6 Oct 2007


If interested, there are a few new paintings of me here

I have been informed that today is International Very Good Looking, Damn Smart Woman's Day, in short IVGLDMSWD day. Please keep this in mind and note in your calendar for the next years !!

Always remember this motto to live by: Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!

Some people found out very good quotes ! I noted them down for you :

Inside every older person is a younger person -- wondering what the heck happened.
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The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy.

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Thirty-five is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart.

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Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.

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When life hands you lemons, ask for tequila and salt and call me over!

In this sense have a nice Saturday !

5 Oct 2007


If interested, there are a few new paintings of me here

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you look forward to your birthday?


What is one word you don’t like the sound, spelling, or meaning of?

In which language ?? in my case that's difficult. In some language I know and don't like it in another I like it and don't know and in another I can spell it, but don't like the sound etc. etc.

Do you wear sunglasses when you’re outside? If so, what does your current pair look like?

Sunglasses ? That's a very useless thing to wear in a country where it rains to 80 % ! and the pair I have just looks like a pair of glasses, but with dark glasses of course ! Otherwise they wouldn't be sunglasses.

Main Course
If you were to write a book, to whom would you dedicate it?

Never thought about that ! I think I should first find something to write about and when it's written maybe then I can think of somebody who fits in my dedication. Imagine I write a cook book and dedicate it to a future DIL ! I would have to fear for my life !

Name a beverage that you enjoy.

Have a black out, drank too much of what was it's name ??

3 Oct 2007


Today is Mrs. Lifecruiser's birthday go over and wish her all the best !

created for me by Cindi !

If you run out of ideas for TT write about yourself !

1. I have the age which is written in my passport. But ! and a but there is, everybody tells me that I haven't changed at least inside (the shell is another story) and that I am still as "crazy" as in my teenage years.

2. My family situation is very simple, I am married with the same Italian since 38 years. We have one little son of 34 who is 2 m (6.6 ft) long and doesn't need a ladder, which was very useful when he lived with us.

3. My passport also says that I am german but I live since ages here in Belgium could have the Belgian nationality but don't see why, as the laws are for everybody the same, so I decided to be an European.

4. When our family is together, we have 3 1/2 countries united around the table : Italy, Germany, Holland and a mixture (my son is German and Italian, with his length he needs to have two nationalities) The dutch is his girlfriend.

5. There are no language problems, Mr. Gattino and I speak german together, with my son french and when his girl friend is there, we all speak english or everything together or everybody speaks what he wants for himself. No language problems in this family !

6. 5 cats are living in our household. Very important and not to forget. There too is no language problem, as three of them are Belgians one meauwing in dutch, and the two others in french. The rest meows in english as they are both from London. When we are all together we represent the future United Europe !

7. As it's already said in my profile I like to paint and am a leisure painter. Once a week I am in a painting group, where we paint, learn, and mostly laugh.

8. Since about one and a half year I discovered that I like to take photos too. With a digital camera it became so easy.

9. My life's motto is, getting fun out of everything and even problems. With humor everthing is easier to take.

10. I like to go out, visit expositions and to travel and try to see the most of the world before I disappear in a coffin.

11. From time to time I go to Amsterdam where my son lives now and like to go around and visit expositions or just sitting in the bus boats and look at the beautiful buildings surrounding the canals.

12. I have a few very good friends, one even since I was 7 years (!) and a lot of others to go out with.

13. Of course I am convinced that I have a very good temper, although some other people pretend I haven't, especially the man I live with.

I have got this wonderful award some time ago from Linda and Emmyrose and thank them very much. The same award I saw on Mar's blog and I thought I would create one for her personally :

Here are two versions. But of course feel free to help yourself for your own blog !


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2 Oct 2007


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The Prince of Wales raises £1/2 million ( 750.OOO €) for farmers ! The Prince of Wales has raised over half a million pounds for British farmers directly affected by the latest outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease. What did he do ?? Did he sing ? Or performed as Romeo in a theatre ? He certainly didn't raise his wallet.

Princess Mathilde meets pint-sized performer at the ballet
The 33-year-old royal, elegant in a red satin creation, spent time chatting to the excited youngster who had greeted her with a bouquet of blooms and a kiss as she arrived, with husband Prince Philippe, at the theatre in Ghent. Ah our princess ! She is a nice girl everybody loves her in the country. That's not like her husband the sleeping pill ! When people are suffering from insomnia they just listen to a recorded speach of him. That's better than all sleeping pills. And it had become already better since his marriage because she was a speach therapist !

Being plucked from a hum drum existence by an enamoured movie star may be the stuff of daydreams, but for Sarah Larson it became reality. Three months ago the pretty brunette was serving cocktails in Las Vegas for a living, now she is the envy of women everywhere - as the new love of Hollywood hunk George Clooney. Despite being hurt in a traffic accident last week, George's new girlfriend Sarah was not going to miss her man's big night - hobbling along with a brave smile That's bad ! I am sure the tissu industry will make the big business and an enormous sales increase to dry the tears of all women in love with him ! I will use a kitchen roll, that's more economic.

