1 May 2020


I had thought that when the first step of the end of the lockdown will start the weather will become bad and indeed on Monday was the last really warm and sunny day and we could sit outside at Myriam's

She was very proud to have cleaned her swimming pool of course with the help of a robot, but still it is a lot of work. We dreamt of what we would do once the golden gates open, and it was not shopping, no, we wanted to go somewhere we like sit on a terrace and have a drink, and watch people just being outside !

My neighbour brought us 5 masks her friend has made, and which Mr. G had ordered for 4 €. Her friend just wants to give them away, but I found that we should at least participate for the material !

They are really very nice and comfortable to wear because the once we had bought in the pharmacy keep slipping on the eyes, so that I have to pull it down and they are very warm and I get hot in the face. With these made out of cotton it doesn't happen.

Now you see more and more bank robbers on the street. We still have time but then when we are free again we all have to wear a mask.

And then it started to rain, and I even had to put the heating on, at least in the morning. The longer the lockdown lasts, the more tired I get and Mr. G. has the same symtoms. So we yawn at each other and grumble a few words while drinking coffee and then we both disappear behind our computers and then we will meet again for lunch.

In the afternoon I went to N, no terrace this time we had to stay inside because of the rain.

Isis also suffers from tiredness and slept in her "car". We talked about travels we couldn't do and wondered if we could at least go to the sea, because now we are not allowed the towns at the seeside are closed for tourists and not even the owners of a second residence can go there.

My cleaning lady now arrives at 7 am which is far too early for us, but I gave her a key so while we are still sleeping she starts cleaning the living room and the kitchen and then usually we are up. She comes that early to be sure to get a place in the bus, as there are only 5 people per bus allowed and she comes from Brussels. She said she felt very posh because she had the whole bus for her own so early morning.

Today I went to the animal food shop, to buy a new scratch board for Rosie, the old one she had nearly scratched into pieces !

Now she is happy on her new one and has already sharpened her claws several times.

Today I spent my time on the phone and computer and fell asleep after lunch while watching my little crime story. I woke up exactly when it was finished.

and another day went by without any special event, only the garden gets green and greener. This is the view from my sofa, which I know by heart !

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Andrew said...

You have amused me as always. Perhaps before overseas travel you can do Belgian travel. Aside from Waterloo and Brussels, you've never shown us much of Belgium.

Mara said...

I am still very much on the fence about face masks. Come summer everybody will have a white mouth and the rest of the face is brown!

Susanne said...

That pool all cleaned up looks very inviting. Masks are so far not required here, though lots of people wear them and now they are starting a gradual relaunch of the economy so we shall see how all that goes. I don't have a mask but guess I should get one. Funny how not being able to do anything or go anywhere makes one tired. You'd think we'd all have energy to spare but I find I'm totally unmotivated and am sleepy. Hopefully you get some nice weather soon so you can get outside.

mamasmercantile said...

Its amazing how doing nothing makes us so tired. I have just made a stack of face masks ready for when we are released. Take care.

Wendy said...

I'm also finding that the less I do the more tired I seem to feel! I have got as far as finding a link to instructions for making masks but no further.

Barbara Harper said...

The cleaned-up pool does look inviting. I've made masks for all the family except myself and my youngest son since we're both home all the time. But I want to make them for us just in case. Here they are recommending people wear them for several more weeks at least.

I've been amazed, too, at how tiring this quarantine has been.

My son's cat loves her scratch board, too--he says it is one of her favorite places.

I've been having a little nap most days. I kind of hate losing the time, but can't seem to function without it.

DUTA said...

You look great with the cotton mask!

Tamago said...

Rosie looks very happy with her scratching board :-) And I love Isis’s car seat!
These hand made masks look very nice. My coworker gave me hand made mask. I like it, very comfortable :-)

peppylady (Dora) said...

I haven't charged for making mask. But maybe if a person request a certain color or style I would then.
I don't want this to spread and hopeful I will be doing my part.

Willow said...

I don't charge for the masks I make, either. I'm just happy to share.
Your days sound not unlike ours although we don't have a cat to amuse us.
I hope you are staying healthy.
And hurray for your upcoming house change.