25 Nov 2019


For the  Televie charity event, Tennis matches were organized in the Waterloo Tennis Club, with famous Tennis players and celebrities of all kind, singers, actors, TV stars etc. I went there as I had done last year too. It's always a very cheerful event. I am not especially interested in Tennis, but it is nice to be in this ambiance.

TELEVIE is a charity organized in French-speaking Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by RTL-TVI (Television station) since 1989. It raises funds to help scientific research in its fight against cancer and leukaemia for children and adults. It ends with a television closing party, where the amount of the collected money is announced.

This charity event has always collected enormous amounts of money for the researches. In 2019,  13.315.462 euros (14 664 697,04 $USD) , which was a new record.

The players and managers waiting for the next match

I watched this disabled tennis player ! Amazing how he played !

It was certainly very interesting for Tennis fans

Of course a bar and the good Belgian beer was not missing

And volunteers had baked a lot of cakes

The restaurant of the Tennis Club

A big screen with the names

Sound and Music ?

And for the kids a special tent was built up where they could play and also had a few shows like a magician.

It had been a nice afternoon and we met a few people we knew. It's in this Club that Mr. G. plays Whist 3 times a week but has no time to watch the Tennis matches !

more participants here


  1. A great way to raise money for a worthy cause.

  2. Looks like a fun event and worthwhile, too.

  3. Well done to the organisers. They raised a lot of money for a good cause. Glad you enjoyed it.


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