12 Jan 2008


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Cyber Cruise participation

Last wednesday I went to Brugge to see the Exposition of Ice Sculptures which is done each year since 2000.

The Belgian railway offers Excursion tickets with reduced train fees and the entrance to an event included. Which is very nice. That's why I went by train, it took me only 1 h and I didn't have to bother about a parking space.

When I came out of the station, I saw this :

There were so many bikes I had never seen such a lot in one spot in my whole life ! Not even in Amsterdam where bikes are used by everybody. But here at Brugge's station it really was terrible and on this picture you only see part of the whole lot !

The huge tent where the Exposition took place was just in front of the Station.

There was also a kind of Pub inside another tent where people could eat and drink something before or after the Exposition. Which I think is very nice for our always hungry captitain of the Cyber Cruise Mrs. Lifecruiser. Even a Caroussel for the children.

Then I went in. Please follow me here


  1. What a massive bunch of bikes -- even more than what I've seen in Oslo!

    The bar looks great - I get thirsty!

    Off to see the sculptures :-)

  2. WHAT? This tour is in bits and pieces? I have to follow the yellow brick road? Well, I must keep going! I have to find out if WE got to ride the carousel!!! (I can't believe you let it pass...)

  3. Wow, so many bikes in one place.

    I followed the link and saw the many magnificent ice sculptures. I'm amazed! Must have taken a lot of time and effort to complete them.

  4. I need to get my bike out. I feel so out of sync~

  5. Et bien! C'est la vélomania chez toi! Comment les grandes compagnies pétrolières vont elles gérer ça! Quoiqu'elles ont la Chine comme nouveau client et la Chine paie bien je crois!
    C'est vraiment bien organisé!


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