11 May 2009

FUN MONDAY - Gardening

Faye asked us to tell our gardening stories. And share some photos of your garden, or one we admire.

I think I don't have any gardening stories because I never had a green thumb. I don't like to work in our garden, to plant and unplant flowers, to mow the grass or cut the hedge. What I love is sitting in a beautiful garden with flowers and blooming bushes around me and a freshly cut lawn because it smells so good. I try to understand people who love working in a garden, know all flowers by their names and at what season they bloom.

But as we have a garden and I don't want to sit in a jungle either I tried to make it nice and easy. Mr. Gattino is of no help he hates garden work even more than me and mowing the grass is already too much. At the very beginning a gardener was seeding grass in the middle and put all kind of bushes around. In front of the house we put gravel.

Since last year a miracle happened and I suddenly started to like to work a little bit in our garden. Not too much of course.

I bought tree bark and had put it on a plastic so there would be no weeds and no more mowing at the side of the house.

at the end of the lawn I planted a rhododendron a months ago which just started to bloom. It's also the little corner where our animals are burried.

The entrance too I made very easy. Same system, tree bark on plastic


and flower pots with petunias


and of course a little cat. In a month there will be blooming more and fill the whole pot.



For the moment a lot of bushes are blooming and it looks wonderful. These are two houses in my neighborhood.


Pamela said...

You look like a lovely gardener to me!!

Faye said...

Gattina, you've figured out how to do the things you enjoy about gardening and get rid of the drudgery like too much mowing. I admire your back saving techniques. Also like that you have more plants than lawn--so much more interesting.

Mariposa said...

Gattina I love your yard...they're still green and beautiful. And well, I love the garden...but I'm with you on just sitting in a nice garden...LOL

Peter said...

At last a kindred spirit, I had given up on finding one this week.

MaR said...

You are a smart cookie, Gattina. I enjoy gardening but only to a certain point. I like the pleasant side of it not the hard work, lol.
Beautiful shots of your garden and your neighborhood.
Happy Monday.

Shionge said...

Oh Wow!! Slowly but surely and they are beautiful :D

diane b said...

For someone who doesn't like gardening you have done a lovely job.

claudie said...

I am the same as you and sometimes a miracle I work in the garden!
You did a great job, gattina and I find your garden very pleasant!

Hootin' Anni said...

Beautiful area. Lovely yard work Gattina.

Ari_1965 said...

Very nice.

Maribeth said...

Beautiful! You may not have a green thumb, but you do very well. It's lovely!

Jill said...

i think to each their own is how to put it!

Jan said...

Love what you've done. No use to be a slave to weeds, better to enjoy yourself. Love the photos, they're beautiful.

Vlado&Toni said...

yes, it always nice to look at the gardens of the neighbors. very clever of you to put plastic first so grass/weeds won't grow :)

Dr.John said...

We are getting ready to plant roses.
All we have now is tulips.
Your are so lucky to live where so much is already in bloom.
Loved the pictures.

Sayre said...

I like your gardening plan - simple and easy to care for. It makes much more sense than our Southern way of landscaping!

Jan n Jer said...

Your a no nonsense gardener. Putting plastic down first and then mulch was very smart to cut down on the weeds. The photos of your yard look very inviting and peaceful.

Melli said...

I need to cover 3.5 acres in plastic and mulch! Then I can use flower pots to kill my flowers in! :)

Your stuff is looking lovely! Please show a repeat performance when they are in full bloom!

TorAa said...

wonderful spring report anf excellent photos.
you are at least 10 days before us here in the north

Living Life said...

Everything looks neat and tidy and clean. I don't see one weed! I am like you, not a fan of gardening. I like things simple. Potted plants and flowers are nice.

Puss-in-Boots said...

There's nothing wrong with your garden, Gattina. A minimal effect can be just as striking as a garden full of flowers. I think yours looks very neat and tidy.

A Lady's Life said...

I wish I also could get my yard so there would be nothing to do but enjoy but I have blackberry plants which seem to come out of no where.
And they are a killer to get rid of.
On the other hand the berries are delicious lol