9 Feb 2024



The week started as usual with rain and wind and we were lucky not to have to go out ! We played a game with a strange name  which I have forgotten of course. When we had finished we helped Amandine (our animation girl) to cut out hearts for the Valentine's Day, and as our castle is quite big we also needed a lot, in all shapes, for garlands or to hang on the lustres. Those who had difficulties to cut out the hearts watched and were amused ! I listened to Valentine's stories which dated 70 or 80 years ago. They all agreed that it was much simpler only couples were concerned and all the decorations etc came over to us from the USA.

Only the beginning

The next day we played a game which is called "UNO" it is very easy to play, grandson Toby tried to explain it to me when he was 5 and there was nothing to do, I didn't understand. So I thought it would be the same this time with me the youngest at 80 to the oldest at 100. Guess who won, once the eldest and once the youngest. We made a lot of noise, my neighbor always mixed up yellow with blue and another was in war with the numbers. Therefore we laughed so much and were so loud as a group of youngsters in a pub ! If somebody came to visit would have thought that he is in a mad house and not in a retirement home.

The lady in red fell and had a blue eye and a blue cheek at both sides, so we asked her if she is already ready for carnival. Then we had our coffee or tea with a piece of cake. 

She is only temporarily here until she is better and can live alone again. But now she told me that she loved it so much here that she is hesitating to go back home, where she is alone, while here she has so much fun. She also said that it is due to the homely atmosphere.

Rosie watches me working.

As usual I did my blog of the day in the morning, and was interrupted by the big black girl (1.85) who wanted a bit to chat with me. She was from Rwanda, or rather the parents, because she was born in Belgium. Despite the enormous age difference, we chatted and she was so interested how I lived in the 60/70. She was 25 and loved to travel and see the world. Then I got my lunch and she had to go, she had completely forgotten that she had to work !

Tuesday is usually my shopping day or visiting friends, as the activity was mass and there were not many people going to the third floor where it took place. One lady told me that she goes just to see who is going and watching them. I often have to laugh !! It rained again cats and dogs and I preferred to stay home.

My nagging neighbor the Dutch man who rings for a nurse all the time, so that finally they let him wait a bit, always leaves his door open and his TV is so loud, that I can hear it in my room. I just close his door, he doesn't hear me anyway. So I was quite surprised when I saw a Buddha on a commode and the room decorated.

It looked very nice, somebody must have done it for him, because he looks as if he will break into thousand pieces if you touch him. 

My 100 year old Jeanne always wants to sit beside me and especially when we play a Quiz. It's amazing that she has nothing forgotten, knows all kind of bird names, capitals, countries etc. My Italian mamma, had a bad day and answered right and then suddenly she wanted to go to her mother. As she is 96, I wonder if the mother is still with us. I told her that her mamma was now in a better world, where she has a better life and that she doesn't has to worry. Fortunately I had learned with Rick to invent stories and never say the contrary just to reassure them, and that works. 

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8 Feb 2024


1. Something you've waited for recently? 

Yes, the weatherman had announced snow in the near future, whatever that means probably in July, but I had ordered snow boots and hoped that they will arrive in time. As it came from China I ordered size 42 but I have only 38. They arrived and they just fitted (like a shoe) I had thought if ever they are too big I always can put a sole inside, but making a small shoe bigger would require Harry Potter's skills.

2. What's something you loved to do as a child? 

 Getting lost ! I lived with my grandparents in a little town or a big village and I loved to walk in streets I had never been. I turned around and took streets and streets but dispite my efforts I always landed at the church where I had started. After a few times I gave up. It was not my fault it was the fault of the church ! Why did it stand there ? I think I was 7 or 8.

3. Something you learned from a grandparent.

Oh yes, from my grandma ! She was born far too early, in 1894 ! She started as a cooking help in a castle of a Baron, and very quickly became the governess of the whole household. She earned good money and didn't look for a man, she didn't need one.She was very independent. Finally she married my grandpa who was a brave good man and did everything she wanted. 

She taught me never to be dependent on a man, never to put up with anyone when I was right. She said all you have to do is imagine your boss naked and laugh inside and say what you have to say. Just don't be afraid! I am very grateful that she raised me from being a baby until I had to go to school. The basis of my education was done, and my father declared that I was a hopeless case, because I always did the opposite of what he told me and he was a real macho.My mother was the opposite of me and I learned very early how to handle such manipulators, thanks to my grandma !

4. The most visited cities in the world last year (according to this site) were-Bangkok, Paris, London, Dubai, and Singapore. Have you been to any of the cities mentioned? Which would you most like to see? How do you feel about international travel in general these days? 

I have been in Paris and London very often, I loved to travel and have seen quite a lot. Today I would hesitate to travel (for the moment) due to my breathing problems) and lack of energy it's a little more then a year that Rick passed away and I am still not the same as I was before and probably never will.

5. February is the perfect month to 

_celebrate carnival

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Now it's the second week it's raining ! I wished it would stop. 

7 Feb 2024


 Waiting for spring ......!!!!!!

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4 Feb 2024






This weekend was rather boring, it was dark, it rained and we were all locked in. Nearly everybody remind in their room, me included, I felt so tired that I fell asleep for 2 h ! Then I made me a very strong coffee (I had taken my coffee machine with me) drank the cup and then went downstairs were a some people were also complaining that they were tired. So we discussed a bit, the son of my 100 year old friend comes every day to participate in our animation program, only Saturday and Sunday we can do what we want, so we did nothing. 

I had thought to play scrabble with some people, but then I also was too lazy and we discussed the farmer's strike ! How romantic. At 4 pm everybody disappeared in their rooms to rest for the supper at 6 pm. I also returned toy room and looked for a new header, then I surfed a bit on the net, chatted a bit with the girl who brought me my supper, and then I went to bed and read on my tablet. Rosie found this far too early and started to play and meowed, so I put my earplugs in the ears of course, there is no other place, and continued to look at my pictures. This gave me the blues and I couldn't sleep !

Of course I had no sleeping pills and finally fell asleep, I didn't hear when the girl brought my breakfast and woke up at 9.30 am.