16 May 2022


As Rosie after 13 years of being and inside/outside cat, and now lives on the 4th floor, each time I find a feather from a pigeon or a magpie I bring it to her as a little gift. Then she is happy and runs around with the feather and doesn't even realize that the bird is missing ! 



My son and grandson came this weekend. Son wanted to visit his Dad, I stayed with Toby because we didn't want that he sees his grandfather in such a state.

In the morning we were parasol hunting ! Not easy as there was not much choice left and after 3 stores we finally found one which was suitable for my terrace. One is not enough as I have sunshine the whole day. 

When they arrived I stated that Toby has grown again ! So before we entered the shop, my son took these pictures of us. I have to point out that I measure 1.71 m and Toby is nearly as tall as I although he cheated in one picture when you consider that he is 11 years old and taller then his mother I wonder when he will stop growing. We had a lot of laughter during the photo session. 

Then we bought the parasol. In the third store we found a suitable one it was the last ! 

Then we returned and my son put it up ! I never had problems with my old parasol and it was a lighter one, but this heavy thing flew in the hedge of the neighbors house the next day, when of course I was alone. The two girls from the first floor helped me getting it back, they knew the neighbor in the next building, but we first had to go through the garden of my neighbor on the first floor. And while I was angry because of this dammit parasol,  my son was with Toby and his best friend in a swimming pool. Of course they had told me so, but I had forgotten. My memory is like a sieve ! 

Saturday evening we went to an Italian restaurant, the one which Rick liked so much, because the food was real Italian. We were all tired but before we went to bed we had an ice cream ! Which Toby ate in no time together with whipped cream. 

On Sunday I prepared the terrace for several people and waited for my two men plus Benji, of course they didn't come because they were in the swimming pool. Finally I had my lunch and then the parasol flew away. A little later they showed up armed with two big hamburgers and chips and ate with appetite. Dario returned to Rick again, while I didn't have to go, it becomes more and more hard for me to see him, or rather what was left from him. 

While Dario visited his Dad, he left me the two boys. As they were probably tired from the swimming pool they behaved like two angels. They were busy with a game and I didn't hear a word. After having finished their ice cream they put the plates in the dishwasher and then tried to put this silly parasol back in the box, because I will try to change it ! It's not normal that this thing flow away with a little wind !

Meanwhile my son has come back and gave me the last news of Rick. Now he only speaks Italian, which Dario hardly could understand and had taken off all his clothes ! Good that the doctor and I had decided no visitors anymore. Anyway it only agitates him, and anyway besides me and Dario he doesn't recognize or remembers anybody. The friend who always played cards with him and visited him twice a week, is not allowed to come anymore. Sad for her, I have to say she has disappointed me very much, not once had she proposed to help me or invited me for lunch or tried to cheer me up a bit. The patient is well taken care of, but the spouse who suffers more could have needed a bit of support. Some people are strange. Fortunately I have got support from a lot of people and want to thank you all for that. It really did me good.

I really was happy to see my "little" men again and suppose that in a short time at least Dario will come back for a day. Meanwhile I visit Rick and check that he has everything. 

A friend and my niece called from Italy and asked me how I feel. My friend is the wife of Rick's best friend who died two years ago, so she knew how I felt and my niece had seen it with her father and comforted me too. Good to know that some people take care of me too. 

Meanwhile little Rosie keeps me company !

13 May 2022


I didn't feel well on Monday, I kept thinking about the skeleton I saw lying on the bed this weekend. Luckily Isabelle my personal "nurse" came to help me to fix and put up the parasol. One worked, the other one not and I decided to buy a new one. My terrace is so sunny that it is impossible to stay there without parasol. And as I was already there I cleaned the seats and the table and put the decorations and flowers in place which helped me to not think.

and this was the result

I had to do some shopping for Rick, as he can't drink from a glass anymore, I had bought a bottle for children where the water doesn't run out when you turn it around. I bought a second one because those they had in the home were not practical. I also bought a little plastic bowl for yogurt or ice cream. 

