10 Nov 2007


We have very hard working days. Lieing at the beach the whole day, chatting and watching people is very tiring of course.

Most of the guests are Russians but real once not fro; Ukraine who behaved like primates. These once are nice people and besides the language problem there re no others.

There are also some Germans, some english speaking an very fez french speaking people> I think I ave to learn russian !

The last two days it was very windy and people were running behind their sun hats, cremes, books and other stuff. That of course is very funny especially when they bend over and half of their bottoms are hanging out and you have all sizes from S to XXXL !

At 10 pm we are welcomed in all languages and the programs are announced. It always starts with the sound of a cock, bids and finally with military trumpets. Sleeping time is over.

Every day we are going shopping, i.e. we invade the jeweleries. Yesterday I came out with silver earrings with turquoises and sapphirs for 30 euros (25 $ instead of the 180 he had asked first. Of course I had to haggle very hard and told the man that my husband has not given me enough money, then I took out a tissu and sobbed bitterly because he is such a stingy man and never buys me anything. Of course he complained then that I would ruin him. Ilona got a large silver bracelet with turquoises for 50 euros instead of 150 because her husband had left her for another woman. Chantal got a beautiful silver bracelet also with turquoises, because she had an awful husband who treated her very badly. I told the man she was a beaten woman.

With all these unhappy girls, who laughed and giggled and put the shop upside down, he couldn't do anything else but offer us a nice cup of Karkade tea. Both parties were very satisfied and happy and today we lied at the beach decorated like Christmas trees !

I will put some pictures as soon as they download to Photobucket, Blogger as usual is on strike !

9 Nov 2007


Which snack do you like to get when you go to the movies?
Nothing. And here I prefer to see shows life, belly dancing, fire eaters, and handsome egyptians are better than the last Potter movie if you are a fan (I am not)

What year did you start using the internet?

in 2006 that's why I am sitting here with an arabic keyboard and type like a snail (for those who still not know I am in Egypt at the red sea.

What is your first name in Pig Latin? (Here’s how to speak it if you don’t already know!)
In Pig Latin ? Is that the language what the pope uses ? For the moment I rather try to speak baby arabic and one of the words I learned is 'Habibi" which means darling or sweetheart ! So call me Habibi ! (the pig latin page takes ages to load so I leave it to the priests)

Main Course
Name something you are picky about.

Toilets. They absolutely have to be clean ! otherwise I prefer constipation !

Fill in the blanks: I haggled for a bracelet yesterday and I will haggel today for earings for at least the half of the asked price ! If I don't write tomorrow I was killed !

8 Nov 2007


13 Things about my holiday location Hurghada in Egypt at the Red sea
1. Hurghada is an artificial town not older than 20 years. It really started in the 90th.

2. Built in the dessert around a very little fisher village

3. all hotels are built like little villages surrounded by a wall. The entrance is everywhere like a check luggage point in an airport. Tourist police is everywhere and in every hotel. Egypt is one of the safest countries for tourists.

4. There are to 90 % only 5 * hotels. All are looking like oriental palaces.

5. There are many jeweleries, more than food shops

6. A big airconditionned shopping mall has everything a tourist heart can wish and to very cheap prices.

7. The main street is very large and looks like a Christmas decoration in the evening

8. You can visit and eat in the restaurants of the different hotels and also attend the shows.

9. There is nothing historical in this area

10. You can make quite a lot of excursions, a ride on a camel and watch the sunset in the dessert, join a submarine by boat and admire the coral riffs and colored fishes, or make an one day excursion to Luxor and visit all the temples and historical sites.

11. In our hotel is as everywhere a program to entertain the guests the whole day with gymnastic, watergym, waterpolo, belly dancing and a lot of other things.

12. The food is excellent everywhere in all hotels and you have a lot of choice. For a real good menu with drinks you can count around 7 euros ! It is cheaper than eating at home.

13. I just watch the belly dancing women, one had just her breasts jumping out of her bikini top and I have to stop I laugh too much !

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The tourists, Ilona, Chantal and I

6 Nov 2007


Today I have some compiled news but only here from Hurghada. I worked very hard laying on my beach chair in front of the swimming pool. The tourists are mostly Russians, the real once, not those from Ukraine, who eat with fingers and have their nose hanging in their plates. These once at least are educated and don't disturb. We feel like at the black sea and not the red, because you hear russian everywhere, even the poor Egyptians now speak Putin's language.

But sometimes they still have a strange behaviour. While we were sitting in our restaurant, built in false rocks with view on the very blue sea and waited for our lunch, a young woman came by looked at our bread basket full of delicious rolls, and without saying a word, dived in with her fingers took out a roll and went away. We all looked a little surprised and at each other, when another appeared and also took a roll. I told my friends knowing the russians to save money the whole group will pass by and take our rolls. I just finished my sentence that a third one appeared. This time Ilona who has hungarian blood running in her veins got up took the basked with the rolls and shouted :"now it's enough "! the third one who had waited already quickly disappeard !

Today we almost sat on our bread basket, too much is to much, if at least they had asked for it !
The fish of the red sea tastes wonderful and is so fresh that it nearly still swims on your plate.

Tonight we attend a supper with an Egyptian show.

Haggling is part of every shopping except in the Hotel of course. My friends are so amazed of the cheap prices of silver or gold jewelry, that every evening I had to go with them in jewelry shops and haggle, because this is part of the folklore and you should never pay the price they ask for. Usually they double the price so you have to offer under half of the price and then with tears and tissues and complaints that I would ruin their lifes, their wives and children would die of hunger, I finally obtain then half of the asked price. And then it's the big laughter, you are offered a cup of tea and a long chat follows and everybody is happy. For a wonderful bracelet in silver with turquoises we only payed 30 Euros instead of 75 !

5 Nov 2007


After four hours flight but spending 3 h at the airport for check ins and terrorist checking waiting for assistance for my handicapped friend we finally arrived safely in Hourghada.

Immediately once outside we had at least 10 Taxi drives surrounding us and of course everybody had the best prices. It is amazing what phantasy they can develop to get the trip ! It varies from showing pictures of their babies (on a mobile of course) or prentending that they are christians (as if that would matter to me) Finally we took one who drove us "safely" to our hotel. My friends not used to all this show were more than surprised ! And safely means that you better close your eyes and make your last wishes because they don t respect any traffic sign or speed limit !

The hotel is very big and very large and has only two floors. As all hotels have been built in the last 10 years along the sea but in the desert everything is very new and very luxurious.

I will write a little more tomorrow it is quite hard to write because it is an arabic keyboard ! The beach and swimming pool is wonderful and the temperature too, 32 !!

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I don't need that !

Sorry for any typing fault but try to write on an arabic keyboard !