie loves her new home although she was an inside/ouside cat and now we live in an appartment ! Ever since each morning I find a toy mouse in her food or in her water bowl ! It makes me laugh !




It's not so easy to move from a house into an apartment although it is quite spacious, but the whole basement space is missing ! Our third bedroom I had transformed into a dressing with a sofa bed and I was looking for a shelf or something for our shoes which doesn't take a lot of space. I looked up all possibilities on Internet and found a "Shoe Tower" which you can easily put in a corner.

Saturday my friend Myriam came over to assemble it ! The notice said it was for 38 pairs of shoes ! A lot for me but Mr. G. has a few too.

When the tower is finished it should look like this :

After an hour or so it was finally finished and fitted nicely in the corner and looked great !
What a nice invention it really doesn't take a lot of space !! Better then a shoe shelf !!

On Sunday we did the last step ! We collected my paintings  and carried them across the street into my ex neighbor's basement.

There were about 20 paintings they carried across the street and I packed the once which I want to hang on our walls ! We were quite exhausted when we had finally finished. Mr. G. still not feeling physically well couldn't help but we "strong" women managed it !

Then I did a last round through the house and forgot to take a picture as souvenir ! I was so in a hurry to go home, that the fact that I had spent 45 years of my life in this house didn't make any effect on me. I was not nostalgic, I was not sad, I was just relieved to have all  the heavy work behind me. Anyway I have all pictures of my life there on USB keys ! 

31 Jul 2020


I sincerely hope that our move is finally finished. Our new appartment is wonderful and everything is in its place I mean at least the furniture and it looks nice.The house is nearly empty I only have to move my paintings into my ancient neighbor's basement. Some books are to be taken along and some personal papers we have forgotten. And then on Tuesday the "Empty All" comes and will empty the house completely. It will probably take 3 days, as I have left quite some furniture behind and only taken along small things. We have also been in the City Hall to change our address and Mr. G. had also gone to the post office. So for 3 months our mail which still comes to the house will arrive here. Today it is very hot 35°C but our new home is nice and cool although I can't see any aircondition. From next week on, or a week later or later I will empty the boxes and suitcases and fill in the wardrobes, desks, and other furniture. Only the kitchen has everything in place. And then I can pick up my old life ! not really because we have a kind of second Coronavirus wave in Belgium. Our town is quite safe, but we have to wear masks outside and do a lot of things online. And we are the only country which lives in bubbles, that means you are allowed to receive 5 people (a bubble) besides the family members who live under one roof. That's quite ridiculous because if you live in a big house keeping the obligatory distance you could have more friends or guests then in a one room dwelling ! My bubble doesn't change we were always never more then five. Other countries call us "Bubble Belgium" which is quite funny ! It's a strange life ! I am sitting on the terrace and overlook the gardens. Our closes neighbor is far away.

I only saw that there were people when I zoomed Our finished living room, the curtains are very nice they keep out the heat too

On the other side through the huge fir I can see the swimming pool with full of laughing kids, must be the grandchildren The only door in the house I hate to open is the room where we put everything which still had to find its place in the furniture ! But for the moment I can live with this, I think after all these months lockdown included I earn a little break ! It took me the double of my usual time for a post to get not used to this new Blogger thing ! I don't see any difference only complications !
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24 Jul 2020

FRIDAY's FAVE FIVE - End of moving ?

Finally I see the end of the tunnel ! The house is empty except the things we don't take along. Our son was here the whole week and moved over our personal belongings which were to heavy for us and which the movers had forgotten !

Now it looks like a battle field, with things I had long forgotten, imagine 45 years in the same house ... old suitcases with old stuff was in the attic and my son even found my doll house which I had last seen when I was maybe 14 years old !

For our mini cellar he bought a shelve and now we have far more space. 

I had never thought that we could put so many things in there which we don't need immediately.

All  difficult things he fixed for us, like the umbrella I had bought for our very sunny terrace !

And for the first time we could have supper on the terrace !

The only thing I still have to do is to make an appointment with the company which will clean out the whole house. The guy came already to give us a fixed price and I was very happy with it ! So hopefully mid August the nightmare will be over !!

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22 Jul 2020


My cat collection.

