22 May 2018


Each year in spring it is the same when you have a garden (yard) and you have to prepare it for the rest of the year or almost because the seasons have changed. At least that's my believe !

This year we also had to "repair" the damages our internet provider had done by digging a deep hole in our garden by mistake !! This part of the garden had to be completely redone.

I don't have a green thumb and reduce garden work to a minimum  and Mr. G. never had.

This part of the garden had to be covered with a thick plastic which doesn't allow weeds to grow and then covered with barks.

Of course Mr. G. couldn't do that anymore and I hired a gardener

 it was quite some work  !

Now it looks nice and clean

He also cut what had to be cut in the shrubs

Now it's nice to look at the blooming lilac

I put fake flowers in my pots so I don't have to water it and nobody can see that they are fake when people walk by our house.

The entrance

I honestly don't care, the most important thing is that it looks nice and clean.

the front yard

and on the side a rockery

We have been told to let some weeds in the lawn like daisies for the bees because we all have to feed them otherwise they die out. Therefore I have a good excuse not to pull out weeds all the time !

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21 May 2018


It was the weekend of Pentecost or WhitsundaY. Therefore all shops and stores were closed and a lot of people away to the sea or in the Ardennes as it was a long weekend. Monday is also a holiday and everything closed.

Anyway I had to sort out my photos which kept me busy.

But before I have been in Windsor because I was invited to Harry's and Megan's wedding ! It was a last minute invitation and I badly needed a hat because all ladies would probably wear a hat ! and I found a nice one !

Unfortunately this was only a dream, in reality I was laying on the sofa and watched this very special wedding on TV. I took pictures just for me when I read my blog in a few years.

I watched on the Belgian channel RTB where it started already at around 10 am (in the UK it was  9 am) They showed the little town of Windsor the little streets and explained about the castle and its  history. It was very interesting. Then for those who didn't really know the couple, they talked about them both. how they met etc.

 Then the first guests arrived

I recognized Pippa the sister of Kate and underneath George Clooney who was the only one not wearing a dark suit but a silvery thing and not very respectfully had always a hand in his pocket. Therefore his poor wife looked a bit overdressed ! There were many more celebrities but I thought I would find better pictures on internet.

The inside of the church and the Queen with Prince Philip. I had been in this church one day after Edward (youngest son of the Queen) married Sophie Rees Jones in 1999. It was a pure coincidence that I visited the church just one day after their wedding, but I was visiting my son who lived in London at that time and he wanted to show me Windsor and it's castle. I remember that I found the church very small inside and wondered that so many guests could sit in there. There still also was the floral decoration.

arriving of the bride who walked alone up the stairs and

 Before the marriage vows, officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the assembled guests – plus many millions watching on television around the world – heard a sermon delivered by American preacher Michael Bruce Curry, the 27th Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church. I loved it ! He was speaking and gesticulating like 10 Italians together and I saw in the public that a few people had to smile (the younger once even laughed) and the others tried to remain serious. Never in my life I had heard a preacher like him in this outburst of temperament !The Bishop behind him didn't move I thought he looks like a figure out of Mme Tussaud's wax cabinet ! The contrast of both men was hilarious.

and then took the arm of Prince Charles.

the young couple

I watched until the end when the TV channel returned to the News ! I didn't want to go from this beautiful wedding to the ugly and bloody news we have each day !

I didn't do anything else I was feeling lazy and a bit tired. So two days staying home and work a bit on my computer was a nice rest. 

18 May 2018



Another week went by and it seems to me more and more quick !

This time we had to dress in thick pullovers and play scrabble inside it was only 17 °C  ! Last week the temperature was almost double and we could play outside. Dog Tosca saw our coffee break arriving and was very interested in the salmon toasts. This time we had a salty break with cherry tomatoes, olives and toast. We were only 3 because the two others were on holidays !

The bouquet I got for mother day looks still beautiful and fresh !

Despite our rollercoaster weather the rhododendron bush is blooming amongst my fake flowers in pots ! It's nice to have both, the most important is, that I don't have to work !

This is the truth ! Summer, winter, spring and autumn clothes are all hanging all together ! Useless to select them per season ! Yesterday I had to change 3 times, very cold in the morning, very warm in the afternoon, and cool in the evening ! We still have the heating timer set on 20° !

We were three to have lunch in this Lebanese Restaurant. I had already eaten Lebanese plates, and was disappointed of what was on offer here. It was presented like a buffet and you could eat as much as you wanted, but the food didn't taste good at least for me. I was surprised that they served carrots with peas in the main course !

And another week ended.

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16 May 2018


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1. What would you say is your biggest day to day challenge?

Get out of my bed when it is so grey and cold !

2. May 16th is National Biographers Day. What's a biography you really enjoyed reading? Is this a genre you read regularly?

I like biographies very much. I think the last one I read was the one of Diana Princess of Wales 

3. How important is keeping a clean house? Do you need to de-clutter your life?

I think it's normal to keep a house clean, but not sterilized. There is nothing to de-clutter in my life actually, I have done that long time ago.

4. You're the 8th dwarf. What's your name?


5. What's surprised you the most about your life or life in general?

That's a difficult question, because nothing surprised me in my life or life in general, it just all happened and I am still here !

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I try to put my shopping list together, and think if I need something else. I always forget something !

15 May 2018


Ever since the Lion mount site had been renovated for the bi-centenary of the Waterloo battle,  there are no Waterloo inhabitants going there anymore because the city had had demolished the old charming houses, the restaurants, the wax cabinet and only one new built restaurant was standing there now. It has become dull and boring for those who want just a drink and not going into the deepness of the battle history.

Therefore the city organizes events on the site to attract people. Here a "village" was built and I have never seen so many people since the bicentenary three years ago, where I was a volunteer.

I think the lion was quite happy to see so many people and not only empty fields !

Long lines of visitors were waiting to get a ticket for an attraction.

It really had a lot of success

There was life music too, when I was there it was just the break.

A tent restaurant had been built up and people sat in the sunshine watching the kids play

Despite the threatening sky the sunshine remained

Lots and lots of attractions for the kids were built up and you could hear laughter and joy

The way to the underground museum

While the site itself was totally deserted.

I think if the city wanted to earn money, they choose the wrong way. Not everybody is an intellectual !

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14 May 2018


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Each week the people of Waterloo are invited for the Waterloo Apero, in the park of Waterloo. There are deckchairs little tables and you can eat and drink while meeting people from Waterloo and from our Facebook group "Vivre à Waterloo"

I went there with Nicole, the sun was shining and we all had a lot of fun. It felt like a little village gathering. The weather was also perfect. Next week we certainly will return !

For Mother Day I got this beautiful bouquet from my son who lives in Amsterdam. He also called me and wish me all the best and grandson Toby showed me what he had done for his mummy !

I thought how over the years Motherday has changed. When I was that age, we made things for motherday at school which mostly were horrible. I remember that we all got a new grey cleaning rag and cross stiched a text with read thread ! There was not much to offer so shortly after the war in 1950. My mother put it in the bathroom until it disappeared. When my son had this age it was the same, they crafted something at school for the mothers, which mostly was completely useless but far more sophisticated then my rag, I also kept it for a while and then it also disappeared !

Today it's different ! Toby had made composition on the computer with photoshop and his father had framed the artwork. He had sent me a photo and I really was amazed he surely had an artistic vein !