2 May 2020


Wherever I go these days, in all shops or households you stumble over  

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer.

On Television they show you how to disinfect your hands and how important it is to have the hands clean !

The notice is quite easy :

Press nozzle gently to get Dettol Liquid Hand Wash on the wet hands. Rinse. Dry off.

Please pay attention to the word "gently" otherwise you will disinfect in one shot, your arms and half the body and probably also the furniture behind you !

If you go shopping and the young students spray the caddie handle before they give it to you, it's better to stretch out your hands if you don't want to be disinfected from top to bottom. We all get a disinfected caddie to keep the distance with your neighbor shopper !  the notice continues with the advice :

- Avoid contact with eyes. Therefor don't look in the sprayer if the hole is open or closed, it's better to direct the sprayer against a wall or in the air !

- In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water. If with all these precautions you still get the disinfectant in your eyes, follow the advice, because your eyes don't need to be disinfected, it would rather make you blind for a while.

- If swallowed/ingested seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

If ever you take the bottle by mistake for a drink hurry to the next hospital. In case you are still alive they will pump out your stomach. (at least I think so I never tried)

- Use only as directed (this is the most important sentence in the whole notice)

Under no circumstances ask your doctor to follow the advice of a certain politician, who suggested injecting an unspecified disinfectant into the lungs of covid-19 patients, if you don't want to land on the next cemetary ! 

Anyway I have to say that my hands have never been so clean in my whole life ! I hope I didn't wash my fingerprings away, although I don't think I will need them in the near future.

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1 May 2020


I had thought that when the first step of the end of the lockdown will start the weather will become bad and indeed on Monday was the last really warm and sunny day and we could sit outside at Myriam's

She was very proud to have cleaned her swimming pool of course with the help of a robot, but still it is a lot of work. We dreamt of what we would do once the golden gates open, and it was not shopping, no, we wanted to go somewhere we like sit on a terrace and have a drink, and watch people just being outside !

My neighbour brought us 5 masks her friend has made, and which Mr. G had ordered for 4 €. Her friend just wants to give them away, but I found that we should at least participate for the material !

They are really very nice and comfortable to wear because the once we had bought in the pharmacy keep slipping on the eyes, so that I have to pull it down and they are very warm and I get hot in the face. With these made out of cotton it doesn't happen.

Now you see more and more bank robbers on the street. We still have time but then when we are free again we all have to wear a mask.

And then it started to rain, and I even had to put the heating on, at least in the morning. The longer the lockdown lasts, the more tired I get and Mr. G. has the same symtoms. So we yawn at each other and grumble a few words while drinking coffee and then we both disappear behind our computers and then we will meet again for lunch.

In the afternoon I went to N, no terrace this time we had to stay inside because of the rain.

Isis also suffers from tiredness and slept in her "car". We talked about travels we couldn't do and wondered if we could at least go to the sea, because now we are not allowed the towns at the seeside are closed for tourists and not even the owners of a second residence can go there.

My cleaning lady now arrives at 7 am which is far too early for us, but I gave her a key so while we are still sleeping she starts cleaning the living room and the kitchen and then usually we are up. She comes that early to be sure to get a place in the bus, as there are only 5 people per bus allowed and she comes from Brussels. She said she felt very posh because she had the whole bus for her own so early morning.

Today I went to the animal food shop, to buy a new scratch board for Rosie, the old one she had nearly scratched into pieces !

Now she is happy on her new one and has already sharpened her claws several times.

Today I spent my time on the phone and computer and fell asleep after lunch while watching my little crime story. I woke up exactly when it was finished.

and another day went by without any special event, only the garden gets green and greener. This is the view from my sofa, which I know by heart !

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29 Apr 2020


With my short hair (which is not so short anymore) I badly need to go to the hairdresser ! But for that I have to wait until May 18 when finally the restaurants and cafes should be opened and also the hairdresser.

