11 Aug 2012


Each year when I am on holidays in England, the first thing I hear in the morning are the seagulls, they scream and discuss or fight and I lay in my bed and enjoy this noise, while the local people are rather angry and send them to hell.

I love seagulls, they are very intelligent !

They ask people to feed them and if they don't do it they just help themselves. The best is, eat your sandwich under cover and children should never go with an icecream on the beach. Here you see two disappointed seagulls because the little girl only talked to them.

Wherever you are not the big brother is watching you, but a seagull. They are worse then all intelligence services together !   A seagull's eye doesn't miss anything !

They keep you company on the table next to yours, keeping an eye on your plate, follow you, or just sit there and watch what you are doing. You never feel alone !

They are the best parking guards ever, they sit on the cars in groups and are not like human guards walking around and see nothing. Maybe car owners would rather prefer the human guard, as a seagull so busy with observing, could leave some unpleasant spots on the car as evidence for their good observation work. A seagull sees from far if you hold something interesting to snatch in your hands.

They also love to go with you when you are shopping, it could be that something falls out of your shopping bag. Why not steal a whole French bread if it looks out of the bag ?

and last but not least, they honor the memorials ! They are not like pigeons, they honor the statues where they are sitting on mostly on the head or shoulder, because from there they can dive easily and catch a freshly prepared sandwich !


I had always wanted to see Stonehenge (my post here). Therefore I took the Eurostar to arrive very early in London. This time I wanted to make sure that I got the right way to the coach stop, as it was not the usual one due to the Olympic Games and closed streets. I was very well prepared. Thanks to Google map, I had a map and this description which I had printed out. I was sure that I would find it immediately.

Suggested routes
350 m,(0,2 mi) 5 min
400 m,(0,3 mi) 6 mins
Wilton Rd
Walking directions to Evan Evans Tours London, Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, Greater London SW1V 1BS, United Kingdom

Unfortunately I was sure, but my brain apparently not. As soon as I walked out of the station, and looked at my little map, I didn't know where I was ! Which exit had I taken ?? I asked one of the countless tourist guides hired for the Olympic games, and he looked at my map and said "I think you should take this way". That's what I did. But the name of the street wasn't the same as on my paper. I asked 3 soldiers armed with machine guns, I thought it would give a nice picture, unfortunately these once were not from London and apparently didn't know themselves where they were. I continued my way and asked a woman in uniform for tourist information. She told me that I am completely wrong should turn around and take this way, then turn left and then turn right and then I would arrive.

Of course I did what she said. Fortunately I had enough time left to find my bus. Still I couldn't find the stop. Finally I saw from far a sign "Evans" I went over there but it was a key and shoe repair shop. Nothing to do with excursions to Stonehenge.

My very doubtful orientation sense told me to go back from where I came. But this didn't work either, now I was completely lost. Suddenly I saw Victoria Station again ! Was I happy. There I had the good idea to ask a sightseeing bus driver. He looked at my map and said "Look behind you, see the street ? It's there at the end ! " With a sigh of relief I went down the street and .... there it was ! My bus stop to Stonehenge !

Indeed it was only 5 min walk but I had turned around for 45 minutes ! I realized again that in my brain there is no orientation sense ! I should have taken my GPS along which also has a pedestrian feature !

I entered the next available restaurant, ordered something to eat and a tea, sat outside and kept an eye on the bus which would take me to Stonehenge ... I didn't miss my bus and had a nice trip through the for the Olympic games decorated London before we got on the highway.

10 Aug 2012


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1. On my way back from the English coast to Brussels, I stopped in London for the day.

On the bus taking me to the London Tower, I could see the special atmosphere of the Olympic London. Streets decorated and no private cars at all, only buses and taxis ! I wrote a post about London here.

I walked around the London Tower, and visited the Exposition of the Crown jewels. Unfortunately it was not allowed to take any pictures, anyway it was very dark inside there too. But seeing these jewels knocked me out of my shoes !

As a "professional" paparazzi, I still managed to take a picture at least of the various cases in which the jewels are carried for official ceremonies. The upper boxes are for the various crowns and to the right are the boxes for swords and other accessories ! First I zoomed from just standing outside, but as there was nobody I quickly stepped inside again to take the pictures.

Late afternoon I took the Eurostar train back to Brussels.


My cats were happy to see me, so was I, and then I tried to get used again to my normal life and .... the household !

2. Fortunately there was not much to do, not even shopping, Mr. G. (and the cleaning Lady) had taken good care of the house.

3. I had to go out to buy some plants for the garden, as I had started a rock garden, but it was too heavy for me, so our "little" gardener will do it for me in the next days.


Most of my time I spent with the photos I had taken during my holidays, to put them in the right folders and make some order in this mess.


I started to call my friends to tell them that I am back and then I spent the whole afternoon at Nicole's sitting in the warm sunshine on her huge balcony and showed her my holiday pictures. Charly the dog wasn't very interested in my photos and preferred his green bone.

And I realized that I am really back home now, because instead of having an afternoon tea I had an afternoon coffee !

9 Aug 2012


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8 Aug 2012


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Covered lunch at the seafront :

because of these

7 Aug 2012


I came back home yesterday evening and am quiet tired ! Fortunately I had done my post about Stonehenge while I was still in Eastbourne, so please read it here.

6 Aug 2012


Today was my last day in Eastbourne, so when you read this I will probably be on my traind to London, or see the crown jewels or sit in the Eurostar to return home to Brussels.

For the last day my friends wanted to show me little more of the beautiful countryside in East Sussex.

First we stopped in Hastings, where you can see the Hasting's castle, sitting quiet high on a rock,

and then we went to the seafront, where no parking was available, only the seagulls found a place to sit.

We drove further to Winchelsea dated from 1281 !

We visited the old graveyard which is still in use, so you have very old graves from the 14th century until today. Even the little dog which we met liked to play between the old stones. It made me think of my Midsomer Murder series !

The inside of the church was very beautiful and rather huge, huger than it seemed from outside with gorgeous stained windows.

After this interesting visit, we were quiet hungry and had a sandwich in this very cute Pub !

There were so many people that we had to wait more than 45 min to be served. Fortunately it was so nice to sit there outside in the garden, that it didn't matter that much.

We returned home, where Anne prepared my "last" meal, lamb with vegetables and potatoes, and ice cream.

My stay here went by so quickly ! This is always the case when you feel well and homely.

5 Aug 2012


Today we were invited by Anne's friend Maureen and her husband for lunch in a local Pub. They live near Little Hampton which is not far from Brighton.

It was a nice and sunny day and we arrived around noon.

They live in this lovely typical English house, and we were greeted by 12 year old Rushka still in very good shape except the hind legs.

I loved the beams which give the room such a cosy look.

the very welcoming living room, and the egg cups collection in the bathroom. Maureen collects egg cups like I collect my cats !

I was introduced to Dolly the cat, sleeping in her private "bedroom" in the kitchen under spices and besides the bin.

Then we walked over the the Pub.

It was very nice, unfortunately it was too windy to eat outside so we only sat a little there after lunch

I had a jacket potato with prawns, the potatos have such a special taste in the UK. The icecream too was delicious.

The whole afternoon we sat in their garden and enjoyed the sun and a cup of tea.

When we returned home we went by this very special house which looked like an old petrol station but was a private house !

and we drove back through this beautiful landscape !