16 Oct 2010


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Just do a funny post, something which makes us laugh that's the most important.

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(not) my cat

A mother mouse and a baby mouse are walking along, when all of a sudden, a cat attacks them.

The mother mouse goes, "BARK!" and the cat
runs away.

"See?" says the mother mouse to her baby. "Now do you see why it's important to learn a foreign language?"

15 Oct 2010


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We prepared our garden for the winter, we covered the garden furniture, and I took the petunias out of the pots, they had given up their souls. Not to be completely without color in this already grey season, I put some false flowers in and also a little ceramic pumpkin. At least it looks nice and I don't have to take care of it.


Each time I go on holidays with my girl friend Mr. G asks me to prepare him Chili con Carne, which he loves. So yesterday I made a huge pot and filled them in one portion boxes and put them in the freezer. Now he has 6 portions to eat if he wants to.


I had my last painting lesson before my holidays. I won't be there for the annual exhibition, so I prepared my paintings of this year and brought them with me to be exposed.

4. I had a look through my summer clothes and went over to Domi to discuss the things we have to take with us especially a spray against the mosquitos, suncream etc. We sat probably for the last time in her garden and made plans of what we will do or rather not do.


The rest of the time I am dreaming to be there already. There means in Hurghada at the Red Sea in Egypt, like the last 3 years. I consider it as a cure to get over the winter without colds, bronchitis, etc and also to stay in good mood. I really don't like fall and winter.

14 Oct 2010


Jenny Matlock
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D = Daylight savings

Each year there is Daylight saving day, once in spring and once in fall. For some people it takes days to get used to one hour jet lag although they didn't move out of their beds.

We have to spring one hour ahead in spring and fall on our back in fall. At least this way I remember what I have to do with the numerous clocks and watches in this house, not to forget timers, the microwave, and other household appliances.

Personally I don't really see the reason. For the moment we still have summer time and at 8 am it's still dark and it gets dark again at 7 pm. Now in fall at 7 it will be even worse and in the evening it is not better.

Where the heck is the saving for people like me ? I mean I am not a farmer who has to get up at 5 am to milk his cows, although he probably uses a timer for his milk machines now. I don't care if it becomes day at only 9 instead of 8. Even those who are locked in an office the whole day would certainly prefer to come back home when it's still daylight.

My cats don't know any daylight savings they claim for food at 5 or 6 summer or winter time, when I stumble half asleep to the kitchen, fill in the bowls and return into my bed. Babies are fed now when they scream and not at fixed times, they don't need daylight savings either.

And what happens in your daily life if you don't pay attention ?

In spring you have to wait for an hour when you miss your train. In fall you also miss your train when you are late and you also have to wait. Result despite daylight savings you have the same problem.

In Spring you eat your lunch at 12.30 in fall too, only it's an hour earlier or later, but that doesn't matter if you are only eating because it is 12.30 and not because you are hungry.

In Spring you go to bed when you are tired, in fall too and you switch off the light anyway.

In both cases you also have to get up every day.

Apparently this exists in the whole world, everybody complains more or less, some people pretend that they suffer of one hour daylight savings from fall to spring and when they are finally used to the daylight jet lag, it's time again to change for fall and they start to suffer again !

Since years politicians all over the world rake their brains to find out if there is any energy saving. Therefore they think it over from spring to fall and from fall to spring and save at least their own energy because nothing has changed so far.

Meanwhile we save daylight and sit in the dark, but there is no saving on our electricity bill !

13 Oct 2010


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An urgent need

11 Oct 2010

MY WORLD - Gaasbeek Castle

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Since I complained about the bad weather and the rain, the weatherman must have heard me, because now we have a weather like out of a fairy tale !

What we should have had in September we got now in October.

Therefore I went to the Gaasbeek castle near Brussels, for the Dragon exhibition. I thought I would see huge dragons all over the beautiful park, but they were exposed inside the castle and rather small once, and taking photos was not allowed so I told them silently to go to hell and I rather walked through the beautiful park. There were a lot of people who had the same idea !

After a lot of fresh air and hurting feet, I sat here for a coffee, it's just outside the castle. It was so warm that we could all sit outside.

On Sunday was the same weather, and I went to the "Midi Market" in Brussels, where I hadn't been since a few months due to the bad weather. It's always so colorful and international on this market that I feel on holidays when I am there. I didn't buy anything this time, oh miracle !

I also have decorated the house a little bit. Nothing for Halloween, because I am leaving for Egypt next Sunday, and Mr. G. doesn't care about Halloween decorations. The cats neither.
When I am coming back there will be Christmas decoration time !

10 Oct 2010


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MY MEMELESS SUNDAY - Some deep thoughts

I think it was at school that I learned that the only beings able to held a conversation with themselves is the human being. I wonder if it's true but the fact that I have to think it over and take a decision, it proves that it is true . I also know that I talk with my other me or my me talks with me, (don't get lost) and that sometimes I have angel and devil fighting together in my head. For example I ask myself if I should do some more than necessary house cleaning or better stay on my sofa and watch TV. Of course I never know who speaks to whom so that I wonder if there is not a third person sitting inside my body and listening to the two others ?

A Very difficult question. I also wonder if other beings out of flesh and blood like cats, dogs, pigs, cows, horses, etc live the same dilemma ? As I don't know very well the inside life of a cow or a pig, I can only observe my cats who should also be able to talk to themselves. Dogs maybe less because they usually only listen to their masters and do more or less what they want.

With a cat it is different. For example she sits in front of a door and let you know loudly that she wants to go out. As you love your cat you run to open the door. The cat stays in the middle, and she talks with her other her. They both have to think and discuss what decision to make, and during this time the cat stays half out and half in the door so that you are unable to close it and have to wait until one half of the cat agrees to the other and they then decide to go forwards or backwards so that you can close the door.

Meanwhile you have time to discuss with yourself if you should be angry or laugh, kick the cat outside or wait patiently until she has taken a decision.

I am quiet sure that insects don't have this problem, they don't even have a partner as far as I know, besides the Black Widow , the spider female who has to discuss with herself if she should eat her partner after love making or not. At least we humans don't have this problem, we would get an indigestion. These deep thoughts occupied my mind on this memeless Sunday and now I have to discuss with myself if I push on "publish" !

Please also notice that today it's the 10/10/2010 !