Before emptying the house completely I tried to sell my cat collection ! Unfortunately it was not the right moment. People still were very reluctant to go to "Garage Sales" thanks to the Coronavirus. In normal times people love Garage Sales and they always have quite a lot of success. Besides two neighbors who came for a chat, nobody showed up not even a cat.

A bit disappointed we returned home and two days later packed the whole cat bunch in bags and they are now in our new home's basement waiting for better times to find a new home because I have already enough !

For my poor friends it will be difficult now to find a gift for me because until now, they just bought cats in all sizes and materials !

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18 Jul 2020

FRIDAY's FAVE FAVE - Still moving !

Today it is exactly a month that we have moved from our house to the apartment. And I am still in a mess because now we have to empty the house completely. But at least our new home is finished, only little bits and pieces are missing.

I have got the new curtains and they look very pretty. Myriam my good soul has hanged them up and now when I close them it's dark in the room.

We have also tried to sell a part of my cat collection but without any success, besides two ex neighbours who wanted to say hello, nobody showed up. Apparently people still fear the coronavirus and prefer to stay home or outside.

Life is still strange with all these restrictions, although it has become better. Now you have to wear a masks everywhere inside otherwise you get a fine. But you can go to movies, theatres and little festivities always in restricted number and always leaving a space of 1.50 m ! We don't even like to go shopping and all I had needed so far I have ordered on Internet except the curtains.

But we have been to "our" Chinese restaurant in a very restricted number, Nicole is still in hospital, another one is in France visiting her mother who is also in hospital. The only peaceful place is now here when I sit on our terrace and watch squirrels, cats and pigeons, and sometimes the moon especially when it was full moon. The living room was nearly as clear as in daylight.

Mr. G is settling in and is getting better at least one worry less. Our son came yesterday to help cleaning out the house. Once the house empty we can proceed with the notary papers and then it will be over ! I am getting more and more tired honestly.

But the result was worthwhile ! 

The curtains give a warm feeling and from my girls I got money to buy this Mexican blanket which hides my old armchair ! I also have ordered cushions for the black sofas.

Miss Rosie meanwhile has tried out all seats and is very happy

She has a great look over "her" world !

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11 Jul 2020


The whole week I was busy to make our apartment cozy. Now I almost did it, only a few things are missing, such as chairs! Our old ones were no longer good.

And here is the result

The apartment, living and dining area and entrance

The way to the bedrooms and the wonderful views we have from our living room and balcony ! I was so lucky to have found this new home in the middle of the town ! We could walk for shopping, boutiques, restaurants, theatre, cinema etc.

This will be our new outside Christmas tree ! It's huge, you would need balls in football (soccer) size ! Cat Rosie is happy about her new kingdom and enjoys the balcony.

Now the next week will be awful because I have to empty the house, hopefully with the help of my son, Mr. G. is still out of work !

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8 Jul 2020


A mini truck for moving the content of a whole house

Equipment dating from 14/18

and then the wardrobe fell from the 4th floor !

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The Move

It is almost 4 weeks since we moved and I had no time or desire to write anything, I was so tired!

Our move was a nightmare! Friends had recommended the "best moving company" to me and that's how I came to this company! It couldn't get any worse. First of all they forgot our move and when at 9 o'clock still nobody showed up I called.

At 10 o'clock they arrived, instead of 4 men only 2 and the smallest truck I had ever seen ! Of course, they had also forgotten boxes. It was agreed that they should pack and unpack, instead they had to pick up the furniture twice because the truck was too small for one trip !  And as we live now on the 4th floor to make the catastrophe complete, they dropped my closet  which boke into a large puzzle ! It was like a video gag film.

They promised us another truck and two men more who never arrived. The whole fun lasted until 10 pm and I was exhausted. Mr. G was so excited that a friend of mine took him into her home,  before he went crazy.

That was just the day of the move, I'll tell the rest another time, meanwhile our apartment is almost furnished and we like it very much.

I just wanted to write at least once that I'm still alive!

Now the house has to be emptied, because this "special" moving company took the furniture with them, but not our clothes and other things !!

The first one who felt home immediately was cat Rosie who had always been an outside cat ! To our big surprise she is happy on our big balcony !

Once our house is completely empty and handed over to the new owners I hope our good old live comes back !