5 Mar 2010


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On my last visit to my "junk" shop, I found this bird couple and thought it would be a nice decoration for our guest bathroom.

they are of porcelain and only costed 5 € ($ 6.80) and they are sitting on a shelf now

I also had bought for this bathroom, this metal shelf for beauty stuff and towles but unfortunately I can't fix it properly and it only holds light things. That's why I bought this duck in "my" Indian shop. It looks nice on the unic colored walls.

and finally again in my "junk" shop I saw this little tea pot for only 5 € and thought I could use it as a vase because inside it doesn't look very nice to make tea in it. The pebble besides I painted into cats a few years ago.


Loree said...

I like that Indian duck and the teapot.

Anonymous said...

Very cool pictures. :)

Maribeth said...

Oh I like the rock that you painted!!!! That's just beautiful!

The Chair Speaks said...

Lovely ornaments.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is always interesting to see what people find and buy as little treasures.

I have not reach the point where I might want to share them with anyone on line.

PS: Our plans are set. We are coming to Belgium for a vacations May 16 to 26. I know I shall enjoy your country. If I get anywhere near Waterloo I would enjoy meeting you over tea and crumpets or such. I would have said a Belgian beer if I drank at all. For now I leave this open as a possibility.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I love those rock cats, Gattina. I think your guest bathroom looks very nice with your new buys.

Melli said...

Ohhhh so the guest bathroom is the birdie loo, huh? I LOVE your rock! I used to paint stones all the time... haven't done that in a long while!