4 Oct 2019


We had our scrabble at Myriam's, one was missing she is on holidays in Spain, in the heat, while Myriam had to turn on the heating ! It's getting cold !

We had a very strong wind together with buckets of rain, some areas were flooded, fortunately not ours ! My neighbor's garden furniture flew away in the grass and I found my vase with fake sunflowers in the middle of the lawn ! Nothing else fortunately. I didn't put a foot outside I thought I would be blown somewhere in the fields ! Instead I remained  home where it was warm and made new headers for my blogs, watched a few little films about the "pouring" painting technique on You Tube ! Was very interesting what you can do ! Mr. G. was away in his Whist group and I had a peaceful afternoon, only interrupted from old cat Arthur's meowing for food !

It was almost the same the next day, I had aqua gym and we were a lot this time ! 15 all together and that was a bit much for the little swimming pool. But we had a lot of fun because of that probably because sometimes we bumped together.

Apparently that had made me unusually tired because when I had had my lunch and watched my little crime story I suddenly saw publicity, I had fallen asleep and missed the whole film of 45 min ! As outside it was still raining cats and dogs, I changed my mind and stayed home.

This weekend is our painting exhibition and we started to put up the panels to hang the paintings and drawings. 

It's hard work until the panels stand up and the grids are put together ! Fortunately we had a young man who helped us and the rest we did ourselves, we hammered, measured and hang up the paintings. Above the three are my pouring paintings and the two panels with cats.

We all were quite exhausted when it was finally finished and we were happy about the result.

After a Vernissage in the Art building of the city where all painters of Waterloo get together with their guests, the exhibition will start on Saturday.

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


Tamago said...

Glad the storm didn't affect your area in major way. The exhibition looks beautiful. I hope you will have fun time there!

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad you didn't get any flooding. Have fun at the exhibition! Everything looks nice!

William Kendall said...

Enjoy the exhibition!

A rainy day can make one feel tired.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh napping for me is a favorite pastime. lol

Enjoy the art exhibition & stay dry while safe indoors!

Wendy said...

Hope the exhibition is going well.

Willow said...

Oh my. That is a lot of rain! Flooded streets can be so dangerous. I'm glad you were ok.
I look forward to seeing your photos of the exhibition next week!

Susan said...

Wow, the rain in your area sounds intense. Last week we had one afternoon of very strong rain and even a tornado. California is not usually known for having tornadoes, so that was quite a surprise

No boardgames for me this past week. Although I’m hoping that when my daughter comes home tonight, we can play boggle. Have you heard of that game? Maybe next week your whole scrabble group will be together.

Your new headers look nice

Hooray for getting the exhibition all set up. I hope you have a great turn out and it’s not too wet.

Have a good week. Susan @FruitfulWords

Susanne said...

It looks like there is a lot of paintings for your show. The displays look great. That is a lot of rain, glad your street was not flooded.