4 Oct 2019


We had our scrabble at Myriam's, one was missing she is on holidays in Spain, in the heat, while Myriam had to turn on the heating ! It's getting cold !

We had a very strong wind together with buckets of rain, some areas were flooded, fortunately not ours ! My neighbor's garden furniture flew away in the grass and I found my vase with fake sunflowers in the middle of the lawn ! Nothing else fortunately. I didn't put a foot outside I thought I would be blown somewhere in the fields ! Instead I remained  home where it was warm and made new headers for my blogs, watched a few little films about the "pouring" painting technique on You Tube ! Was very interesting what you can do ! Mr. G. was away in his Whist group and I had a peaceful afternoon, only interrupted from old cat Arthur's meowing for food !

It was almost the same the next day, I had aqua gym and we were a lot this time ! 15 all together and that was a bit much for the little swimming pool. But we had a lot of fun because of that probably because sometimes we bumped together.

Apparently that had made me unusually tired because when I had had my lunch and watched my little crime story I suddenly saw publicity, I had fallen asleep and missed the whole film of 45 min ! As outside it was still raining cats and dogs, I changed my mind and stayed home.

This weekend is our painting exhibition and we started to put up the panels to hang the paintings and drawings. 

It's hard work until the panels stand up and the grids are put together ! Fortunately we had a young man who helped us and the rest we did ourselves, we hammered, measured and hang up the paintings. Above the three are my pouring paintings and the two panels with cats.

We all were quite exhausted when it was finally finished and we were happy about the result.

After a Vernissage in the Art building of the city where all painters of Waterloo get together with their guests, the exhibition will start on Saturday.

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2 Oct 2019


A Sunday without cars in Brussels

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1 Oct 2019


The blue green lake Bled is the greatest attraction in this country,  it is measuring just 2km by 1.4km. The lake is lovely to behold from almost any vantage point, and makes a beautiful backdrop for the 6km walk along the shore. Thermal springs warm the water to a swimmable 22°C (72°F) from June through August. The lake is naturally the focus of the entire town: you can rent rowing boats, splash around on stand-up paddleboards or simply snap countless photos what I did.

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30 Sept 2019


purr purrrrr



Saturday morning when I opened the shutters I wanted to close them again immediately and hide myself under the blanket ! The sky was dark, wind was blowing and it rained ! It was exactly what I call a "graveyard weather" ! So cheerful ! I wanted to stay in bed, but on the other hand I had to get up, there were things to do ! I wrote my cat blog post, and then I looked for a TV furniture on Internet, because in all stores I have been, I didn't like any. Then I talked half an hour with my friend Nicole, and some other people and suddenly it was noon and the morning was over.

Sometimes I was interrupted by always hungry cat Arthur and as a well trained servant I filled in his bowl. He is so old that he earns to be spoilt !

Mr. G. had his formula 1 and was in Russia, sitting on the sofa stuck on the screen. We had to be silent like in a church. Fortunately the cats slept, I was excluded and went for some shopping, but changed my mind because of the wind and rain and went to Myriam and together we checked if we had everything for our exhibition next weekend.  Nothing was missing even a beautiful turquoise table cloth with fitting champagne glasses (plastic, Greta will send her to hell) and napkins, chips, and other salty stuff and a few biscuits. We had sent out most of the invitations on Facebook and she had been to several hairdressers to leave our flyers.

To my surprise I found my pouring painting on Pinterest. I don't know how it arrived there ! I discovered that I am a member but don't remember when I subscribed ! Must be at least 10 years ago ! I don't even know how it works and for what it is.  But it was nice to see. And then the Saturday was over !

Sunday it was even worse ! A storm blow the rain fell in buckets from heaven it was really awful ! A weather to stay home and don't look out of the window !

Mr. G was the only one who was happy, he was again in Russia for his Formula one. The rest of the family which means two cats and myself where banned from the TV. I watched paint pouring techniques on YouTube and prepared my post for "Our World" on Tuesday. One post more and I have done my whole tour around the Eastern countries ! There is still Vienna left.

Fortunately we had our Facebook meeting from our group "Vivre à Waterloo" (Living in Waterloo) this time in a very fancy Mexican restaurant ! This was the outside, it must be nice to sit here in summer !

Inside too it was really fancy, we had tapas and a singer sang Mexican songs. I was there with Nicole (above) and 2 others and the girl on the picture was one of the group. We had a lot of fun and some also were dancing. It's so nice to meet people life and not always hidden behind a picture on Facebook ! It was a real cheerful evening and it was decided that we will come back !

Now it's dark of course when I drove home, the days are getting shorter and shorter at 9 pm it's already dark ! In a few weeks it will be at 5 pm !