18 Jun 2021


When I looked at the calender this morning and saw that  today it is June 16, I thought today it is exactly one year we left our house where we had lived for 45 years and moved into this apartment. Who would have thought that I had to celebrate this date alone because Mr. G. has gotten Parkinson and is still in hospital and I still don't know if he will ever be able to come back home. To forget and not to be too sad I invited my new neighbor who just moved in and we celebrated together her arrival and my first anniversary with an alcohol free bottle of Champagne !

It's getting warm and warmer and I decided to fake that I am on holidays. I put my beachbed on the balcony and two parasols, sun cream and my travel computer, some sparkling water and then fell down on the bed ! I found out that it is not so terrible not to travel, as I have this wonderful view and can hear the kids laughing and screaming in the swimming pools around. I tried to leave my worries behind,

My coffee machine was becoming an antique and started to loose water. Before it  didn't work at all anymore, I quickly bought a new one and I'm very satisfied. The idea of ​​not having coffee in the morning brought me close to a nervous breakdown.

I got my second Pfizer shot, was a bit early but there were not many people so I could go in, they took my paper and identitiy card and then sent me in a cabine where a little man with a syringe in his hand waited for me ! I don't know where he had learned to give a shot but it hurt ! He obviously wasn't used to this job, maybe a doctor. I said nothing, smiled and left and thought afterwards why did I smile ? I wore a mask !

On my way back I said hello to Nicole who wasn't feeling too well because she had another week of chimeo behind her. 

To end the day I wanted to take out a fresh nightgown when, I suddenly fell but had the reflex to hold onto the floor lamp and then we both fell on the floor. I felt a little groggy and my hip hurt, my leg too, and my right arm. I slowly crawled to my bed and lay down. I'm pretty flexible like a rubber doll thanks to my yoga so that I had nothing but huge bruises on which I immediately put  on a special cream. The next day when I moved it hurt terribly, so I stayed on my sofa which I would  have done anyway because we had 30° !! Strangely despite the sun was shining very hard, my two parasols helped and as there is always a little wind the heat was bearable.

The weatherman had announced heavy thunderstorms and as usual there were dark clouds but not one drop fell on my head ! 

We ended the week by going into "our" beloved Chinese Restaurant "all you can eat" ! It was almost one year we hadn't eaten Chinese anymore. It was cool inside and the plates were delicious. It was as if the normal life starts slowly. We still had to wear the mask, but sitting at the table you were allowed to take it of, would have been difficult to eat with a mask. We all ate like horses, it was nearly a shame !

It was 3 pm and nobody wanted to go shopping after this meal ! We all returned home and lay down ! It also was very hot outside but inside it was OK. 

Before I went out I had taken off my glasses and couldn't find them anymore ! Five years without looking for glasses only my keys and now it starts again ! 

I still haven't found them, I even looked in the bins, in the fridge but without any success !

Tomorrow is another day !

Poor Rosie has a hot lockdown nap ! Now during the night she sleeps on the balcony and watches foxes, cats, and morning birds.

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16 Jun 2021



For the first time in my life I had the opportunity to see hairless kitten ! The people who had bought our house have two of them and they wanted that the female gets pregnant once. Poor girl had 4 kitten but two died, the first once coming out were not quick enough, so that the two last once suffocated. Now they are one month old and the family  is happy. I had to get used to their worried look with their wrinkled forehead. !  On the last picture the baby looks for the milk station !

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15 Jun 2021


During 16 years of my life each year we spent our holidays at the Lake of Garda. Reason : the family ! In fact Mr. G was born in the north of the Garda Lake and the whole family still lived there around. 

It is a very beautiful Lake, the biggest in Italy with 51,6 km length and 17,2 km large and more than 300 m deep. In the North there are high mountains while the South is quite flat.The wind is very punctual, it's windy to very windy at 11 am and again around 5 pm. In between there is no wind when the weather is nice which it is normally. The North is a paradise for surfers ! 

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14 Jun 2021



Pookie, is an English girl from London who belonged to my son finally shared my life for 20 years ! She also had to learn to meow in French !






Saturday for once the alarm clock woke me up ! Normally I juste wake up 5 minutes before ! I think I have to change the cleaning day now in summer. 

When the cleaning storm was over and Maria had eliminated the last Corona virus which had hidden in a corner, my hairdresser showed up. She had started to cut our hairs during the  lockdown when the hairdressers were closed.. Now we are used to her, and she continues to come although the hairdressers are allowed to work again and the salons are open.


Now that it is getting warm again, it's nice to have a shorter haircut. In the afternoon I watched a bit "Trooping the Colors" but a part from the little Queen sitting bravely all alone and did her job it looked  a little sad. Her cousin who was nearly half taller then her had difficulties to follow her because she walked so quick, that he shaked a bit in following and I was afraid that he would fall in full length on the floor, especially because he wore this huge fury hat, which made it difficult  to keep the balance. 

As there was nothing  else to see then the colorful soldiers, some of them shouting orders and sang several times "God safe the Queen ,  there was only the beautiful castle and the green grass to see.  

In the afternoon I visited Mr. G. unfortunately he was not very well and it was hard to have a discussion with him. But his voice is normal now and also he walks much better.  

I picked up a pile of dirty laundry and then showed him the decorations that had been made in the floors for the football fans.When the King has his birthday or it's the Belgian National Day, you don't see many flags but when there is a football game with other countries then the whole country suddenly digged out its flags !

The Coronavirus must  hate football (soccer) because only a few people were wearing  masks and there were hundreds of people gathered all over the country in different cities. Now when in 2 weeks nobody is infected, it's maybe more useful to play football then to get a vaccin  and we will be virus free the whole year long only football has to be played non stop !

The visitors and the little flags but there was much more

When I returned I was a bit depressed  and I thought to cheer me up I will ask friends if I could see the little kittens which meanwhile were one month old before they were adults ! They welcomed me of course and I could talk a bit about other things. She showed me the babies, I had never seen hairless kittens ! They are cute when you get used to them, but to me they don't look like cats, but they are ! The mum was a little worried that I would harm her babies, but finally she agreed. 

 Here is brother and sister, mum has gone out for a little walk

The evening I spent with Rosie who still continued her lockdown sleep !

13 Jun 2021


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