6 Mar 2010


He : You forgot to clean the percolator, the filter is still in.

she : Then take it out !

he : why ?

she : Instead of discussing make the coffee !!

he : But the filter is in !


he : you see, you are always shouting at me !

she : I don't shout !!! take the filter out I want some coffee !

he : See, you are shouting again

she : I am not !!

he : yes you are

she : I want my coffee !!!

he : me too

she : then take this dammit filter out

he : OK, but this is the last time

she : "sigh"

he : why are you sighing ?

she : I didn't

he : yes you did, it's always my fault I can do what I want for you, you are never satisfied.

she : what does that mean now ?

he : yes you are bitching the whole day !

she : Me ?? Never ! you are !

he : I am not

she : yes you do, only yesterday you told me I put the plastic bottle in the wrong garbadge bag !

he : but you did

she : maybe, and why didn't you take it out ?

he : Why should I ? you put it in.

she : But you saw it !

he : yes, I saw it, you never see anything, I have to do everything in this house !

she : that's not true ! Do you do the laundry, fold it and put it in the wardrobe, switch the dishwasher on and do the shopping ? You just do nothing, tell me what you do !

he : I do a lot !

she : Nothing, you do nothing !

he : You see, you are always agressing me, you are bad tempered !

she : I am NOT ! you always just sit around

he : I don't sit around.

she : OK then you lay around that's the same

he : it's not the same

she: yes it is

he : no, it is not !

to be continued until they are laying in the graveyard. Not side by side, because they probably would argue over the coffins

5 Mar 2010


When I came back from my weekly grocery shopping last week, I had an idea for Fun Monday on March 8th. I want to know how do you do your grocery shopping, every day, once a week, once a months, in different shops or in one big supermarket. A picture of your favourite store and maybe of your trolley would be nice.

I think it is interesting to know how we shop in different countries !


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On my last visit to my "junk" shop, I found this bird couple and thought it would be a nice decoration for our guest bathroom.

they are of porcelain and only costed 5 € ($ 6.80) and they are sitting on a shelf now

I also had bought for this bathroom, this metal shelf for beauty stuff and towles but unfortunately I can't fix it properly and it only holds light things. That's why I bought this duck in "my" Indian shop. It looks nice on the unic colored walls.

and finally again in my "junk" shop I saw this little tea pot for only 5 € and thought I could use it as a vase because inside it doesn't look very nice to make tea in it. The pebble besides I painted into cats a few years ago.

4 Mar 2010


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13 points why I don't like "smart" phones

1. Internet access for browsing, uploading content, and sending and receiving emails on this tiny screen ? I would need a magnifier !

3. Watching TV ! I just Imagine watching a football (soccer) game on my mobile I probably would only see a bunch of fleas running behind a point.

5. Listen to music ? I don't like earplugs

6. Taking pictures and making videos ? Maybe but not really necessary

7. Because I can't use it as remote control to open my garage door,

8. It doesn't even have a weather station and cannot be used as a thermometer. At least I would know if it is cold or hot and not forget the ombrella

9. Because I can't use it as a remote control for the percolator (from my bed when I wake up)

10. Because I can't use it as a comb for my hair

11. Because I can't use it as a tooth brush, very practical when travelling

12. Because I can't use it as a lighter

13. Because it doesn't contain a special sound to call my cats and they really would come.

As the smart phones don't have what I want I keep my simple Nokia mobile which I use as a telephone although I also could use it to take pictures or as a video camera.

3 Mar 2010

1 Mar 2010

FUN MONDAY - Schoolyears

Wenn our host this weeks wants to know :

1. What memories do you have of your school years at any stage of your education?

2. Did you keep in touch with your friends who were there with you in your formative years, or perhaps you lost touch as I did and are finding them again? Tell us about some of your school friends.

Going to school in 1949 wasn't fun at all in Bonn/Germany just after the war.The schools were all bombed out and I remember we had school in a quickly built up sort of barack, with banks they probably had safed from old schools in ruins. In first class of primary school we were 80 children in one class and sat in 3 on a bank for two. My teacher was an old woman (at least it seemed like this to me) fat, with greasy hairs and protrusevly yellow front teeth like a rapid and when she spoke or rather shouted she spitted white spots all over. She was a terrible unmarried woman (a dragon like that nobody wanted) and she loved to terrorize the kids. With me she had no chance, because I was and am not quickly terrorized and I was the only one who dared to answer her.

After that first school experience I then went to highschool but as I am allergic against all authority, it wasn't much better, I didn't like my teachers and they didn't like me.

When I had been moved to Brussels I went to the German school because I didn't speak any french. This school I loved very much, because in 1959 I was the 199 th student and of course it was a mixed school which was very rare at that time and the only thing I rember from there is that I had a great time and a lot of fun. Don't ask me about my studies, they were the last thing important to me.

After that I went to a French College where I learned "Commercial Correspondance" typewriting and other more or less important stuff and that was it. Afterwards I had a lot of success in my professional career, had never troubles to find work, people like me with German, French, English and Italian were in great demand especially since the creation of Europe started.

The languages I picked up just like that, writing them correctly I learned later. I could have had the best schools, but I am rather a practical girl I learned languages with chatting.

To the second question I have not much to say, I still am in contact with my girlfriend I knew in 1951 but I wrote about us not long ago here. The fact that I left Germany so early in my life, made me loose all contact to former classmates. And the once I knew from the German School in Brussels, moved all away and are now all over the world. All my other friends I made later in my different jobs or here in Waterloo with other mums picking up their children after school.

28 Feb 2010


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From time to time I like to go in "my" Junk store. It is a store where you can sell your antiques or old stuff you don't need anymore. Lots of people who had to empty houses or appartments of their departed relatives put all things they want to get rid of in this store for sale.

So you have a lot of choice and sometimes you find really nice things like tablewear, glasses, decorations or furniture.

These ships belonged probably to someone who loved the sea


and rather realistic ceramic figurines

cute bronze babies

and a wooden Pasha

a hippo

a dancing queen besides a Madonna

other little figurines

African art

Golf clubs for children (maybe from Tiger Woods kids ?)

a not so comfortable seat

a stove for cold winters

fighting wooden tigers

a prayer stool

Skis for the Winter Olympics

and a guitar from a British patriote.

You can spend hours in this huge hangar.