30 Nov 2019


After having done my shopping, I stopped at my friend Nicole's for a cup of coffee. Her flat was in a mess because she had her toilet renovated. New toilet, new tiles, new lights and of course repainting of the walls in white. But which white ?? Believe it or not, but there are so many shades ! As there is also a white inbuilt wardrobe in white,and the tiles in white, we had to find the same shade of white to match !

There was a slightly yellow white, a grey white, a blue white, a pink white, a creme white and a white white ! We looked at the card with the different shades, names and reference numbers.

I immediately excluded a grey, blue and pink white, because grey looks dull, blue cold and pink is old fashioned. Nicole agreed. As she wanted the window sill in black tiles, and the other tiles were a very light white I suggested the white white which would match the tiles and the black window sill.

Nicole unfortunately has no imagination at all she needs facts ! I looked around and saw a little table standing there it was exactly the white I meant. So Nicole carried it in the toilet and held it against the wall to see if the white white matched the white of the tiles. Yesss ! It did, at least in my eyes.

Nicole belongs to those people who when they have chosen something start to hesitate, choose hundreds of other things and at the end come back to what they had chosen in the beginning, while I see something flash on it and don't change my mind anymore. Satisfied she put the table back and agreed with me. Good thing done.

When I came home I saw my usually white cat Arthur rolling himself in our red gravel ! After that his white shade was a pink white ! Even on Arthur it didn't look that nice !

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29 Nov 2019


The week started again with rain, a real unhealthy weather and lots of people sick with a cold.

We had our Scrabble at Nicole's and the game was so difficult, that we had to stop berfore it ended because it was getting late for our cake and coffee and we started to have enough.

Outside as often late afternoon it had stopped to rain and the sunset was rather beautiful.

We enjoyed a delicious cake and little Isis who loves company was sitting on the floor

Our local Newspaper had published a picture of all couples who had celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary at the City Hall together with our mayor and and her assistant. 

And here we are standing in the middle. Usually I use our Newspaper for my pouring painting under the canvas, but this one I kept and put it together with the official photo they had taken fr

Together with Myriam and an other friend we were invited to the Vernissage of the Waterloo artists exhibition. All artists living in Waterloo and who wanted to participate had to present one painting. The theme was "Dance"

We hadn't participated because it was not really something for us, but others from our group had and as we represent our painting class we had to go there. There were so many people, the mayor with her youngest daughter and other members of the city. There was a buffet with wine and chips and little snacks which were quickly gone with such a lot of people.

I couldn't take a lot of pictures there were always people standing in front of them. Finally we thought to come back in the middle of the week in the afternoon, where we could see the paintings.
We had just seen the once from our group members.

These were a few paintings I could take a picture, but honestly they were not my cup of tea and I don't think that I will return and see all of them. What I have seen was enough for me.

Unfortunately due to our very humid weather I started asthma attacks and have to stay mostly inside and don't move too much otherwise I get breathless. I never had this so often then this year, because it was rather very seldom that I had it and just this year I don't go to Egypt as I did for the last 10 years and there  the climate helped me. Maybe I will go in February. Don't know yet.

We were not a lot of painters this week, 5 were missing which left a big hole in our group. They all had a cold or weren't feeling well.

What helps me in this dull grey month of November are colors ! Therefore I started a new pouring painting, and in my enthusiasm I had prepared far too much colors for one canvas.  Fortunately I had two with me and did them both. Now the strange thing is, that with one pot of different colors I got two completely different paintings !

Here they are side by side, just drying. It's always a surprise when the colors get on the canvas and it will change again when they are dry !

This one I had done the week before and it is now hanging in our entrance hall.

After class we went to "our" all you can eat Chinese and when we came out we were full ! It tastes so good ! I couldn't eat anything for supper just had an apple.

I only hope the weather will change because next week we want to do an excursion by Bus to the Christmas market in Düsseldorf (Germany) it would be a pity if it rains !

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28 Nov 2019


My father should have been a pastor or a teacher because each time I wanted to have an explanation of something really simple, he started at the world's beginning and ended with world's end ! Therefore I avoided to ask him anything and preferred to find out myself ! Ever since I never liked to ask a man for some help, when I could find it out myself with a little effort. I am not talking about hammering or changing tires no I mean something which can be done by my brain.

When I bought my smart phone and saw all the apps which came with it at first I was a bit lost, but slowly, slowly I installed one after the other, I mean the very important one like Whatsapp.

But then I found out that I could buy train tickets via Smart phone and just show the bar code ! I will make it I thought and I made it without asking anybody and tried it out when I went to Brussels by train where I proudly showed my smartphone with the code and the poor controller had no code reader ! All the others around me were young people with their classical tickets and me the vintage lady had a bar code on my phone !

Next app which I thought I will make it was a payment. I had already installed my bank icon and could read immediately how much monery remained on the account. I tried and I made it ! Was I proud ! I payed my trip to the Christmas market in Düsseldorf by smartphone ! Now I know how it works. There are still some apps which I could use, but I have time ! One step after the other !

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27 Nov 2019

25 Nov 2019


For the  Televie charity event, Tennis matches were organized in the Waterloo Tennis Club, with famous Tennis players and celebrities of all kind, singers, actors, TV stars etc. I went there as I had done last year too. It's always a very cheerful event. I am not especially interested in Tennis, but it is nice to be in this ambiance.

TELEVIE is a charity organized in French-speaking Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by RTL-TVI (Television station) since 1989. It raises funds to help scientific research in its fight against cancer and leukaemia for children and adults. It ends with a television closing party, where the amount of the collected money is announced.

This charity event has always collected enormous amounts of money for the researches. In 2019,  13.315.462 euros (14 664 697,04 $USD) , which was a new record.

The players and managers waiting for the next match

I watched this disabled tennis player ! Amazing how he played !

It was certainly very interesting for Tennis fans

Of course a bar and the good Belgian beer was not missing

And volunteers had baked a lot of cakes

The restaurant of the Tennis Club

A big screen with the names

Sound and Music ?

And for the kids a special tent was built up where they could play and also had a few shows like a magician.

It had been a nice afternoon and we met a few people we knew. It's in this Club that Mr. G. plays Whist 3 times a week but has no time to watch the Tennis matches !

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Mr. G had his cataract removed and looked like a pirate when I picked him up from the hospital. Everything went smooth and he doesn't have any problems. Now he is relieved and looks forward for next week when the other eye will be done.

As he has to pay attention the first days and not carry heavy stuff and move too much, I had to do the shopping, which normally he does !

I did the shopping for the whole week and hope I didn't forget anything. After having put everything in its place I was hanging around and took care of my lack of energy.

On Sunday we wanted to go to Brussels and look at the Christmas tree which had been installed on Tuesday. But then we were too lazy and instead went to a Charity event in our Waterloo Tennis Club.

Each year the TV chain RTL organizes a lot of festivities, like theater plays, sport competitions, shows, with famous actors, singers or others, to collect money for the research of cancer. They have a lot of success and collected a lot of money.

The whole operation is called "Televie", vie meaning life.

and that's the logo.

Unfortunately this time we didn't see celebrities except one, the Ping Pong World Champion Jean-Michel Saive

who also played for the Televie.

There were a lot of people hopefully bringing a lot of money. We had a beer and watched a Tennis match, saw some faces which we thought to know but weren't sure and then returned home.

It was a nice afternoon, now I am curious how much money they have collected. This will be probably in the Newspaper tomorrow.