Pamela Anderson is about to marry again, according to US reports. The actress, 40, and fiance Rick Salomon are said to have applied for a marriage licence in Las Vegas over the weekend. That's certainly better for this guy at least he has the hands full with Pam not like Paris Hilton with whom he had been before.

Man, 24, weds 82-year-old bride ! A 24-year-old man from northern Argentina marries a 82-year-old woman.The groom, Reinaldo Waveqche, told reporters after the ceremony in Santa Fe, northern Argentina: "I've always liked mature ladies." Ah !! We don't have to give up hope to "remake" our life at 80 with a young handsome man ! and he didn't even look for money ! Isn't that nice ? I think he must have a grandma complex instead of an Oedipus complex. I just wonder how I would look like in a white wedding dress at 80 ??

A Russian woman has given birth to a baby weighing 7.75kg (17.5lbs), more than twice the average newborn weight. The "little" girl, Nadia, was delivered by Caesarean section at a hospital in the Altai region of Siberia. Thats something for the Guiness Book ! And the poor parents certainly couldn't use the usual first baby outfit !

The Vatican has warned Roman Catholics that buying relics is sacrilege, after reports that pieces of former Pope John Paul II's clothes were for sale online. Girls ! listen ! you can buy now the underpants of the pope on Ebay !! Watch out ! Buy it before he will be beatified ! then the prices will increase tremendously and maybe they ran out of stock !

Men with deep voices tend to have more children than those who speak at a higher pitch, scientists say. Oh my God ! am I happy that the pill exists otherwise I would have at least 12 children !

A Saudi Arabian man asked for divorce because his wife had watched a TV program presented by a man. His motive was that she is not allowed to be alone with a man in one room. That's true ! I never thought about that and I am sometimes undressing in front of the TV screen ! Now they all have seen me naked !

The American Marine announced that they will invest 600.000 dollars to modify one of their barracks in California. They had realized that with Google Earth it looked like a svastika seen from above. The architect hadn't realized it when he made up the plans. What a scandal and all this because of Google ! Now they have to demolish the thing and built it up again. How would the new barrack look from above ? As a smiley ?

Clinton's cackle may give opponents the last laugh
They call it the Clinton cackle. It comes out of the blue, lasts a few seconds and leaves those who witnessed it wondering if they have missed a joke. Hillary Clinton's deployment of the full belly laugh is the latest weapon used by the leading Democratic presidential candidate when she is being pummelled by reporters or rivals. I like that lady ! I do that too ! It's much better then giving stupid answers which goes as jokes around the world as some politicians do !

Gran has twins for daughter
A woman of 51 who acted as a surrogate mother for her daughter has given birth to her twin grandchildren. Rosinete Palmeira Serrao had two healthy boys by caesarean for her daughter Claudia Michelle De Brito, 27. Oh, what a chance that I have a son and not a daughter !

1 Oct 2007


I have been tagged by our Dackelprincess Maribeth for this really interesting meme. As a curious person I want to see as many desktops as possible, because I think it also tells you something about the person.

This tag meme was started by Ronnie. You’ll find the post where he started the whole and with further instructions if you like to participate here.

And as today is Manic Monday and the word is "Orange" I thought I put my desktop in orange for the day. The picture also makes me sleepy as it has to be on Mondays.

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The result is here

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Normally my desktop looks like this, blue with my cats of course I couldn't put something else ! The icons on my screen are only the once I really need every day.

Now I have to tag some other "victims" and hope that they haven't been tagged yet, because the number of tagged people are increasing every day.

Dear friends, if you wish please show us your desk top !

Flip Flop Sandy, Puss-in-boots Robyn, Toni, Mar, The dust will wait (for) Pamela

I am curious about the results !

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When I saw the word orange for today, I first wondered what had inspired Mo ? Had he eaten an orange in the morning which was sour, or saw an orange cat ? Never mind for me the word is easy. My whole house is full of orange (not oranges). It looks like if I like this color ! But I only noticed it today while I was thinking about something to write. First I thought about the first orange I ate in my life, but can't remember when it was. Probably once at Christmas when I was already 8 or 10 years old because oranges were something very special just after the second world war. It was already difficult to get some decent coffee, sweets or chocolate.

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But then I saw that my table cloth in the dining part of the living room is partly orange and also the flowers in the pot.

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In my kitchen too, there is also a lot of orange

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and in Mr. Gattino's office an orange sofa is standing decorated by cat Lisa

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even the curtains in there are orange !

And when you see my Blog layout on the screen it's also dominated by orange !

I would be a perfect dutch citizen, because orange is the national colour of the Netherlands !