11 Oct 2010


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Since I complained about the bad weather and the rain, the weatherman must have heard me, because now we have a weather like out of a fairy tale !

What we should have had in September we got now in October.

Therefore I went to the Gaasbeek castle near Brussels, for the Dragon exhibition. I thought I would see huge dragons all over the beautiful park, but they were exposed inside the castle and rather small once, and taking photos was not allowed so I told them silently to go to hell and I rather walked through the beautiful park. There were a lot of people who had the same idea !

After a lot of fresh air and hurting feet, I sat here for a coffee, it's just outside the castle. It was so warm that we could all sit outside.

On Sunday was the same weather, and I went to the "Midi Market" in Brussels, where I hadn't been since a few months due to the bad weather. It's always so colorful and international on this market that I feel on holidays when I am there. I didn't buy anything this time, oh miracle !

I also have decorated the house a little bit. Nothing for Halloween, because I am leaving for Egypt next Sunday, and Mr. G. doesn't care about Halloween decorations. The cats neither.
When I am coming back there will be Christmas decoration time !


  1. You must have swapped weather with us. We have had non stop rain for two days and showers for the past 2 weeks.
    Off on another holiday. Good for you. I would love to visit Egypt but little chance. It is not high up on BB's bucket list.

  2. Wonderful weather you had, Gattina. I bet you're looking forward to your trip on Sunday. I leave Khartoum on Wednesday (sob!) and will be back online again by the end of this week. Blessings and hugs Jo

  3. Love the Market photos. I love those kinds of places.
    What's with the no photo at the Castles. What are they thinking in this day and age. How can one bring back their memories. Oh I think they need to lighten up a bit.
    I do not decorate for Halloween either. I do like to see others decorations and I have family who celebrate it. This is the first year we are allowing our 16 year old to Trick-or-trick. As well as attending a party at families. I am make costumes, haven't done that for many years (over twenty!).
    A little jealous of your Egyptian trip. Enjoy your self.

  4. This week is MY turn to be jealous! But HOW DARE THEY not allow photos of dragons!?! Are they CRAZY??? How ELSE would we see them???

    I have found out about a market nearby (sort of) that I want to try out. I don't know WHEN I'll have time... but I will make it one of these weekends.

  5. I am glad you got the nice weather we sent you. We have had a stretch of lovely weather too. I has been warm (about 20C) in the day and cool at night for good sleeping. (0 to 5C.
    The leaves are all turned colour, which is always a delight.

  6. Now you have good wheather when we enter in automn really, here, South of France!!
    I come back on blogsphere but don't post still. Tor and Anna staid at home for a week and I worked. So we had great time in the night speaking a lot and I wake up at 6.30!!! but now hous eems a desert!!! the market in Brussels looks very nice and the castle you visited too!!!

  7. Oh I love your basket!

    Egypt should be a great place to see.

  8. You are lucky! I love Castles but there are none at all here and we are so far from Egypt and everywhere else too. I shouldn't complain, at least the weather is good. Enjoy Egypt, I,m sure you will.

  9. The good thing about Eurpoe is you ahve a lot of castles, and Draculas. LOL

    There is only one castle in New Zealand, It was late afternoon, and in the mist, it was spooky, Just as well, it was closed.

  10. I'm sorry I missed this weekend. I was so tired when I got home on Sunday I couldn't think!
    Good to be back!

  11. Nice pictures of the "Midi Market"!

  12. Have a nice and fun trip! I know we'll se lot of photos when you'll come back, right? I can't wait....

  13. recently I discovered my blog came in handy when I was attempting to put some dates on events in our recent past.


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