13 Jun 2009

SMILEY SATURDAY - A misunderstanding

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During our roundtrip through the south of Morocco, we spent each night in an other hotel. Where I live there is no noice at all so I am very sensitive to the lightest sound even if it would be a caughing fly. That's why I always take ear plugs with me and sleep like an angel.

Unfortunately that didn't happen to Arlette one of our group members. One morning she appeared very tired at the breakfast table and complained about the Muezzin, the caller for prayers who had woken her up at 4 am. Usually the Muezzin calls 5 times per day and in the past it was a real man who climbed up the tower and shouted in a loudspeaker.

Today old scratched records are used or maybe in modern cities CDs. Of course Arlette had no intention to pray to whatever god in the world at four in the morning, turned around and was half asleep when a rooster started to crow with energy, not for prayers but just to tell people it was time to get up.


a mosque without Muzzim

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and as it was years ago

Behind me is our guide and besides with the glasses Madame Le Coq (Mrs. Rooster)

Just when she was complaining about the rooster and what a fuss he had made, another woman from our group arrived and looked surprised when she heard about the rooster's behaviour. Then she said "But I didn't make any noise I slept ! I just got up" ! We all looked a little dazzled and didn't understand what she meant when she said : "I am Madame Le Coq and really I didn't make any noise !" We all bursted out in laughter because Madam Le Coq means Mrs Rooster and she just had thought we were complaining about her !

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12 Jun 2009


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SHOW & TELL - Morrocan ceramic and Berber scarfs

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During my roundtrip through the south of Morocco I haven't bought much. First it was far too expensive compared to Egypt and as we have a lot of Morocans living in Brussels, they sell the same stuff here on the market and sometimes even to a cheaper price. The only really interesting things were oriental rugs and carpets.

But I bought these two ceramic bowls. One represents a little decorative Tajine which I can use for my earings or other little things. Normally a Tajine is a stew, braised at low temperatures, and they are traditionally cooked in the tajine pot, whose cover has a knob-like handle at its top to facilitate removal as on my little one. While simmering, the cover can be lifted off without the aid of a mitten, enabling the cook to inspect the main ingredients, add vegetables, move things around, or add additional braising liquid.

The other bowl is a decorative ashtray


When we went by jeep through the Sahara and then took a camel to watch the sunset, we had to buy these Berber scarfs to protect us from wind sand and heat. First it looked so difficult to us to put this scarf around our heads but finally it wasn't that difficult at all. A Berber showed us how to make and wear it as a hat. First you had to do a knot , put the scarf on your head then twist the scarf around your head like a twisted cord. It is quite long and large.


Ilona helping another group member


And here is the result, the down hanging part you can put then over your nose so that just your eyes are free in case sand blows in your face. It's very practical and airy.

11 Jun 2009


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13 quotes about travelling

1. Thanks to the highway system, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.

2. The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist.

3. But why, oh why, do the wrong people travel, when the right people stay at home?

4. If you look like your passport photo, you're too ill to travel.

5. Being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned.

6. When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.

7.If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.

8. No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

9. The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

10. all great travellers have seen more than they remember, and remember more than they have seen.

11. When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.

12. Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse.

13. The road to a ruin is always in good repair, and the travellers pay the expense of it.

10 Jun 2009


(south of Morocco)

Nothing has changed since 2000 years, except at a closer look there is TV !

9 Jun 2009


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8 Jun 2009


has the following assignment for us this week :

Using your imagination, project into the future and tell me what you will be like as an 80-year old. Will you be someone who doesn't accept the aging process, spending all your time in the
gym and the bars, or will you be a rocking chair granny, or something in between?

As I have only 14 years left to reach this age, I don't have to use a lot of imagination. Wrinkles are there and that's it. If I will not have any serious health troubles, I will just go on like I do now.

See :


Ageing is a philosophy of life. I would never use the sentence : "at my time" because my time is not yet over. I am still there and don't look at the roots of the flowers in my grave ! I only look back, for nice memories otherwise I prefer to look into the future and keep myself up to date. I never reject something new and even the new mobile generation which does laundry, dishwashing, ironing, emails, internet and TV that you can also use as a telephone seems very practical to me. That I use my old machines for that is a personal choice.

I will continue to travel through the world, I will take pictures and keep my blogs up, and even when I am sitting in a wheelchair I can still use my computer as my window to the world.

Laughing is the best remedy against wrinkles !

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and so I would push my computer around, except I would have another hairdo. (The apple has nothing to do with the picture !)

7 Jun 2009