22 May 2019


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Escapes from Hospital

Yesterday I picked up Mr. G. from the rehabilitation center where he had stayed for a two months. This time he was there, because he had broken his hip falling out of the bed.

Fortunately the center was 20 km far from home and he couldn't walk, because I remember well the first time he had a surgery, as soon as he felt better he wanted to go home and called me that he would leave the hospital. I was a bit surprised that he already could go home but got my car and drove immediately to the hospital. And who was walking there on the street ? Mr. G. in his pyjama ! This was at the very beginning of our marriage. I don't remember very well what happened next, but I suppose that it was a big fight and a return to the hospital, to get officially released.

Over the years in my memories it became a joke, which from time to time we told friends when the conversation turned about hospitalisation. Only I never had thought it would happen again. The second time he was already in his 60th and had a carotid surgery. After a few days he called me that he could come home. Suddenly I remembered the story of years ago and asked if he had asked the doctor, apparently everything, at least paper wise was OK. I told him to wait for me at the reception.
I arrived, and what saw I walking in the street, Mr. G. with his little suitcase but without coat in the middle of the winter ! I was very angry he had done it again, but this time with the permission of the doctor.

Therefore when I called him each morning during his stay and he complained that he wanted to come home I was relieved that also technically he couldn't !!

Sometimes it is easier to watch over a 5 year old boy than over a vintage man ! At least the 5 year old listens to you even with protests, the old one doesn't listen and does what he wants ! I hope next time I don't have to write that he fell down in the basement because he tried to walk on our narrow steps !!

After all I could write a book

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21 May 2019


When we went to the flea market in one of the oldest part of Waterloo, for the first time I paid attention to the architecture.

The solar panels were fixed on the side of the house, normally they are always on the roof !

There were even family crests built over the house doors

Here live the real Waterloo people from generation to generation, now it's surrounded of modern houses and has become a city since a year or so, before Waterloo was still considered as a village. Unfortunately  the cows were slowly and to my big regret replaced by humans and the open fields shrunk !

Not far from Waterloo is Genappe, which is still a village with mostly farms still from the time of the Waterloo battle. On June 16, Wellington stayed here in this little Village and spent a night in the "Auberge du Roi d'Espagne" (King of Spain's hostel). Therefore Genappe too, became a historical place.

Here is the Auberge where Wellington spent the night

The church stems from  1433 and over the years was so damaged that it had to be restored in 1707, 1708, 1721 and 1808. The current church was inaugurated on November 1, 1842.

In front of the church was an old graveyard, which apparently had been cleaned very recently, because it looked like new ! But they were very old when I read the names and dates on the graves.

Here is the market place in the city center, with a soldier and his rifle looking out of the window !

I liked this house because of it's closed wooden balcony.

The biggest "café" was this one where you could have a drink but inside and on the second floor it was also a restaurant.

Unfortunately it was cool and the shops all closed because it was Sunday so the market place looked rather empty.

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20 May 2019





Once again the weather changed and I woke up hearing drops falling ! Not cats and dogs, but still a lousy weather. So we had to change our plans and went to a "junk sale" and village fest in one area of Waterloo, which once had been the part where posh people lived.

Now they are still the oldest generation of  people from Waterloo, born here since generations. It was a lot of fun because people are very open and cheerful.

We didn't find anything in all that junk, it's still unbelievable what stuff people try to sell, more for fun I guess, because you got things nearly for nothing.

I admired the architecture of the old houses and then we went to "La Pomme" (the apple) a pub like café and had a drink there.

On Sunday it was even worse, it was warm but very humid and an unhealthy weather.  Myriam, Nicole and I drove to Genappe, which once also belonged to the various villages which were on the Waterloo battle field.

A "200" year old soldier pointed his rifle on us.

The village had organized a "Vide Dressing" which means like "empty your wardrobe" ! There were very expensive brand name clothes for very cheap prices for sale. Unfortunately the sizes were far too small for the three of us. I didn't find anything, but Nicole and Myriam found handbags from Gucci and another one, I don't remember for 3 € a real bargain !

The cat of the house watched us leaving

We were thirsty and sat outside on the terrace of a café on the town square, and had a nice time.

Tomorrow I will have to do a big shopping and prepare everything for Mr. G's homecoming on Tuesday !

17 May 2019


As usual we started the week with our Scrabble. The sun suddenly decided to come out and it became so warm that we agreed to play on Nicole's terrace in the sunshine rather then inside at Mireilles'. We also had two birthdays to celebrate and before the game we had a glass of champagne.