There cerainly will be a rush of ladies running to the hairdresser for a cut, like when at the beginning of the lockdown everybody horded Toilet paper, except me I have to say. It never came into my mind that we would run short of toilet paper. But I had never thought that I had to wait two month or even a bit more to go to my hairdresser.

Apparently the poor lady's hairdressers have to convert their saloons in a way that all safety rules are respected. Not always very easy as you can see on the following video !

I hope my hairdresser will give me another treatment, but even with this one I would agree if afterwards my hair is cut ! I only don't know how she will handle the scissors ! Hopefully I don't have to go to the hospital afterwards to get my ears sewed on again !


They speak German but not much, she only asks if everything is OK, the water not too hot and the brushing OK !

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Mr. Alpacha presents his wives !

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Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, I am prisoner of my house and have to dig in my memories and the related photos.  I stumbled over these Alpaca pictures I had taken in a farm near Brussels, where on an excursion we had stopped for lunch in the annexed restaurant.

The Belgians, especially the older generation (like mine) love to sit at table for hours and eat several courses and in between there was always a long time to wait. I had got used to this when I was younger, but now I want to see and discover things and not fill in my stomach for hours. So between the main course and the desert I went outside across the fields to the alpacas which were grazing there.

When they saw me they probably thought I would bring them something, but unfortunately I didn't have anything. They were so adorable and their faces made me laugh, I thought these a anti-depressive animals, it makes even the worst negative person smile.

I took some pictures and then reluctantly returned to the restaurant, where they were just busy to let down with a string a huge cake with burning candles, which landed in the middle of the table. I missed the show, but I prefered the alpaca pictures to the burning cake !

The very first time in my life,  I saw alpacas was in England, when we drove by a farm. I asked my friend to stop the car, because I had never seen such cute animals, which I first thought to be llamas. My friend explained to me that no these were alpacas they are smaller. They have such funny faces as if they would always smile !

28 Apr 2020


Each third weekend in September, Brussels celebrates its Folklore Festival under the name "Folklorissimo"  A folk village is built in the center of the Grand'Place and is animated by processions in costumes, games, tastings of food and beer and other activities offered by the brotherhoods. Brussels also invites each year a guest country to introduce its folklore and culture.

Unfortunately it probably won't take place this year because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

I used to go there every year, it's just such a funny event on this beautiful place.

La Grand' Place

The Brussels' Giants

Manneken Pis (Brussels symbol) pees Beer in the glasses

And if you are still hungry there are the famous Brussels' fries.

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27 Apr 2020


Isis whispers secrets in the sheep's ear

Occupied !




On Saturday morning I discovered the measures of deconfinement that our Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes announced in the night of Friday to Saturday.

It will happen in 4 steps. From May 4 on we are allowed to go out and some more shops will be open for fabric and sewing supply of course so people can sew their masks. She had promised that each Belgian would get one mask, unfortunately there are not enough and we are just a little country of 11 million inhabitants.

Sophie did a very good job and our politicians whose fathers were already in the government looked a little dumb besides her.

Wearing a mask is only obligatory in public transports and recommended on the street and in shops which I find very reasonable.

In the afternoon we met at Nicole's

and chatted about how we would act when on the 4th we will be let free !  We all agreed not to go out the first day if it is not absolutely necessary, anyway shops selling items for sewing and needlework is not for us. And masks we have bought in the pharmacy.

The sun was shining again and we stated that since we are locked in on March 13, the weather had been wonderful warm and sunny, while when we could run around free, it rained and it was cold ! I bet it will be the same when our golden cage doors will be opened !

Sunday was a lazy day. I just did nothing but watching TV and discussing our move from the house to the apartment ! I also made a list with what I have to buy like stores for the windows and a dryer.

The day went by so quickly that suddenly it was supper time. We both stated one thing we are getting more and more tired in doing nothing !!

Hairdressers will stay closed until the very last date  !