26 Apr 2017


Floralia Brussels, Grand Bigard Castle

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1. April showers bring May flowers or so the saying goes. Has your April been filled with showers? Do you carry an umbrella, wear a slicker, or make a run for it? Besides rain, what else has filled your April?

What else ? Cold, moody, without energy, lazy, half dead !

2. What's something you could you give a 30-minute presentation on at a moment's notice and with zero preparation?

A speech, did it on my son's wedding, I didn't know that my DIL's mum had prepared a speech and read it from a sheet of paper, so I did my best without preparations. I think it worked

3. Share with us a favorite food memory from childhood.

I went with my grandpa in the woods to pick up wild mushrooms. My grandma prepared them in a huge pancake, at least it seemed huge to me because my mouth was smaller. I have never eaten such a good pancake afterwards ! 

4. What's a song you thought you knew the lyrics to, but later discovered you were wrong?

It's a French song of course, "Tombe la neige" (The snow falls) but after he stated that she won't come, I don't know the text anymore. We danced a lot to this song because it was romantic and slow ! 

5. According to one travel website, the most overrated tourist attractions in America are-
Niagara Falls (NY), Hollywood Walk of Fame (California), Times Square (NYC), Epcot (FL), Seattle Space Needle (WA), and Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market (Boston). How many of these have you seen in person? Did you feel like a tourist? Did you care? Tell us about a place (not on the list) you've visited that might be considered a tourist trap, but you love it anyway.

I have seen all these attractions but from 1989 - 1997, and I don't remember the prices ! Today they are probably more expensive than at that time. The Epcot center was brand new ! I think everybody feels like a tourist in these places unless he lives there ! 

6. Your signature clothing item?
I have no special brand mark, I buy whenever I fall in love with something. That can be in a boutique or on a market. 

7. What's an experience you've had you think everyone should experience at least once? Why?
Must be the April weather (see above) but no experiences I had should be experienced by anybody ! Why ? Because  ! 

8. Insert your own random thought here.


25 Apr 2017


Hallerbos – ‘The Blue Forest’ – is located in the surroundings of Brussels. The forest is a favourite attraction, thanks to the beautiful purple carpet of bluebells, which bloom around mid-April. The giant Sequoia trees also make a visit to this forest more than worth it.
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24 Apr 2017


It was really cold and during nights it even freezes. Poor flowers which are out or pointing their nose. There was an exhibition of sculptures in "Les ├ęcuries" which means "The stables" which has been restored and is now used for exhibitions, it is the "left over" of a castle which had been demolished.

The old farm and the stables remain. The park is public but there were not many people walking around;

The sculptures were real cute and at least not modern art !

The young artist being interviewed.

The next day it was a little warmer and I thought I will have a coffee at the lion, for a tourist watch.

Surprisingly there were many people who even climbed up the 254 steps to the Lion. People sat in the sunshine, me too, but with my coat. There were a lot of Russians and Chinese this time.

and while Mr. G. tries to get the world record in Whist playing with his computer, I visited my neighbour and asked how her new dog is getting used. She is a real friendly doggy and loves her new home.

21 Apr 2017



1. The week started a day later because of Easter Monday and we arrived around 5 pm from Amsterdam to Waterloo. It took us a little more than 2 h which wasn't bad. I thought there would have been much more traffic because people went home from a long weekend but apparently not in our direction.

2. When I opened the shutters the next morning it snowed ! I immediately wanted to return into my bed and close shutters and eyes !

Even cat Arthur could hardly believe what he saw ! Instead I decided to put on my fleece jogging and be in a bad mood the whole day. I thought this dammit winter was over and now it starts again with temperatures below 0°C !

3. Fortunately School holidays were over so at least I could go to aqua gym. This time we had a young girl who did the exercises with us and I found her much better than our regular one, because she let us make the exercises on the rhythm of music. Our usual teacher also puts on music, but I don't know what it is it sounds as if the notes are played backwards, and somebody makes primate cries or you think somebody gets strangled. Sometimes there are a phrase which is impossible to understand. At least I understood "I have money, I have money etc etc always the same scream. We decided to ask him to do the same as the girl when he comes back.

4. For the first time I went to the Bois de Hal,  to see the blue flower carpet, although this happens each year, I didn't know !! I had been to this wood before but never to see the bluebells.

The Bois de Hal is also named ‘The Blue Forest’ – thanks to the beautiful purple carpet of bluebells, which usually bloom around mid-April, but this year they were blooming already beginning April and these were the last days.  There are also giant Sequoia trees and even without the blue carpet it is a beautiful wood surrounding Brussels.

It looks stunning when you walk through the wood !

5. Painting class has started again too, but we were all not very motivated. For chatting of course, because we hadn't seen each other for 3 weeks !There were lots of things which had happened.

Nicole had discovered a new Restaurant called Soho,I really don't know why.It was supposed to have a huge buffet with all kind of international food. There was Chinese and French, because when I wanted to take a few shrimps, there were frog legs laying just besides. Except the frog legs I tried a little bit from everything, the salmon was delicious and probably everybody would find something to eat. What I didn't like was the inside of this huge restaurant which looked like a canteen of a company. It wasn't cozy at all I would rather call it functional.

At least I tried it, and now I know that I certainly won't go back if I am not obliged too !

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18 Apr 2017


In my part of the world we celebrated Easter this weekend, together with our son and family in Amsterdam - Ijburg. Unfortunately the weather was awful and we couldn't go out very much.

The house was nicely decorated with an "Easter tree" and of course tulips every where. It's the season now for the famous "Tulips from Amsterdam"

On Sunday morning after breakfast Grandson Toby started to look if the Easter Bunny had brought some eggs !

The decoration with an egg artistically painted by Toby

I had brought this Easter bunny

Then he started searching, first outside, but there were only some chocolate eggs which we had to pick up quickly because it started to rain and wet Easter eggs are certainly not so good.

But then he found a big parcel ! Inside was a Lego "Nexo Knights" ! Was he happy !

He immediately started to put these little things together and in no time it was done ! I couldn't believe it ! He is 6 and that thing was for 8 to 14 years old, in my case it would have taken the rest of my life to put it together. Now don't ask me what it represents, when I was a child we were afraid of monsters, and today kids love them !

He also likes to help in the kitchen and decorated the breakfast eggs.

My DIL had made Easter Bunny head pancakes, which I found very cute, Toby helped rolling the croissants together and even the rolls had the shape of an Easter Bunny ! I had never seen that here in Belgium.

In the afternoon we tried to go to the beach. They live close to the sea. It must be very beautiful there when it's warm and sunny. There is a huge terrace outside and you can look over the sea.

It was also very cosy inside and nicely decorated a lot of people had there Easter Brunch there.

This part of the land is quite new. It had been "stolen" from the sea. In 2014 a new phase in construction began, new groups of houses were built and the land is being extended to accommodate a series new buildings.

When complete, the neighbourhood will have 18,000 homes for 45,000 residents and should also include employment for 12,000 people. As well as homes, schools, and shops; leisure centres, restaurants, a beach, and a cemetery are planned.

The new part of the beach

If you want to read more about Ijburg it's here

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