2 Mar 2018


Hurghada, red sea, Egypt

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It had been the last day of our holidays in the Sunrise Holiday Resort in Hurghada at the red sea.

When we came down for breakfast there was a new beautiful flower decoration in the entrance hall.
These flowers everywhere outside and inside I really miss !

This year we also had a very good Internet connection in all rooms and even on the beach, which was very convenient because I could talk to Mr. G. at any time.

At 10 pm each morning the animation team walked around the beach and "woke" us up with laughter and humor !

Every day was the same,  chatting, enjoying the sun and also me watching the painters looking like spidermen painting the yellow facade which had faded in the sun into a bright white. We were only interrupted by lunch !

Last week we had the strawberry festival this time it was melons ! The cooks carried the huge tray on the beach and we could all eat at our hearts content. I will show more pictures in another post because it was so very beautiful.

There was a huge choice of food, and cocktails here are some starters and cakes. The main courses were really for everybody's taste no matter from where the guests came. We were mostly English and Germans but also French and Belgians.

Each evening another singer sang female or male and they all had wonderful voices. Some of the guests danced. At 11.30 it was finished not to disturb those who went to bed  early as I and Nicole did, because we were so tired from the sun and the fresh air.

And now I am home again. I didn't have the courage yet to empty my suitcase ! What a difference ! Below right my view until yesterday and today ! The cats greeted me and then went to sleep again.
Fortunately Mr. G. had brought us scarfs and bonnets at the airport it was freezing cold ! - 6°C !

Our flight took an hour more due to the wind, but we were lucky that the Brussels' airport was not closed, because people from Scotland were stuck Glasgow airport was closed to heavy snow. I heard from one that they are still there but in another hotel (ours was full) until Saturday !

It will take some effort to go back into the usual daily routine ! For a start our heater in the bathroom has problems ......, we have to pay a supplement of taxes etc etc ! Welcome home !

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27 Feb 2018


Today is the last day of my holidays in Hurghada ! And while it gets colder and colder at home it gets warmer and warmer here. Acccording to the locals it is a very unusual  warm February, normally it is the coldest month of the year which means temperatures around 20 to 25°C.

The  view from our hotel to Hurghada had never been so sharp and clear..

Our French friend whom we had met here 2 years ago, goes each time when she is here to the Copt church which is the Egyptian version of the Orthodox church. I had never been there and of course was curious to see it.

We took a taxi from the hotel, and the driver was well known by our friend. So he drove us around through Hurghada and I could finally take some pictures of the city !

Restaurants, shops and apartments

The very beautiful Mosque of Hurghada

The city has changed very much and became real modern. Far away from the little town I knew 10 years ago where you could hardly walk because the streets and sidewalks were full of holes and uneven. Now it had all been renewed.

The mosque from the other side

Shops all along the streets

The copt church is very beautiful and I will write about it when I am home.

And here we are at the entrance. There were quite a lot of people around, chatting it seemed to me like a meeting point to socialize.

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