11 Nov 2022


On Monday the weather had changed and it was cooler and cloudy. My new friend Jeanine, who lives also in our building and whom I had met during one of the excursions organized in Waterloo had asked me if I am also going to Switzerland for 5 days. I had completely forgotten that twice a year they organize a longer trip. As I had nothing special to do I thought I look a bit deeper into the program and I googled where this town Berkenried was located. It was at the four lakes in the German speaking part of Switzerland and the pictures looked beautiful.

Then I googled on YouTube for the Hotel and it was directly at the lake in this charming little town. Suddenly I felt much better, jumped on the phone, and booked for me a room ! Then I got the detailed program and it was really interesting. So much to see  ! 

In the afternoon Adeline came over to say hello to Rosie and I showed her where I would go. Normally she also goes with us, but this was too far for her. She had always traveled with her husband, even to Thailand, but now as a widow she only stays in Belgium or Holland, not far away from home !

The next day I wanted to visit Nicole, but it rained so much that I preferred to stay home, but I called her. She was a little depressed, because her grandson had taken her to see her cat who lives now with her daughter and the cat didn't even notice her ! I tried to comfort her saying that a cat is not a dog and is more attached to the house were she lives and probably she feels happy there and she goes so well along with the little dog. She should be happy that Isis found such a nice home. But she thinks she can go back home again and the cat won't go with her. Of course she can never return home, but I preferred to say nothing not to hurt her. 

The birthday gift for grandson Toby had arrived and I had to pick it up in a supermarket. We do it the modern way, he sends me the link to the store with the things he wants to have (only one of course, he is modest) and he had chosen a headphone and a dart game, in the hope that he will get the two, and of course he will ! I picked up the headphone, made my shopping and quickly returned home. The darts were out of stock. Now I have to choose another gift with him, he will come over the weekend.

I had bought a straw wreath and decorated it with dry red berries. I hang it on the white door which separates me from my neighbor and which always looked so dull. I also prepared the terrace for winter, I managed to put the chairs under the table but the plastic cover which I would have to put over the whole thing was too heavy for me, so I wait for grandson or son to help me.

The trees haven't lost their leaves yet, I compared the pictures of this year with the once from last year and stated that last year the trees were more naked and had lost their leaves more than this year.

Rosie continues her four season sleep

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10 Nov 2022


1. Last time you were 'dressed to the nines'? 

I really have to rake my brain, probably last Christmas when Rick was still with us. After he passed away, I didn't dress to the nines !

2. Something recently that had you on 'cloud nine'? 

Certainly not, I have to get used to the fact that since 6 month I am a widow and have lost the only man I ever loved. We have been happily married for 53 years.

3. Tell us about a time, circumstance, experience, or decision you made where the saying 'a stitch in time saves nine' proved true. 

When I got all the succession papers from the State and was supposed to fill them out, and almost drowned in them! They are so complicated here in Belgium, although  I was a very simple case. Then I got myself a notary before I went insane

4. A recipe you make that calls for exactly nine ingredients? 

I don't cook anymore and don't remember will not remember any recipe !

5. This coming Friday is Veterans Day in the US of A. Will you mark the day in some way? Are you a veteran? If you live outside the US does your country have a day dedicated to celebrating veterans? 

In Europe we don't have Veterans Day, we have a bank holiday to remember the end of the first world war, but not the second, and not in all countries either. 

The Germans have no veterans, I think they don't even have a graveyard for soldiers. In any case I never heard of it. It's sad that all the mothers don't even know where their sons died, only because a whole country listened and believed a crazy, sick male who promised heaven on earth. All we got was hell !

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

It's difficult to be optimistic, today I wanted to pick up the birthday gift for my grandson, all shops closed there is a general strike. No public transport, the airports are closed and so are the schools. Thank god I don't mind staying alone and keeping myself busy. Not with household stuff, but I like to decorate or turn my photos into art. I've done that too.


 I'm also preparing my trip, I'm going with a group from Waterloo to Switzerland for 5 days. A bit of variety is definitely good for me! 





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9 Nov 2022


These are things our politicians can buy in Sharm-el-Sheik !! I have been there 4 times, it's ideal for water sport, but I doubt that they are all sportsmen !

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7 Nov 2022








Saturday when I looked at the temperature outside I thought that winter had moved in over night ! From normally 11 to 15°C the thermometer showed 3° ! I had to turn the heating on ! Not used anymore. Maria came at 7.45 and cleaned my "palace". We also put the cushions from the terrace furniture away for winter. 

After lunch I went in a shop where you find everything and bought all cleaning stuff, a photo frame and a nutcracker 

which I found so cute and which will serve for a Christmas decoration. When I came back I was exhausted, since a few days my breathing problems had shown up again. And I thought they were gone forever since I came back from Eastbourne. I just said hello to Adeline my neighbor, she had been busy with the grandchildren, as for the first time in history the Belgian kids had two weeks school holidays instead of one since ever, so it was an enormous change in all households and the grandmothers were busy (not all of them) Most of the kids were in daycare or had other organized occupations.

And suddenly it was supper time and the day over.

Sunday was not better but it didn't rain at least not in the morning. The sky was  mostly grey and cat Rosie preferred to hang besides her basket.

I had started to create artistic photos, which I discovered and love to do. These are my last creations.

It takes quite a lot of time, but it was so awful outside that I lit the open fire ! 

The Dream
and the reality ! It's strange that you get the impression that it really heats the room ! In any case it's nice not to sit in front of a black screen.

It also was a day of phone calls, my son, and then my friend from Italy, she was the wife of Rick's best friend, who sadly passed away one year before. I had to talk Italian of course, and stated that I have to watch more the Italian TV because I am a litte rusty. But during the conversation it came back.