8 Feb 2019


The days seem to be like  a pearl necklace, every day the same routine ! Each day I am full of ideas of what I could do, but then mostly, looking out of the window my energy drops under ground and I decide to do what I wanted to do tomorrow, but when tomorrow arrives I'll do it tomorrow etc.l

From the snow nothing is left besides dirty streets ! 

I managed to write for my blogs, and discovered a few new features on my new computer. Besides that I watched some crimes on TV and looked out into the rain ! Murder in the rain is better then in sunshine !

Fortunately the next day was Scrabble day and I should write in my agenda that I won ! That was the first time since we "founded" our Scrabble group !

When we had our coffee time, Nicole served us pancakes, which we could eat with sugar, honey or jam. They were delicious !

Ours are bigger and very thin than in other countries.

Nicole's cat observed our game and also the coffee, but as there was nothing for her she lay down in her basket and watched from far.

Of course she took her second tail with her, it's a mink tail which Nicole had cut off an old fur collar. Isis loves it, it fits to her fur. (see post below)

In my painting group, I tried to recuperate an old painting which I didn't like, except the background

and I started a cat face, looks funny at that stage. As usual we had a very nice time.

After the painting class we decided to try out a new Moroccan restaurant which had opened recently in Waterloo. The lunch was a Tajine with red beans and beef !

It was delicious. We had no room for a dessert anymore only for a coffee.

The restaurant was beautifully decorated and for a couple of hours we were in Morocco. In the garden outside stood a camel, not a real one of course.

After two hours and a lot of chatting we left, full and happy !

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7 Feb 2019


Last time we played Scrabble we were at Nicole's. Meanwhile her cat, she had taken in an animal shelter had taken possession of the house, and Nicole had become her servant, as most of cat's owners are. Isis is very social but is difficult in her choice, and immediately showed who she liked and who  not.

Two of us were avoided I don't know why, the three others got her approval and we were allowed to pet her. She also went into my bag which probably contained Arthur's smell.

We all admired little Isis who, since she had landed at Nicole's had become a beautiful cat, and had also put on weight but not too much.

Nicole had the visit of a neighbor with his 4 year old daughter, who got excited about Isis and wanted to catch her. Isis hates children because in her first home she was considered as a toy and must have suffered a lot, until she was brought to the shelter. Bad memories are never forgotten so she was hiding in a safe place.

The favorite toy of Isis is a mink tail, which Nicole had cut off a mink wrap as women wore in the 30ths and which is not in fashion at all anymore, but for Isis it was the best toy ever.

The cat with two tails !

The little girl was still looking for the cat and suddenly found the mink tail. As the the colors matched she picked up the tail, went to Nicole and said "Auntie Nicole, I already found the tail, but where is the rest of Isis" ?

Children's sayings are better then jokes !!

6 Feb 2019


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In a normal household you usually have a fix telephone and mobiles. We have 4 fix telephones one in each room. We also have remote controls, and on a first glance the telephone and the remote control look pretty much the same;

That's why probably I answered the ringing phone and with a "hallo" and was surprised that nobody answered me and the telephone continued to ring. I looked at the phone and realized that I had answered with the remote control. They are all standing in a box side by side, so it could happen. Of course I put the remote control back and answered the phone.

But one day Mr. G. saw me wandering around holding the telephone against my ear and speaking into my mobile phone. He made me signs, which I didn't understand and made signs back to leave me in peace, and continued my conversation.

And while I was speaking I thought about my mobile phone. Where was it ? It wasn't on the sofa where it's usually laying besides me and nowhere else. I walked through the whole house looked in each room and couldn't find it. While I was searching for my mobile I was still talking on the phone.

Once the conversation finished, I put back the phone into the box slightly wondering that I didn't have to end the conversation and stared on my mobile which I was holding in my hand and in which I had spoken ! The person on the other end had hung up.

I looked at Mr. G. and then on my hand holding the mobile and stated : look here it is !

"I told you" he said "I pointed all the time at your ear, but you didn't understand !"

Then we both bursted out in laughter !

5 Feb 2019


Since maybe four years we have snow again in Belgium. There was a pause of seven years. I remember that when I was a teenager there was snow and it was even very cold and as a young mother I always went each year on a slide with my little son. And then nothing anymore.

This year after having announced snow for a week and nothing came, finally it snowed. In my city not that much, the most came down in the Ardennes. But still it was for some people who like snow very nice. Only driving was a mess. Belgium is not well equipped or organized for even 3 cm snow and on the streets it was a mess !

I had this view for two days ! The street was even a bit salted !

snow had melt with the salt

When I came back from shopping I took this picture of our house

The view out of the living window

My neighbors beautiful tree

When I went to my aqua gym the house looked very pretty in the snow

and the pool in a friend's garden too !

Cat Arthur was not happy at all with the snow and sneaked along the walls to find green spaces !

And now the snow melts slowly and we go back to green again.

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