10 Oct 2010

MY MEMELESS SUNDAY - Some deep thoughts

I think it was at school that I learned that the only beings able to held a conversation with themselves is the human being. I wonder if it's true but the fact that I have to think it over and take a decision, it proves that it is true . I also know that I talk with my other me or my me talks with me, (don't get lost) and that sometimes I have angel and devil fighting together in my head. For example I ask myself if I should do some more than necessary house cleaning or better stay on my sofa and watch TV. Of course I never know who speaks to whom so that I wonder if there is not a third person sitting inside my body and listening to the two others ?

A Very difficult question. I also wonder if other beings out of flesh and blood like cats, dogs, pigs, cows, horses, etc live the same dilemma ? As I don't know very well the inside life of a cow or a pig, I can only observe my cats who should also be able to talk to themselves. Dogs maybe less because they usually only listen to their masters and do more or less what they want.

With a cat it is different. For example she sits in front of a door and let you know loudly that she wants to go out. As you love your cat you run to open the door. The cat stays in the middle, and she talks with her other her. They both have to think and discuss what decision to make, and during this time the cat stays half out and half in the door so that you are unable to close it and have to wait until one half of the cat agrees to the other and they then decide to go forwards or backwards so that you can close the door.

Meanwhile you have time to discuss with yourself if you should be angry or laugh, kick the cat outside or wait patiently until she has taken a decision.

I am quiet sure that insects don't have this problem, they don't even have a partner as far as I know, besides the Black Widow , the spider female who has to discuss with herself if she should eat her partner after love making or not. At least we humans don't have this problem, we would get an indigestion. These deep thoughts occupied my mind on this memeless Sunday and now I have to discuss with myself if I push on "publish" !

Please also notice that today it's the 10/10/2010 !


A Lady's Life said...

lol thats funny
I gave a spider two flies.
A smaller one first, which it began to wind a web around but before it could finish, I put in a bigger fly.
The spider grabbed the other fly with a few of his legs while holding the original fly.
It wanted the bigger fly but did not want to lose the original fly it was already putting a web around.
It took it a while to think but then it decided to let go the smaller fly and go for the bigger one.
That's when I learned Spiders are very smart.:)

Trotter said...

Hi Gattina! Time to read «Self comes to Mind»...
I see you're in the mood for an Egyptian vacation... ;)

I’m going to be offline working in a «remote» location next week, but left you in a new destination in Blogtrotter Two... Enjoy and have a great week!

diane b said...

You nailed it.

Luna und Luzie said...

Hehehe, those are funny thoughts.
I enjoyed much to read your memeless sunday today ...

...und werde darüber nachdenken, wenn ich das nächste mal wieder mit mir selbst diskutiere...

Happy Sunday

Jenn Jilks said...

That is so true! Thank you for visiting My World !
Yours sounds much like mine. We have 3 cats.

eastcoastlife said...

I discussed and argued with my other half before commenting.

I sometimes prefer to listen to the evil half who always tell me to take the easy way out.

Not having a maid now, I have to do lots of household chores. But my evil half convinced me to take a rest and blog hop today. hahaha....

Melli said...

Ahhhhh yes! Multiple personality disorder! I suffer it too!

Pamela said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha. very cute.

The person I talk to is ME2. She has even blogged with me on occasion.

She's missing right now and I miss her :(