I had taken Adeline with me who also needed some decoration things and then we went to Rick. She stayed downstairs with the others and I went in his room alone. He was sleeping and as I tidied up a little bit and filled the bottles with juice and water, he suddenly woke up looked at me asked me what I was doing, I answered and hadn't finished my phrase yet he slept again.  I picked up Adeline and we went home.


I knew that the next day the ice man came and that was always a big event. The oldies were waiting already like children excited to get their ice cream. I joined them with my bowl, and they let me be the first so that I could bring it to Rick.  He was still sleeping like he was when I had arrived and now I woke him up just telling that I have two balls of Straciatella (vanilla with chocolate crumbs) He didn't even open his eyes but his mouth and spoon by spoon I put the ice cream in his mouth. I suddenly had to laugh because I looked like a bird mother feeding their baby birds. They also just open the mouth. Slowly, slowly he continued opening his mouth until the two balls were gone. I asked him if he enjoyed it, but he didn't answer he slept. I gathered my things washed up the bowl, looked around to see if everything was in place and then I returned home. 

I also had met his doctor and had a long talk with him. Now he will lay in bed gets special liquid food because he can't swallow anymore and to drink of course. I insisted not to let him suffer but
she reassured me that he gets also painkillers and tranquilizers. 

Now it is a matter of time. I had time to get "used" to my situation. "Used" is a not really the word, because I will never get used to the fact that the rest of my life I have to live without him. 

Today my son is coming together with Toby, but we have decided together and Toby agreed, that he won't see his grandpa in this state, I prefer that he keeps his Nonno in mind like he was when he was not sick. 

On my way back I found a feather and I gave it to Rosie as she loves to play with feathers 

And see my little cat playing with her feather and throwing it in the air, running around and catch it again, calmed me down and I thought it is a pity that Rick can't see that, what we also shared was the love for cats. I remembered that it was my first cat who choose Rick for me.


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12 May 2022


1. What do you never get tired of? 

Easy question, I would never get tired of writing, that's my exhaust tube. And for my nerves I get never tired of cats ! 


2. My mother made the best 

cakes, and cookies, she baked like a professional, but she couldn't cook as much as she was creative with cakes and cookies, the daily kitchen was a punishment for her.

3. What machine or appliance in your home aggravates you the most? Why? 

Actually nothing anymore because living alone (with my cat) I don't cook and for the rest it's my cleaning lady who takes care of the cleaning and I don't think that anything disturbs her !

4. What are three things that brighten up your day when they happen? 

Sunshine, watching my cat play, a phone call of a friend or family

5. Thursday (May 12) is National Limerick Day...write a limerick about relating to spring weather, spring blooms, or a spring event (five lines, the first two lines rhyme with the fifth line, the third and fourth lines rhyme together)  

This spring rain does not give me a thrill
never has, and probably never will 
I just want you to know that I will use a plane as wing 
and go to a place where it's always spring 

6. Insert your own random thought here.

For the moment I try not to think Rick's  health has deteriorated so much in 5 days that I have to reckon with the worst unless a miracle happens, but I don't believe in miracles. My son has visited him on Saturday, me on Sunday and Isabelle (who is a nurse too) on Monday, I have seen him on Tuesday and I sincerely hope for him that this state doesn't last too long. He sleeps most of the time and that is good. At least he doesn't suffer. That's why when I think of something my thoughts always go back to him like I have seen him yesterday.


11 May 2022

10 May 2022


In 1959 my parents moved with me to Brussels. Ever since I never managed to see the flower show called "Floralies" in Ghent which became very famous over the years. This year a Bus company from Waterloo proposed a trip to Ghent to visit the "Floralies" ! We were 17 to participate and it had been really very beautiful and worthwhile to see.

Flower festivals have been organized in Ghent since 1648 mostly in churches. From 1808 on the flower growers founded a new association in the Society of Agriculture and Botany of Ghent.

The creativity of these artists is amazing. Pictures are better then words !

Warhol pictures made with moss

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