Nicole's cat Isis checked the bag probably because it smelled my cats. Mireille had to borrow a hat the sun was so strong. She loves light because as she is half blind with a lot of light she sees better. We spent a very nice afternoon.

The next day while I drove to the clinic to visit Mr. G. my phone rang and they told me that he can leave the hospital on Tuesday ! When I arrived there was a young girl there,  the Social assistant who coordinates all the advices and prescriptions from all those who had taken care of Mr. G. I didn't understand a thing what she said and Mr. G was even worse. She didn't know anything, she replaced the one who was on maternity leave. I gave up and was very upset. Fortunately my helper Isabelle who saw me in this state of stress, told me that she will take care of everything. And she did.

When I came back from aqua gym and hairdresser, we sat in her garden and she explained me everything what has to be done for his coming home. She had hired a male nurse, a lady for the kinesitherapy, had called the insurance company for the papers they needed from the hospital etc etc. I don't know how to thank her !!

Then I prepared with the cleaning lady the house ! She put all rugs and carpets away, Isabelle brought crutches and a bath tub seat and now I think everything is ready. Can't put out a red carpet, if I don't want that he breaks the other hip !

Nobody was motivated for painting so we mostly discussed hip operations ! Four in my class had it done already. When I told them that Mr. G thinks that as soon as he is home he can hop around, doesn't need help for a kinetheterapy etc they all laughed. He just doesn't realize. Or he will be the miracle of the year.

We went together to the Asiatic Restaurant and had a nice meal.The owner has changed it belongs now to a Chinese lady. The kitchen is better, and some decorations had been done too.

At the entrance you are greeted by these two "gentlemen"

The garden had completely changed and looks absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately it was too cold to eat outside but it is for sure that we are going back when it's warm !

I am quite tired with all the stress preparing the homecoming of Mr. G. I realize that I am not so efficient anymore as I used to be. I have to write everything down otherwise I forget ! Hopefully the worst is over now ! Or it will start if I have to fight with him that he does what the doctors had said !

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15 May 2019


all lost keys I found in the house !

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Where are my keys ?

I was always "in war" with two items my glasses and my keys, all keys ! Now since I don't wear glasses anymore one problem is solved, but the keys are still a problem.

I always put them on the same place to be sure that I find them when I need them, but unfortunately there is something mysterious going on in this house or in my bag, the places change !

There is not one day I am looking for the car keys when I am somewhere and get nervous because I fear that I can't go home. Several times per week I turn my handbag over because I can't find the keys and then they drop out loudly from a little space in my purse !

To help me to prevent that two of my friends have given me for a birthday key holders, which a normal person would find immediately, but even that doesn't work sometimes, but it is already better, especially the one with the fur ball on !

But honestly it happens with  all kind of things. Yesterday I filled in a bowl with fresh cat food, put it somewhere because I was interrupted and I haven't found it yet so far !

When we still had the little mobile phones it was a catastrophe because I always forgot where I had left it ! To find it was rather easy, I just called myself, it rang and I found it. One I really lost because it rang once and then was dead, it was not loaded. Two years later we found it in a small place between the sofa cushions which you don't take off very often. Meanwhile I had bought a new one of course.

At Easter it is the use to search for hidden Easter eggs. In my house it is Easter the whole year long because I am always looking for something !

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14 May 2019


Every two years there is an orchid exhibition in the old "Moulin Banal" at Old Mill in a nearby located village "Braine le Chateau". I had never been there and took the opportunity to go and see the orchids.

This water mill dates from 1226. It belonged in half to the lord and the chapter of Sainte-Waudru in Mons.

The peasants of Braine-le-Château and Haut-Ittre were obliged to come here and mill their grain, and paid a "banality" to the lord of the castle which still belongs to Count Cornet Ways Ruart, descendant of the family of the Counts of Robiano. The site has been classified since 1954 and the mill since 1970.

The mill as we know it today is made of arkoze stones or granite and local bricks. The buildings were remodelled and enlarged in the 18th century. This mill "worked" until 1947.

The mill

The mill  had three floors, with holes in it, but we didn't land on the first floor. The cord is not for hang up somebody but for the flour bags

There is not much to say except that I had never seen an orchid like the last picture left !

It was really a very beautiful exhibition. Unfortunately the prices were also beautiful ! But people bought !

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