6 Jun 2014


1. The Waterloo city had organized a trip to Antwerp for its seniors. When my friend Christiane and I arrived far too early on the parking, there were two completely boozed men in their 30th who made a lot of noise and poured beer out of  cans over their heads. I thought it's better to wait in the car, as we were alone on the parking and I feared they would come to say "hello". But they decided to bother a truck driver and as he didn't move, they tried to unscrew the petrol tank. I already had my mobile in hand to call the police, when suddenly a police car arrived. The truck driver probably had called them.

First their was one police car, but one of the guys didn't want to get in the car (the other had disappeared) then suddenly 3 other police cars arrived for help ! (now I know were our taxes go, 4 police cars with in total 6 policemen for one drunken guy) It took some time until they managed to get him in the car. One kicked him in the knees and another pulled him by the hairs and then 3 of them pushed him into the car, where the guy rampaged and shouted. Then they drove all away. I wonder if the policemen survived the beer smell !

2. Finally people were arriving and then came the bus and without any further events we drove to Antwerp.

When we arrived we were taken on a visit to two museums.

The "MAS" which was very disappointing because besides photos from WW I and which decorated the walls, I can't remember that I have seen anything else. As we three had all the same impression, we quickly went up 3 elevators to the panorama roof.

There we saw Antwerp from above.

And the "Red Line" Museum, the building from which between 1873 and 1935 the Red Star Line shipping company transported almost three million people from Antwerp to America and Canada. There too we were disappointed, besides a few old suitcases, trunks, and some documents, we saw nothing. We decided not to listen to the explanations given per computer, but instead went outside and had a coffee.


After lunch on a cruise ship (see post below) we walked through Antwerp and ended the day with pouring rain. Our raincoats we had left in the coach of course. Nicole and Christane protected themselves with their purses and the map of Antwerp.

4. In my painting course I didn't paint, I took pictures ! I was asked to compose a poster with the paintings my classmates had done for the 25th anniversary of the retirement home.

I had taken my little travel computer with me and they were all surprised what you can do with photos ! Of course this is only a trial. The screen on my little computer is too small to see properly.

5. Poor Brussels had suffered for two days with the G7 and even more with Obama. Again 3000 policemen watched and snipers were on the roofs when "The Beast" with his enormous escorts went to visit our King and then the next day to the meeting. I think the working population loves Obama, but only on TV.

Our son had asked Mr. G. to come with him and Grandson Toby to Italy for a week. For once he will travel to see his sister meanwhile 82. The whole afternoon he was lost in front of his suitcase and I had to help. People should have watched this "comedia all'italana" ! Now I am exhausted but then I have 10 days to rest ! My DIL and I prefer to stay home she in Amsterdam and I in Waterloo !

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5 Jun 2014


letter C

Each year in June Waterloo city organizes a trip for all seniors from 60 years on. This year the trip took us per bus to Antwerp, and then we went on a cruise ship for lunch, made a tour through Antwerp's habor while having lunch. Together with Nicole and another friend we went on this trip.

This was the invitation and program. The lunch was excellent !

First we had a Sea food pastry in a Nantua sauce  is a classical French sauce consisting of a B├ęchamel sauce base, cream, crayfish butter and crayfish tails. Then a slice of pork in a pepper creamed sauce, vegetables and a potato cake. As desert we had a Panna cotta which was delicious.

The views were not so nice and I couldn't take pictures

because we were all sitting under deck, and the windows were so dirty. There was no air and we had a place probably above the engine, because there was a terrible petrol smell. It got a little better while we were navigating, but as soon as we had finished the second plate, we went on deck in the fresh air and took our coffee and desert with us ! That was the best part of the cruise.

Besides huge petrol and cruise ships which were anchored there to be repaired and revised, there was one interesting ship you could rent for birthday or wedding or other parties. There was even a swimming pool on board.

After two hours on the ship we left it. I thought that people our age wouldn't behave like a school class, but I was wrong, people pushed you aside and it was "Me first" for most of them as if the boat would leave without them. As it is the use to have wine at table, white for fish and red for meat, some of them were very cheerful and a man had fallen asleep on a chair and had to be woken up. We all laughed. It was still better then last year were I wasn't on the trip, one got lost and missed the bus, and the police found him peacefully sleeping on a bench in a park. He returned by train !

Then we had a free time in Antwerp before we returned to our buses and went back to Waterloo. 

Jenny Matlock
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4 Jun 2014


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watching a movie in the garden

3 Jun 2014


Last time I had been to the Lion of Waterloo (post here) to have a look on the ongoing renovation works for the 200th anniversary of the battle, several old buildings had been destroyed, but it looks as if there is still a lot of work to be done to be ready for the June 18, 2015. Read more here ....

2 Jun 2014


On Saturday I went to the charity shop for battered women. Outside the shop I saw dog Charlie sitting there waiting for his mistress. I asked him what he is doing there when Nicole came out of the shop. She had brought a load of books and tableware for the shop. As the sun had come out and just in front of the shop is a big park, we decided to go there for a walk.

I think I haven't been in so many parks for walks in the last 5 years then during my whole married life ! Mr. G. hates to walk in parks and only did it reluctantly when our son was a little boy. And even then I had to pull him out of the house. Some people think that I am a widow, but I reassure them that it is not the case, it's only because my better half prefers to stay home !

In the park were some sport equipments and Nicole and I tried some out.

Then we watched some ladies playing "Swing Golf" it's a golf play but with colored balls and different golf clubs. It's played in some parks with existing holes and little flags. When Charlie saw the little red ball he ran off and caught it ! Now we were 5 to try to convince him to give the ball back ! We had no cookies to get his mouth open and take the ball. Finally a lady threw a second ball for him which he also wanted to take, let drop the other one and after 3 trials we finally managed to get the ball and give it back to the ladies. Fortunately they all found it very funny and we laughed and laughed !

A little further in the woods some young men were preparing a barbecue ! Also something for Charlie who smelled the meat ! We had to pull him away from the plate and the young men laughed and invited us for the barbecue. We declined this friendly offer it was 3 pm and we really weren't hungry. Charlie wasn't happy. We ended the nice walk with a drink on Nicole's terrace.

I bought a wireless lamp for our terrace if ever we sit outside when it is dark. It first has to be charged on electricity, but then you can charge it by turning a handle like a dynamo. Very practical in case of a electricity break down !

Sunday morning I went for a little walk through the market in the next little town,

I didn't want to buy anything but then came home with a cute little purse, perfect for travels ! It is compact but has enough room for all my stuff.

I love to watch the weekly report about the Royals in Europe on TV on Sundays, that's part of my romantic soul. At least it's not about wars or murders but something cheerful and relaxing to watch. This time they showed our new King participating in the  "20 km of Brussels", which celebrated its 35th anniversary. It had started in 1980, there are participants from all over the world (race history). He wore a blue T-shirt and was very brave, while the Queen and their 4 children watched Daddy running. They are very close to the population.

I continued to read my book on my Kindle in the garden, but after a while had to return into the house it became too cold.

Tomorrow starts another week !