10 Jul 2019


It's hot !

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Tomorrow I will go on this tour ! It's in some way the continuation of the one I had done last year the Northern Tour

I will be away for 11 days ! But I will try to post where I am whenever I find time !

9 Jul 2019


Eddy Merckx

I am not at all interested in bicycle races not even in the famous "Tour de France", but this time I couldn't ignore it because the tour crossed Waterloo and the little towns around. It was as if Trump would visit the Lion of Waterloo and Napoleons battle field, the streets were closed, police cars everywhere and helicopters stood on large enough places.  Of course it is very difficult to watch the participants, because they bike soo fast that you only see a colored line and turning wheels and then it's gone. But there were a lot of animations around and a festive ambiance was in the whole city.

On this occasion the King and Queen had received Eddy Merckx and his family who had been the best in the 70th.

I was lucky I have a friend who lives in an apartment on the 4th floor and I could overlook a part of the race. I did my best to get some pictures they are not of the best quality but still gives an idea how it was. 

The first Tour de France was staged in 1903. The plan was a five-stage race from 31 May to 5 July, starting in Paris and stopping in Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, and Nantes before returning to Paris.

During the World Wars the tours were cancelled.

In the early 1970s the race was dominated by Eddy Merckx a Belgian, who won the General Classification five times, the Mountains Classification twice, the Points Classification three times and a record 34 stages

The first tours were in France, although since the mid-1950s it has become common to do it in other countries, Andorra, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom have all hosted stages or part of a stage. Since 1975 the finish has been in Paris. You can read about the whole tour history here

The road to the Lion

and once they had past !

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8 Jul 2019





This weekend I started to prepare my vacations, which are not really vacations because I will do a tour around these countries.

Saturday I printed out the travel schedule and my flight tickets, checked the medication and what I have to bring along with me other then my suitcase with clothes. The tour will last 11 days, I leave on the 11 and come back on the 21 of July.

As for once since a long time the "Tour de France" crossed Belgium and also Waterloo, there was a very special ambiance in the whole city. One of my friends lives on the fourth floor in a building which overlooks the streets where the bikers would pass by, and there were lots of helicopters standing around, police everywhere and the main road crossing Waterloo  was closed.  I tried to take some pictures out of the window, unfortunately there were trees on the road, but still we could see a bit, the rest we saw at the same time on TV

Not the best quality but at least a memory !

In the News they were talking only about this tour, as if nothing else had happened in the world.

Sunday I continued my travel preparations and this time everything I have to take along for my computer. documents and pictures I would need on USB keys, and found out that another charging cable didn't work. I quickly went to the market where I had bought the case for my smartphone and a plug and bought another cable and a second plug to be sure that I can charge everything which needs to be  charged.

I also worked a bit in the garden pulled out weeds and put some new fake flowers in which were laying since weeks in the garage and prepared a list of everything I have to do before I leave. Mr. G. gets also a list so that he can't pretend that I haven't told him. With all that my head was exploding and I was quite stressed, always thinking that I would forget something.

As on Monday is my birthday, I had asked to go out for once together, and Mr. G. could hardly say no.  The new mussels had arrived and in nearly all restaurants you could eat them. They were delicious !

6 Jul 2019


When I was 6 years old my parents took me from my Grand parents who lived on the countryside back to where my father's mother lived. It was a small town near Frankfurt where my Grandpa had worked. My Grandma had taken all her 3 children with husband wives and children into her big house as my parent's apartment and his sister's didn't exist anymore it was all completely destroyed during the bombing.


In this little town were many American soldiers, because we lived under American occupation. For me these men in uniform were nothing special, they were very friendly to us kids and from one I got my first chewing gum and sweets. I had never seen a chewing gum before and didn't know what to do with this flat long thing. He showed me how to put it in the mouth and chew on it and spoke in a language that I couldn't understand. He mimicked that I don't have to swallow it but keep it in my mouth, which I bravely did. It tasted mint and I didn't like it. He saw my face and laughed ! As soon as he turned around and went away with his friends I spit it out ! My friends, however, liked the chewing gum very much.

