15 Oct 2021


 I started the week by turning around or rather sitting on the sofa I wasn't feeling well after this weekend where Mr. G  was in such a bad shape that I wonder if he can go out again and come home.

Fortunately we had our scrabble the next day we were only three from the two others one was on holidays and the other didn't show up without any explanations and when I called her several times she didn't answer. Strange behaviour. But as I am not in my shoes either I think it is the upcoming fall and also the post Covid reactions. People are not as before. On top now you have to show your vaccination pass when you want to go out in restaurants and bars not sure about cinemas. For me personally it doesn't bother me to show the "safety ticket" on my phone, but people think it takes their liberty. 

I had to do a work which I hate and that's why I always think I will do it tomorrow. I had to go through all papers and found out that files were missing probably thrown away by mistake during the move, or it was Mr. G starting the Parkinson. I found a terrible mess and before I got a nervous breakdown, I called the bank for an appointment, now even if you have a stupid question you have to take an appointment. My problem was I couldn't find Mr. G's passwords and of course he can't remember anything and I have no access to the online banking. I pity the people who can't handle a computer !! This done I had enough and went to Adeline next door, she is the right person to cheer me up with her motherly, cheerful character, suddenly I felt much better and we had a nice afternoon, she was alone too this day. I am really blessed that I have such a nice neighbor and not an old grumpy one ! So far all people I have met in this building are very nice and friendly.

The weather has cooled down and all people have to switch on their heating, except Adeline and I our apartments are so warm that even with 6°C we didn't need any heating. Good for us because the gaz and electricity price has increased terribly and people in financial difficulties get help from the government. 

Of course I have visited Mr. G too as I do every second day, but he was confused and not feeling well so I didn't stay long, I just asked the manager for more help for him because his health had declined. But with Parkinson disease you never know it's like a roller coaster which is difficult to handle.

My friend Nicole who has brain cancer started a new chimeo therapy and isn't feeling well either, but she is fighting ! 

Outside the trees started to change colors and probably next week will start to loose their leaves. It's the season I hate the most and apparently not only me because it was said in the news that the clinics are full with people suffering from depression.

 Fall or not fall Rosie is only interested in food !

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14 Oct 2021


1. What obligation do you believe you have to your country? 

Obligation ? We are the country !  We voted for a government, pay our taxes, obey to the laws they make, I think it's rather the other way around the country has obligations to the people !  Taking care of their health, for the school education, and protect us. That's what they are payed for !

2. October 12 is National Farmers Day? Do you know any farmers? What do they farm/grow/raise? Are there any farm stands where you live? Do you shop there? 

I spent my childhood in a little farmer's town in Germany with my grandparents. At that  time there were many farmers and I enjoyed playing in the fields or in the barn. Once I even milked a cow and she hit me in the face with her tail, I did not know that the tail had to be tied. Back then, there were no milking machines. 

 Today where I live there are no farmers anymore. They have all sold their land and there are now houses. You have to drive a few km before you can find a farm. But there are Farmer's Markets where a lot of people shop.

3. What's a skill you think everyone should have? Tell us why? 

Learn languages if you want to travel or work in other countries.  You are lucky you don't have to learn English because in most of the countries people speak at least a bit English. The language young students choose now is Chinese, Probably we will need it some time. That's good for working in business. 

4. Favorite thing you've purchased this year? 

A new Smartphone, my old one became an antique, and the photos were lousy. Now with the new one I don't need my camera anymore which is very practical. I am very satisfied and learn each time a little more. 

5. What's your favorite place to visit in the fall? 

A museum ? I am not a fan of fall and rather prefer to stay in my warm living room and watch the striptease of the trees !  

When the leaves were gone I saw for the first time that I had houses in front of my terrace ! The trees had hidden them completely !

The fun of fall

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I wonder how the year's end festivities will be this year, Mr. G. being ill and never knows if he will be able to go out or not where we will celebrate Christmas ? Or not at all ? All rather dark thoughts !

Wait and see don't worry know, just let it come, or as they say in French : let the sheep piss !


13 Oct 2021

11 Oct 2021


In 2012 I made a coach trip around Tunesia. It was very interesting and the landscapes beautiful. Some of them reminded me National Parks in the States and I thought how strange that nearly the same landscape you find on another continent.


A mosque

There was a little town all in blue and white no other colors only the flowers were mostly red 

A lot of history

Built in the rocks ... houses

beautiful carpets and craftwork


If you want to see and know more about this country it is HERE and other posts in the sidebar of my Country & Cities Blog...

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On Saturdays I avoid the shops as they are so full of people who work during the week and only have time for shopping on Saturdays. 

The shops close at 9 pm at the latest and on Sundays they are closed anyway. Therefore I changed my habits to winter time and now my brave Maria comes on Saturday mornings and cleans the apartment and I do some private paperwork which is still a lot, due to Covid delays (everything which doesn't work is the Covid's fault) and I have to check everything. 

In the afternoon Myriam came and helped me with the curtains one has lost some hangers and it really looked awful. We also checked the winter program of our Bus excursions, but the program was rather poor only one we liked and that was the visiting the Christmas market in Aachen (Germany). 

In Waterloo too was nothing special to do, not even a film we liked and we finally enjoyed the sunshine on my terrace where it was so warm that I still didn't have to turn the heating on ! It was 25°C in the living room and the window doors wide open.

 Fall hasn't really moved in because the trees around are still green.

Sunday our son came for a visit and we took Mr. G. to "his" Italian restaurant, where he could eat his favorite noodle plate.

and while he watched his Formular 1 together with Rosie, my son put the summer stuff on the terace together and covered it with a plastic.

I was very happy about it, because it's a quite heavy work,  now it's done ! And as it was so warm again, we sat outside on my rocking chairs which usually are in the living room. Now fall and winter can move in and quickly out, I wait for spring !!

It was a nice day tiring for Mr. G and he was happy when my son drove him back "home". 

10 Oct 2021


The End is near, I mean the end of the year, fall has started and the mostly green leaves change their colors so that mother nature looks beautiful .....


and then the trees become naked leaving their leaves everywhere. The joy of fall is then,  to slip on wet leaves and hopefully don't break a leg or an arm ! A dangerous season which I don't like.