29 Sept 2023


If you ask me what I did this week, the week seems like a day. Yesterday Monday today Friday. 

After all, I was very busy with my cat collection selling and the days just flew by. I lost most of my time on the phone with this damn new (Covid) telephone system, No.1 2,3, etc. At least it was worth it, every day someone came and picked up what he had chosen. 

Besides the things I had already sold,  I sold 3 cats from Thailand (I didn't know that) and two books about the 3rd Reich that I found and was scandalized at how many people were interested in this crap, but money is money. 

Tomorrow a lady from the Belgian Cat Shelter will come and pick up my paintings, free of charge of course, the money they get for them is for the abandoned cats. Even if a picture only brings in €10, it can raise a nice sum. 

Since I live in a building, I had to greet people at the mailboxes and not in the house. I didn't care, but these are the rules, neighbors are afraid that they will be robbed and murdered. I put the money under my mattress... The people were all quite young and talkative, so I had a lot of conversations and the days weren't boring at all. 

And so I will continue the next days too, in fact I was lucky, in my misfortune with my sprained ribs, I had to sit still and take painkillers anyway. I went to my doctor yesterday because my whole side hurt, but she confirmed nothing  is broken and that I had done the right thing.

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28 Sept 2023


1. It's officially fall y'all. In the northern hemisphere anyway. Any signs of it where you are? What's your favorite thing about this time of year? 

As I hate fall, I am really happy that it is still warm (at least during the day) and the trees are still dressed in green and not naked. We are late with fall this year !

2. Have you visited any 'falls' in person? Tell us about one of your favorites? Of the following top ten famous falls (according to this site ) which would you most like to see in person- Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe/Zambia), Igazu Falls (Argentina/Brazil), 

 Niagara Falls (US/Canada), 


Yosemite Falls (California), 

Dettifoss (Iceland) Kaieteur Falls (Guyana),



 Plitvice Waterfalls (Croatia), 

or Sutherland Falls (New Zealand) Yes, I have seen the Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, the Yosemite Falls, and the Plitvice Waterfalls in Croatia. I think I would love to see the Gullfoss-Golden Falls with the Northern lights !

3. What's something you'll miss about summer? 

The long days and the light

4. A favorite fall recipe? 

I don't know any, I eat what I want and don't care about the season ! 

5. Something you enjoy but lately have allowed it to 'fall by the wayside'? 

Painting, sculpturing, traveling, photography. I have lost all energy and creativity  since Rick died.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I have so many things to sell and I'm racking my brain as to the easiest way to do it. I can't let the whole of Belgium into my apartment.


27 Sept 2023


When your son is a professional photographer, he needs a lot of work to take a picture of his dear parents.

 and this is the result, of course (wrinkled and unframed) 

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26 Sept 2023




The craziest statue in Brussels? In any case, it will not fail to make you smile. 

Indeed, we see the Vaartkapoen (the rascal of the canal) emerging from a sewer and tripping a Brussels police officer.  Made in 1985, you will find it at Place Sainteclette, along the Brussels canal.

Tom Frantzen: his name may not mean anything to you, but you may know some of his works.Indeed, this Brussels sculptor, originally from the town of Watermael-Boitsfort, is the author of numerous statues in the capital. Surprising, even sometimes confusing, you can admire them in the streets of Brussels, as well as in other cities in Belgium, and even as far as Japan.

There is another one not far from the African Museum in Tervueren outside Brussels which is also funny !

 A rather special fountain !

25 Sept 2023

Awww Monday -- Weekend September 23



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This has been a terrible weekend. On the night of Friday to Saturday I had a lot of pain in my rib and didn't know in what position I should sleep. The medication didn't seem to have the same effect anymore, or it was my  imagination because suddenly it was 9 am. 

As I was admiring Rosie's ears, the phone rang. It was one of my old friends who had suddenly reappeared and started to tell me about a broken knee and one sprained shoulder because she had sat down besi des her chair. I told her I would call her back later, I hadn't even had my  coffee yet.

My back hurt more than the day before and it took me ages to get dressed, at least in a jogging. I couldn't move, it hurt to much, so I worked on my computer. Then I was hungry and got up to take a slice of bread and cheese and ...... I don't know what happened, when I carried my tray to the sofa, suddenly I had no more pain! Crazy. After lunch  I put a scarf around my neck (not to hang myself) but to put my arm in it to support it better. And that worked too! 

That's for next week !!

The rest of the day I chatted on the phone, watched two movies and wrote this masterpiece.

I called Dario to tell him my miseries, and he said it is about time that I move into my castle, of course he is worried too. I always tell myself to shut up, but unconsciously I mix him up with Rick. It will be better when I am out of here !