This was a common picture to me, kids running behind the soldiers in the trucks asking for chocolate, sweets and chewing gum.

Me later. I always had the nicest dresses, because my mother's sister had married an American and always sent me clothes.

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5 Jul 2019


The weather had cooled down and the heatwave was finally over ! Everybody was relieved ! It was my turn for the Scrabble and we sat under the Pergola in the shade, and after the game I had Italian ice cream with blueberries and whipped cream. The ice was real good.

I didn't sleep very well, because Mr. G. at 1am had thought it was 7 am (reading problems) and had gotten up to prepare his breakfast and waiting for the psychotherapist who should come at 11 am ! I heard strange noises looked at my clock and saw 1 am ! I got up thought something terrible has happened, and found him in the kitchen preparing coffee ! I was not pleased, sent him to bed and then couldn't sleep anymore, I had been so worried. Since he has had his hip surgery he sometimes does strange things. Somebody told me that it is probably due to the anaesthesia at his age it takes a long time until they really recover.

Next catastrophe was my smartphone I had connected it to the charger but it didn't charge. I tried with several cables, and plugs and sockets and only with one it loaded but very slowly. I imagined the worst, and as next week I start my tour around the 8 Eastern countries, my smartphone had to work !

Again stressed I went to a shop which had been opened by 4 young men who repair, tablets, computers and smartphones. The guy who checked my phone and the cables, and plugs was very friendly, told me that two cables were not working anymore the metal piece at the end was crooked. Now it works perfectly again. I asked him how much I had to pay and he smiled and said "nothing Madame, it was a pleasure" ! That lifted my mood a bit that day, which ended with other troubles !

Myriam had proposed to go to "Morocco" for a change, which is located in one long street, one shop after the other near the North Station in Schaerbeek a borrow of Brussels. All shops and restaurants are owned by Moroccan or by Turks. There are also a lot of restaurants and snacks.

In this street you find everything, local food from these countries, spices, butchers, bakeries, boutiques, jewelry, clothes, shoes, in short everything you could need !

It was sunny and we arrived just for lunch time. She always goes to the same restaurant and the food was delicious and the people so cheerful and friendly ! they even offered me a coffee !

Then we started our shopping I needed a few things for my tour, light and practical and everything was so cheap, unbelievable and often the same things they sell in Waterloo for more than the double price ! I'll never buy something here again. Finally I found 2 trousers large and light, which you can roll into a ball and it doesn't wrinkle, for just 5 € each, a carpet for the bathroom, Bermudas for Mr. G. and sunglasses. Everything for 5 € ! We both were very satisfied with our shopping.

Then I drove home, she doesn't dare to ride a car in Brussels. It was fully packed and lots of streets closed because of the "Tour de France" which starts in Brussels ! Despite all the works and preparations my Mrs. GPS took us safely home.

It was the last day of our painting class, the official summer holidays have started, as each year we celebrated the end of the school year, but we had decided not to take "school" holidays.

We had asked if we could use the room during these two month and teach ourselves on Thursdays. The room was mostly free, so we can get together during July and August ! Of course instead of starting at 9 am, we will arrive later and everybody can do what she wants our teacher included !

Later I made a list of everything I would need to do before leaving, all things which Mr. G. took care of before. During my absence he is well "babysitted" by the nurse who comes every day, my neighbors and friends.  I think I have never needed holidays so much as this year.  The tour will certainly be very interesting.

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4 Jul 2019


As One Liner Wednesday's theme Linda asks : tell me the first thing that comes to mind when you read this book title: "The Magician’s Sire". Of course I had never heard of this book or it must have another title in French.

As I didn't understand the meaning of the title I looked up  the word "Sire" in my dictionary. The Magician remains the same, but the word "sire" had so many translations ! Besides of what I thought i.e. that you have to say Sire when you speak to a King, the other translations were rather comical !
Sire may be a producer (of kids), the father of animals, or the Grandpa from your mother's side. All very logical I thought and imagined how to put the producer of your children called Sire into an understandable English ?

I decided that normally a King has a magician and not the magician a King or Sire. Usually Kings had fools in the past to be amused, today they have their governments as fools and are not so amused anymore.

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